Realtime Worlds restructuring staff

Realtime Worlds restructuring staff

Realtime Worlds has restructured itself after

Developer Realtime Worlds has announced plans to restructure itself after the release of crime-based MMO, APB.

The plans will involve hiring new staff in the short term to help roll out greater support for APB players and create more content.

In the long term though, redundancies are expected according to as development priorities naturally shift to other projects.

Realtime Worlds will continue to recruit new developers and talent and is currently recruiting, but APB is very much the focus now, it seems. At least one currently undisclosed project is being downscaled so that the whole studio can continue to work on APB.

APB has not fared well with critics at the moment and, while Project Lead Dave Jones claims that the team is "immensely proud and enjoying the "great reception from consumers", most reviews have not been positive.

Jones said that APB's servers have been 60 percent full since launch and that low review scores come from "misconceptions in some respects from the people who aren't quite getting it."

You can read our own APB review for more information about the game, then let us know your thoughts in the forums.


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Hovis 8th July 2010, 16:07 Quote
Most of the reviews I've read of it read like a square peg trying to review a round hole, coming to the conclusion that the peg's inability to fit into the hole means the hole is rubbish.
Veles 8th July 2010, 23:39 Quote
They better focus on it with an electron microscope because it's going to need a lot of work. It feels more like an alpha than a finished game
cheeriokilla 10th July 2010, 22:03 Quote
I'm not impressed that they're defending their creative work, but when it all comes down you have to know something went wrong when all the positives from the game come from customization. Unless playing a pimp-my ride and total makeover game is what you dig...
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