Microsoft Flight announced

Microsoft Flight announced

Microsoft Flight is still shrouded in mystery, having only just been unveiled ahead of GamesCom 2010.

GamesCom 2010: On the dawn of the annual GamesCom event in Cologne, Germany, Microsoft has made a series of announcements about new PC games - the most exciting of which is the just-unveiled Microsoft Flight.

Very few details about Microsoft Flight have been unveiled yet - even the official games page that the press release links to is currently down - but it seems as if Microsoft is trying to revolutionise the genre.

Microsoft Flight will bring a new perspective to the long-standing genre, welcoming everyone, including long-time fans, to experience the magic of flight," reads the PR spiel.

Whether Flight will cater to the hardcore audience is still unclear, but does seem a bit unlikely given that Microsoft got rid of it's in-house Flight Smulator team not long ago.

Microsoft has confirmed that MS Flight will be Windows exclusive game.

You can check out an incredibly brief and uninformative teaser video below, then let us know your thoughts in the forums.


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LeMaltor 17th August 2010, 12:10 Quote
Combatus 17th August 2010, 12:14 Quote
It's something at least! Not a lot of info but it's something!
ed_456 17th August 2010, 12:24 Quote
If this utilises DX11 properly, it would look brilliant. I wonder why they have dropped the 'simulator' off the end.... Are we maybe looking at a more action/mission based game? I hope not.
Dreaming 17th August 2010, 12:47 Quote
Wow the video looks amazing if that's in game.

It looks like they want it to be more social, if that's possible. Maybe you can go for flies with all your friends. Maybe it's like a MMORPG. They really have not given anything away at all.
Journeyer 17th August 2010, 12:47 Quote
They probably just ran out of roman numerals to tack onto the end...
Combatus 17th August 2010, 12:56 Quote
The interesting thing is that a vast majority, if not all, of the original design team for FSX, no longer work at MS. So what this will end up being like is anyone's guess. TBH FSX was a big step in the right direction as far as missions etc was concerned to spice things up a bit and some were genuinely fun. But the game still catered for those of us who wanted to do things properly. I really hope they sort the hog of a graphics engine out though. We've seen no improvement in frame rates between two generations of Intel CPUs and three generations of graphics cards.
gavomatic57 17th August 2010, 13:06 Quote
Ooo, some good news for the PC...makes a change. Although I am half expecting it to be Vista SP3 only.
B1GBUD 17th August 2010, 14:01 Quote
Originally Posted by gavomatic57
Ooo, some good news for the PC...makes a change. Although I am half expecting it to be Vista SP3 only.

Why wouldn't Microsoft push their latest and greatest OS (by which I mean Win7) but they really need to kill off XP already, it's nearly 10 years old FFS!!
Combatus 17th August 2010, 15:19 Quote
Windows 7 only would make more sense if your going along the lines of Halo 2 being Vista only *cough*. But who cares, it's a new MSFS!!!
stuartpb 17th August 2010, 15:26 Quote
This news has literally made my day, and I am usually the one who can be found to be the least excited about games announcements. I thought MS had ditched the Flight series for good. I hope they pull it off, don't dumb it down for the masses, and make the wait worthwhile.:D
Woodspoon 17th August 2010, 18:23 Quote
Lets just hope they dont try and make it multi platform like they seem to do with everything else these days.
An Xboxised flight simulator *shudder*
thehippoz 17th August 2010, 19:00 Quote
I liked flying around in the hang glider in fsx
Podge4 17th August 2010, 19:49 Quote
I love FSX, me and my cousin got good with the 737's on journeys over europe. Have to see what happens with this Flight and what Cascade Game Foundry will do.
pimonserry 17th August 2010, 23:37 Quote

I was a big fan of FSX - I landed a jumbo jet on a beach once
leveller 18th August 2010, 09:00 Quote
Need ... more ... info!
Xir 19th August 2010, 08:30 Quote
Meh...probably mouse or Xbox360-controller controlled.
Comeon, I wannya dust of the ol' FF-Joystick!:D
Pookeyhead 19th August 2010, 09:03 Quote
I have a bad feeling about this. They can the whole FS team, then plan to release a "flight game". Hmmm...

It will be dumbed down, and it won't be a proper sim.
B33 ENN 1st November 2010, 00:40 Quote
I use FSX a lot and even today it stands up very well. I was disappointed when I heard MS was shutting down ACES and with it, apparently, the Flight Simulator series.

For an avid sim player like me, this is definitely good news that flight simulation development is continuing, but I agree with some of the opinions here that I am unsure what this "Flight" product will be - especially without the ACES team, unless they have another experienced developer on the project in secret.

It doesn't sound like it is intended to be a successor to FSX or the series, otherwise they would keep the "Simulator" part in the title as it is a well established, recognised and successful franchise.

I fear it may be more for the "accessible" market, hope I'm wrong and it's just a brand reboot with the same intermediate to advanced profile as FSX.
TheMusician 1st November 2010, 06:28 Quote
I was hoping this'd be the next-gen FS, including 3-dimensionalized terrain and buildings utilizing Bing Maps' Birds' Eye View imagery. (FS's use of s**tty repeating-square "aerial imagery" was nothing short of pathetic).

Unfortunately I don't think full real-world 3-D terrain won't take off until LIDAR becomes less expensive. Once you've got that, you've got grass and trees and the ingredients necessary for a true "virtual earth."
Ficky Pucker 1st November 2010, 19:14 Quote
this will probably end up being crap, that or it'll be less focused on stimulation part. hmm having read people's replies it seems i'm not alone...

off-topic post time.

can we get Freelancer 2 ? or even Freelancer reboot with shiny graphics ! pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease :)
robots 2nd November 2010, 05:41 Quote
This will probably be awesome, because I told them what to make.
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