Activision shuts down King's Quest fan project

Activision shuts down King's Quest fan project

Activision has sent in the lawyers and closed down King's Quest fan project, The Silver Lining.

King's Quest fan project, The Silver Lining, which was granted a non-commercial license by original license holder Sierra, has been closed down by Activision after more than eight years of development.

The Silver Lining team had been working under the non-commercial license to create a series of episodes that would continue the story of the King's Quest game at professional quality - but for no money.

Now Activision owns Sierra and Vivendi though - and the new owners don't care for the popular fan project as much as the old license holders did, it seems. Activision issued a full cease and desist order to the team, closing the project down after eight years of work. The first of five episodes was scheduled for release in Spring this year.

"After talks and negotiations in the last few months between ourselves and Activision, they have reached the decision that they are not interested in granting a non-commercial license to The Silver Lining, and have asked that we cease production and take down all related materials on our website," reads a statement on The Silver Lining website.

"As before, we must and will comply with this decision, as much as we may wish we could do otherwise."

"We cannot say enough how much we appreciate the support we have had over these years from our fans. Without you, we would never have gotten this far. There would be no game to develop, and no one to develop it for. You have been amazing and steadfast, and we will always remember that and appreciate it more than we can say," continued the post.

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Picarro 2nd March 2010, 12:35 Quote
Where are the norwegians with the harpoons? There is ass to be kicked!
Evildead666 2nd March 2010, 12:39 Quote
Activision is really getting good rep today ;)
Arkanrais 2nd March 2010, 12:42 Quote
Has activision been on crack lately?
What a bunch of knobs.
javaman 2nd March 2010, 12:45 Quote
spring cleaning? Ill take the licence if you don't want it. They seem to be on the rampage today litterally. Maybe its the turn of the seasons or the fact being human has ended =(
smc8788 2nd March 2010, 12:45 Quote
Originally Posted by Evildead666
Activision is really getting good rep today ;)

Yeah, as if anyone in the gaming community could hate Bobby Kotick and his cronies more than they already do...
cgthomas 2nd March 2010, 13:06 Quote
Next thing they'll buy the sewers and start charging per pound
l3v1ck 2nd March 2010, 13:16 Quote
You'd be really annoyed if you'd work on that for eight years and were about to release it, only to be told it wasn't going to happen.
It that were me I'd take the code and release it over a torrent anyway.
Xir 2nd March 2010, 13:21 Quote
Originally Posted by l3v1ck
You'd be really annoyed if you'd work on that for eight years and were about to release it, only to be told it wasn't going to happen.
It that were me I'd take the code and release it over a torrent anyway.

Naahhh, I'd make sure nobody could point to me....when it turns up in the torrent :D
Gunsmith 2nd March 2010, 13:26 Quote
tbh ive not really bothered reading up on the misfits of activision until today.

wow, Bobby Kotick really is a ****
memeroot 2nd March 2010, 13:29 Quote
pizan 2nd March 2010, 13:32 Quote
What did Kotick find his wife with another man last night or something?
dire_wolf 2nd March 2010, 13:34 Quote
When I saw the announcement on their site at the end of February words just escaped me. I've been following the games progress since 2004 and it's an absolute joke that they can just close it down like this after so many people have put so much work into it. I'm sure Activision have their reasons but it's not like they're working on any Kings Quest games, and everybody that wants their £10 Kings quest bundle on Steam has probably already got it. *******s
Benneb- 2nd March 2010, 13:35 Quote
Is it just me or is Activision now where EA was 2+ years ago?
All about the £/$, sequel after sequel, sod the consumer and the developers.
Gunsmith 2nd March 2010, 13:38 Quote
Originally Posted by Benneb-
Is it just me or is Activision now where EA was 2+ years ago?
All about the £/$, sequel after sequel, sod the consumer and the developers.

tbh comparing EA then and ACT now is like comparing the class bully to Hitler.
brave758 2nd March 2010, 13:48 Quote
Oooo can't upset the share holders or profit margins....... WHAT people doing work for free............ TO..... HELP ..... EACH.....OTHER.

FU activision you just made the list.....
azrael- 2nd March 2010, 15:21 Quote
Activision just keeps on endearing themselves with the gaming community. Effing twats!
thehippoz 2nd March 2010, 15:55 Quote
not like activision is making any kings quest games.. pretty sorry move by activision and for those that remember the kings quest series
cgthomas 2nd March 2010, 16:46 Quote
tbh I hope PS3 and Sony go into administration and that European Union deem Xbox as uncompetetive, just because operated my Microsoft.
That only scenario will rid us from Activision.

This just gave me a great story for a movie aimed at console gamers. Yes $$$$$$$ money
kosch 2nd March 2010, 17:43 Quote
Fan projects like this tend to boost the games popularity. Activision obviously dont like free PR :(
pendragon 2nd March 2010, 17:55 Quote
wow..activision-blizzard... W.T.F.!
netsirk 2nd March 2010, 18:20 Quote
There is a petition available for fans and supporters of The Silver Lining over at
skunkmunkey 2nd March 2010, 18:21 Quote
reminds me of those damn women on building sites who have on all the safety gear which never gets used and tell you to put on your safety glasses in case water gets in your eyes.... bullys and masterbators the lot of em....
ssj12 2nd March 2010, 18:33 Quote
Activision is seriously asking for zero support from the PC and overall game community. I think I will cancel my pre-order for StarCraft II. Nice job Activision.
eddtox 2nd March 2010, 21:29 Quote
that's another company on my don't buy list. well done, activision
Waynio 2nd March 2010, 21:52 Quote
I never heard of the game before but wholeheartedly support them, 8 years of unpaid community fan work flushed away just when they were gearing up for release, wow, just wow.
Activision are so heartless, I kinda doubt I'll buy anything from activision if they keep this snide practice up, they have to at least give them a break or I am definately boycotting them for life.
I skipped mw2 because of no dedicated servers and absolutely I have bc2 pre-ordered ;)
I enjoy all types of games so would have liked to have tried it out at least.
I signed the petition and made a small donation, hope it helps.
Thatguy119 2nd March 2010, 22:17 Quote
I compleatly aggree that Activision have gone crazy today and are seriously going downhill overall, but how many people are seriously not going to buy a good game just because it was made by Activision. I cant say I wont, but congrats to anybody with enough moral integrity to say yes.
barndoor101 2nd March 2010, 22:54 Quote
unfortunately to those who do have the morals to boycott Activision, they will put down the lost sales to piracy.
LordPyrinc 2nd March 2010, 23:37 Quote
Activision = Major Tool

I feel really bad for all those that put their free time into this effort to get shut down like that.
alpaca 3rd March 2010, 01:09 Quote
i don't get it. why? did they give any decent reason? because it's not like they don't really care if it continues or not; they went as far as a 'cease and go-lie-down-and-die' letter.

or maybe the lawyers were just bored? a lot of strange stuff happens when people are bored.
somidiot 3rd March 2010, 03:05 Quote
if anybody at Activision was intelligent at all they'd hire these guys and release the game with their name on it. stupid, stupid move. Irritating fans of the series and attempting to destroy it's future at the same time.
somidiot 3rd March 2010, 03:07 Quote
one more thing: why can't they abide by the agreement they purchased? sounds like an underhanded thing to do IMHO.
Javerh 3rd March 2010, 09:03 Quote
Just change the name to something else and release anyway. Rename King's Quest to Royal Escapade, change the hair colour of the characters and add a notice that any resemblance is purely coincidental.
scrumble 3rd March 2010, 09:24 Quote
Breach of contract? Sierra agreed to issue the licence, but then are bought by Activision. When Activision purchased Sierra, they will have also purchased all agreements and contracts issued by Sierra, unless Sierra itself has been closed down and no longer exists as a company.

But as Javerh said, just change the details. If the body of the game is new, and only the names and storyline relate to Kings Quest, then simply change the names.
Cabe6403 3rd March 2010, 10:38 Quote
Activision have got a little too big for their boots I think. Smaller companies run by people who value the game industry and the community like sierra are willing to give these licences because they, themselves, likely enjoy the franchise being extended by the fans like this.
A company the size of Activision will be run by men in suits who's only interest is business.
Cruelinios 3rd March 2010, 11:49 Quote
Activision are turning in to a bunch of twats, it's a free non-commercial project and closing something down after 8 years of work makes me feel sick, I feel for those developers.

Rename it, re-brand it and release it!
dire_wolf 3rd March 2010, 20:35 Quote
From TSL Email;

As you may already know, a fan-based campaign to help save TSL has already started. While it's not guaranteed to have any impact on Activision, we do know that it did make a difference in the past with Vivendi.

We encourage you to visit the links below for further information:

Online Petition:

Facebook Group:

MySpace Page:

Form Letter for Contacting Activision:

Thanks again to everyone that has supported us in the past and continue to do so today
Nickel 3rd March 2010, 21:45 Quote
Right, that's it. Activision has made the list. As long as a game bears their name I'm not touching it, I'll make sure my friends know...
kornedbeefy 4th March 2010, 18:05 Quote
Its past time these big corps die and get out of gaming. They do nothing but create suits who do nothing but suck up the profits for their FAT CAT lifestyle instead of reinvesting in better games like ID did in its early days. Instead we are bombarded with sequels.
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