Gratuitous Space Battles campaign mode announced

Gratuitous Space Battles campaign mode announced

Positech has announced that it is working on a new campaign mode for Gratuitous Space Battles.

Positech's Cliff Harris has announced, via a rather cheery if sarcastic press release, that he is working on a new campaign mode for Gratuitous Space Battles.

Gratuitous Space Battles, or GSB, was very skirmish focused when it was first released, with no story mode to complement the unusual Football Manager meets Star Wars gameplay. Now, Cliff says, that's going to change.

In the upcoming GSB campaign, the whole game is flipped on it's head / tentacles. Fleets and ships now persist between battles, can take damage, be repaired, merged and re-deployed, so the pressure is on to build fleets that can beat all-comers, regardless of enemy race, size or design.

Cliff also jokes that the introduction of a story will technically shift the focus of the game to being more about Completely Justified Space Battles – which suits us, if only because it's easier to spell.

The campaign mode will tie into a new 'massively singleplayer' feature for the game, which will upload the fleet and ship designs players come up with to a central server, transparently processing them into the singleplayer campaign for other players.

Think Spore, but with more explosions and without SecuROM,” said Cliff, who hasn't even hinted at a release date for the new mode yet. “It will be released at some point. That's about as specific as we get these days.

Check out our Gratuitous Space Battles review for more info on the game.

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Phalanx 19th August 2010, 20:25 Quote
Great! I might actually buy it then! (but only on a steam sale!) :D
Faulk_Wulf 19th August 2010, 22:19 Quote
The personality of this announcement alone is enough to make me look into this game.
sheninat0r 20th August 2010, 01:00 Quote
Sounds like Homeworld 2 single player.

knyghtryda 20th August 2010, 08:16 Quote
GSB is the most fun you'll have not actually playing a game, which is weird, but totally true. This looks like it'll be a pretty interesting addon.
Pete J 20th August 2010, 09:22 Quote
This is what's missing from GSB. I look forward to it!
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