Capcom first quarter profits fall by 90 per cent

Capcom first quarter profits fall by 90 per cent

Capcom has blamed poor sales on poor performance from the likes of Lost Planet 2.

Resident Evil and Street Fighter developer Capcom has revealed 2010 financial figures that show a 90.4 per cent drop in profits for the first quarter of 2010 compared to the same period last year.

Capcom's new income between April 1st and June 30th was roughly $2.4 million USD (Approx. £1.5 million GPB), a fall from $23.2 million USD (Approx. £14.5 million GBP) in 2009.

The Japanese developer has levelled the blame at a number of factors, citing shrinking US and European markets, poor exchange rates and an increase in development costs.

Poor sales have played a part too though, with Capcom admitting that flagship title Lost Planet 2 "underperformed its projection substantially" - probably because it was rubbish, we reckon.

Other key titles struggled, notably Monster Hunter Tri, which "grew at a sluggish pace", and Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective, which is due to hit Europe and America later this year.

It's worth pointing out that Lost Planet 2 was also mentioned as a reason for low profits last year; Capcom pinned a 73 per cent drop on the fact that it had been delayed until 2010. Ouch.

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Paradigm Shifter 30th July 2010, 11:01 Quote
When they make a loss, then I'd get worried.

Still, the last Capcom PC game I really liked was Devil May Cry 4. Which they said was unpopular and they wouldn't bother again. So nothing really draws my interest in the rest of their offerings...
Pete J 30th July 2010, 11:09 Quote
Well, Lost Planet was a bunch of arse. Why they made a sequel I'll never know.
SNIPERMikeUK 30th July 2010, 11:30 Quote
Well maybe they will make sure the quality of DeadRising2 is excellent, that game should be everybit as good as the first....
nukeman8 30th July 2010, 11:50 Quote
i like how they blame everything and then edge round the issue of their new releases being very erm rubbish.

Make rubbish games - Receive crap profit.
BlackMage23 30th July 2010, 13:06 Quote
Capcom's sequels have been rubbish lately: LP2 was nowhere near the fist game, DMC4 was boring, and RE5 was a pallet swap of RE4 with the good bits taken out.
bahgger 30th July 2010, 14:13 Quote
Street Fighter vs Tekken now plz!
proxess 30th July 2010, 14:16 Quote
At least they didn't blame it on the piracy...
Phalanx 30th July 2010, 15:35 Quote
Make better games please Capcom.
Shaftydude 30th July 2010, 23:00 Quote
And release Super Street Fighter 4 for PC already! :@
frontline 2nd August 2010, 12:49 Quote
Poor games = poor profits.

Lost Planet was awful. To make a sequel that was actually worse is an impressive feat.
TreeDude 2nd August 2010, 15:48 Quote
I enjoyed the first LP. It had it's flaws, but I found it to be a solid action game. I will probably pick up LP2 when it hits dirt cheap status.
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