GPG 'flattered' to bring Dungeon Siege 3 to consoles

GPG 'flattered' to bring Dungeon Siege 3 to consoles

Chris Taylor has said that he is flattered to bring Dungeon Siege 3 to consoles.

GamesCom 2010: Gas Powered Games founder Chris Taylor has said he's flattered to bring Dungeon Siege 3, the latest in the previously PC-exclusive series, to consoles.

Speaking at GamesCom 2010 in Germany, Taylor said he thought the move would only benefit the game as a whole.

"It's really flattering [to have Dungeon Siege III coming to consoles]," Taylor told NowGamer. "It's like, 'wow people like something enough to want to make another one and put it on new platforms."

"Whether we like it or not the PC has become a certain kind of platform for a certain kind of game. On consoles you've got a real accessibility."

"If you don't do anything with an IP, it's lost in obscurity and it's gone. This keeps it in the forefront and that's all good," finished Taylor.

We haven't seen Dungeon Siege 3 at GamesCom for ourselves, so it looks like we'll just have to wait and see if Taylor is right and the game comes out better for the change.

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LordPyrinc 21st August 2010, 00:50 Quote
I really liked the original Dungeon Siege game. Played the heck out of it.

Dungeon Siege 2 was pretty good, but I never finished it.

Space Siege had really good graphics and an interesting storyline... still working on it from time to time (not finished yet).

I'm looking forward to see what they have done with the graphics and gameplay with DS3.
sub routine 21st August 2010, 11:48 Quote
ace can only be a good thing for the genre. Bringing more money and more interest, only thing is the interface PC and console games need a completely seperately designed UI.
perplekks45 21st August 2010, 13:34 Quote
I still remember Diablo on the Playstation. A nightmare when it came to controls... really hope they're getting it right.
tad2008 21st August 2010, 14:09 Quote
I played the Original Dungeon Siege and it was great and hours of fun, can't say the same for DS2 which took some willpower to eventually complete and proved rather short. I hope DS3 turns out to be better and improve on things further than to just put a version out just for IP sake.

As for the console version, well I hope that there choice to develop for the consoles doesn't hold back the PC version as tends to happen in a lot of cases, whether they cater to keyboard and mouse alone or include the option to use a gamepad too.
sear 21st August 2010, 17:17 Quote
I just hope there won't be too many gameplay compromises. Dungeon Siege 3 looks quite promising, but it looks like they've already taken it into the realm of direct control rather than point and click (key word, looks: I don't know if it is or not), which makes it look more like God of War than Diablo to me.
robots 22nd August 2010, 03:01 Quote
spin spin spin
greyhavens24 22nd August 2010, 12:05 Quote
I was under the impression that Obsidian were on duty for the PC version. I can only assume that GPG have the console duties, but I don't understand why. As far as I am aware the Dungeon Siege IP was sold by Microsoft to Square Enix and it was them who put Obsidian on duty for this one.

Must say that I am looking forward to Obsidian getting their collective hands on this one. I liked the Dungeon Siege games as a game but I always thought it lacked the polish of Neverwinter Nights, Baldurs Gate etc as they were the contemporary games of the day. I think Obsidian will be able to add the missing ingredient.
mastorofpuppetz 22nd August 2010, 20:44 Quote
A certain kind of platform for a certain kind of game? STFU, any game can work great on PC. Idiots.
Pooeypants 23rd August 2010, 11:18 Quote
Chris Taylor seems to have had heavy objects dropped on his head because he's talking about sh*t. Basically, what's trying to say is, our last "Dungeon siege game was based in space and it tanked but now we can release on consoles and those fools will buy any crap that we make as long as it's shiny enough".

In fairness, the DS games were quite streamlined already so let's see how much dumber they can make it...
Bauul 1st September 2010, 13:11 Quote
Ultra credit will always go to the first one for having a multiplayer world four times as big as the single player world...

And then not bloody telling anyone about it unless you stumbled onto it using the dev tools!
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