Leaked GAME schedule reveals release dates

Leaked GAME schedule reveals release dates

A leaked retail schedule has revealed possible release dates for a bunch of new titles due later this year.

A leaked retail schedule from UK-based videogame specialist GAME has revealed likely release dates for a bunch of titles due out later this year, according to VG247.

The schedule reveals possible dates for Crysis 2, Metal Gear Solid: Rising, Fallout: New Vegas, Call of Duty 7 and Brink to name a few.

Call of Duty 7 and DJ Hero 2 are both listed for an October release.

Crysis 2 and Metal Gear Solid: Rising are apparently set to compete directly on September 24th.

Brink and Guitar Hero 6 are both down for a September release, with the exact date not yet narrowed down.

The Witcher: Rise of the White Wolf and James Bond Racing are filed as October releases, along with Fallout: New Vegas.

An as yet unannounced title from Tradewest called Yoga Natal is apparently going to be out this October too, providing a hint at the possible release date of Microsoft's Natal control system.

The nearest release date of note occurs on June 28th - Raven Software's Singularity.

Electronic Arts, Konami and Activision have all responded to the leak by saying that they do not comment on rumours or speculation and that there are no release dates yet confirmed for most of the games above.

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cjoyce1980 29th March 2010, 12:26 Quote
DJ Hero 2?!?!? really.......... no one brough the first one!
mrbens 29th March 2010, 12:41 Quote
never trust release dates anyway!
GravitySmacked 29th March 2010, 12:46 Quote
No doubt they will all change anyway.
Zurechial 29th March 2010, 12:50 Quote
DJ Hero 2? What?

No, seriously. What? Either this leak is trolling or someone is determined to lose a lot of money. Again.
StoneyMahoney 29th March 2010, 12:52 Quote
...and no-one was shocked to find the list comprises mainly franchise sequels and follow-ups. In other news, we interview Mario as Nintendo makes sudden and desperate moves to try and counter the threat to it's long-held arcade combat-racing crown with the shock revealing of the release plans for the triple-A title James Bond Racing...
bob 29th March 2010, 13:04 Quote
lol at the ironic comments by EA, Konami and Activision!
Fizzban 29th March 2010, 13:13 Quote
Release dates are like long distance weather forecasts. They are nearly always wrong.
Mentai 29th March 2010, 13:23 Quote
@zurechial @cjoyce1980

Fun fact, DJ Hero was the best selling new IP of 2009. How depressing.
Otis1337 29th March 2010, 13:32 Quote
metal gear is what im interested in!
September is nothing new, it was on Amazon for that date months ago, but its been removed now.
Gunsmith 29th March 2010, 13:38 Quote
regardless of release date im still on the fence as to Crysis 2 being as awesome as its predecessor

fear 2, farcry 2, supcom 2, anyone else see the pattern ermerging?
B1GBUD 29th March 2010, 13:57 Quote
CoD 7 is surely gonna be a fail
kenco_uk 29th March 2010, 14:08 Quote
Dead Rising 2 - come onnn September.
wuyanxu 29th March 2010, 14:14 Quote
Originally Posted by Gunsmith

fear 2, farcry 2, supcom 2, anyone else see the pattern ermerging?

someone is scared of new idea and new territory.

do i get a cookie? :D
PingCrosby 29th March 2010, 16:14 Quote
Fallout: New
Aracos 29th March 2010, 16:17 Quote
No news of rock band 3? Awwwwwww I want to know when it's released :(
Pieface 29th March 2010, 16:29 Quote
CoD7? Are EA taking control? A yearly release for CoD is full of facepalm.
Silver51 29th March 2010, 16:41 Quote
Originally Posted by Pieface
CoD7? Are EA taking control? A yearly release for CoD is full of facepalm.

They've pretty much got the formula nailed now, so why stop?

They'll throw something together, cut a load of features and gamers will complain about how bad it's going to be in Internet forums. There'll be a massive ad campaign just before launch hyping it to be the biggest thing since cheese. People will buy it and suffer buyer's remorse without the hope of trading it in thanks to DRM. Rinse and repeat for CoD 8.
Sloth 29th March 2010, 20:27 Quote
Originally Posted by Pieface
CoD7? Are EA taking control? A yearly release for CoD is full of facepalm.
No franchise should ever reach seven titles. Ever.

Even Link, as your avatar depicts, is not free from this. Just look what's happened to his franchise! Spirit Tracks? Really?! Legend of Zelda Thomas the Tank Engine. There's a point where developers and publishers need to say "that's enough, we've made our games and they were fun. That is all, new game time.".
johnnyboy700 29th March 2010, 21:00 Quote
What the hell is James Bond racing?
Krayzie_B.o.n.e. 30th March 2010, 02:14 Quote
release dates? yeh right! hey Half Life Episode 3 comes out next month followed by Half Life 3 in June (tentatively)

how bout that for release dates and I'm just as close as all these other wild guesses.

Release date is the day you release the disc from it's case and put it in your PC.
Fizzban 30th March 2010, 10:27 Quote
Originally Posted by Sloth
No franchise should ever reach seven titles. Ever.

Wrong. Final Fantasy is on way more than 7 titles. And a great many of those are great games (at least 10 of them). I think you would be better off saying no FPS should ever reach 7 titles.
Xir 30th March 2010, 11:23 Quote
What's "Singularity" and "Brink" ?
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