Tomb Raider to get another reboot?

Tomb Raider to get another reboot?

Could Tomb Raider be getting another reboot already? Some people think so...

Lara Croft may be set to receive a makeover in the next Tomb Raider game according to a report in PC Gamer magazine.

Set on a Japanese island, the idea is to have one, cohesive level with multiple ways around the puzzles,” says a brief news piece in the magazine. “We'll also be exploring Lara's origins, so she'll be younger and inexperienced in the ways of raiding tombs."

It won't be the first time Lara has had a makeover or restart; Tomb Raider: Legend first rebooted the franchise back in 2006, while the more recent Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light rebooted things again earlier this year. Before either of those the ill-fated Angel of Darkness radically changed Lara's tone too, back in 2003.

Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light was released in August on Xbox Live Arcade as part of Microsoft's Summer of Arcade Season. It's due to arrive on Playstation Network on 28th September, with an online multiplayer patch going live for Xbox 360 users on the same day.

We thought the latest game was rather good too - check out our Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light review for more info.

The new Tomb Raider will be released next Christmas on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.

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Unknownsock 21st September 2010, 11:45 Quote
This is great news, i miss games like these.

Wasn't this game supposed to have alot of horror aspects or is that another game in the works?
Phalanx 21st September 2010, 11:50 Quote
When the first reboot happened, I must admit I was drawn into the new style for a game or two but lost interest again. I had no interest at all in the originals, so that was a good step in the right direction in my eyes. Here's hoping this re-reboot will get me into it properly.
SoulLance 21st September 2010, 12:50 Quote
I think there's been news about the new settings for some time now. So nothing new under the stars here...
Optimaximal 21st September 2010, 13:12 Quote
So basically, after Legend's brilliant reception, Underworld was slated so Squeenix are chopping and changing again.

Are Crystal Dynamics still involved or have they been ditched too?
javaman 21st September 2010, 14:24 Quote
I want to play the original game again. Still have it kicking around somewhere! I do feel tho that like COD and Halo, Tomb raider should be laid to rest rather than repolished. Try making something new!
Tokukachi 21st September 2010, 15:05 Quote
Urggh, who wrote this article? I may be down on my sleep quota for the week, but if I have to read an article three times there's something wrong.

At this point, would it not be better to move onto a new IP? There's only so much they can whip out of old Lara.
azrael- 21st September 2010, 18:54 Quote
Personally, I'd settle for a D3D front end to the original Tomb Raider. Still the absolute best in the series, in my opinion. I know that Anniversary had better graphics, but it just lacked that little bit in regard to the original.
GavSC 21st September 2010, 20:37 Quote
I dont remember tattoos, I mean I do rather like them but I'm guess this means the new one is gonna be 'darker'.
erratum1 22nd September 2010, 06:50 Quote
Also Guardian of light is coming out on steam with achievements for the pc.
pimlicosound 22nd September 2010, 11:49 Quote
Am I the only one who'd like to see veteran game characters get older rather than continually younger? Let's see what Lara's like in her 40s - hopefully more like a real woman and less like a little girl with a soap opera life who just happens to have huge breasts.
Saivert 22nd September 2010, 23:25 Quote
because video game heroes never die!
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