Treyarch: Games should use tech for a purpose

Treyarch: Games should use tech for a purpose

Treyarch's Josh Olin says that games shouldn't use technology just for the sake of it.

GamesCom 2010: Asked whether the constant push to use new technology is holding back games developers, Treyarch's Josh Olin told bit-tech that games shouldn't just use technology for the sake of it.

"The technology has to make sense," said Josh, in a Q&A about Activision's Call of Duty: Black Ops. "Games have to use technology for a purpose."

The comments arose after Josh boasted about how Treyarch is using The House of Moves for Call of Duty: Black Ops; the same motion capture and special effects studio which worked on Avatar – could the constant pursuit of new gimmicks be holding back progression?

"Technology shouldn't be used just to be used," said Josh. "[i]Like Kinect or Move; developers shouldn't put that stuff in for the sake of it. It should make sense and create compelling gameplay.[i]"

Obviously, that's what Treyarch think they are doing – but without any hands-on time with the game, who are we to judge?

Is technology holding back games development in other areas? Let us know your thoughts in the forums.


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TWeaK 18th August 2010, 22:57 Quote
Wow +rep to you Joe for posting this late :D

On topic... <insert cynical comment about COD here>
StoneyMahoney 18th August 2010, 23:33 Quote
On one hand we have Treyarch. They've released stuff through EA in the past and their man Josh Olin says "Tech for tech's sake sucks!"

On the other hand we have Crytek. They're releasing Crysis II through EA in the near future and are currently sticking pins in their Josh Olin voodoo doll.
Elton 19th August 2010, 00:06 Quote
I actually like Treyarch to be honest, but I might be in the minority.
liratheal 19th August 2010, 09:55 Quote

A company I hate with a firey passion has said something sane.
leveller 19th August 2010, 10:10 Quote
"Is technology holding back games development in other areas?"

Consoles - Yes. The internals of the current console gen is old in comparison to PC's. Move and Kinect are just advances of Wii motion gaming. Hardly groundbreaking stuff anymore.

PC's - No, games never seem to be programmed to upscale to whatever we have in our rigs. If they did then I'd have a stupendous amount of cores, RAM and GFX cards inside mine.
bogie170 19th August 2010, 11:16 Quote
Consoles are most certainly holding back games development. The amount of poorly programmed games so they have to work on Xbox360, PS3, Wii and PC is stifling. The current average owners PC is more than likely 2-3 times as fast as the console. And the poorly optimised code ruins what could be achieved.
delriogw 19th August 2010, 19:57 Quote
i don't think that's what they meant by technology.

i would suspect they mean the obsession of getting the latest gimmick into a game (like the current swathe of 3d films in the movie world), at the expense of developing more meaningful aspects to the games, like gameplay itself over what it looks like, and whether it's fun to do stuff or if it just looks pretty.

pretty only goes so far after all
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