UK road named after Tomb Raider

UK road named after Tomb Raider

A new road in Derby, the home of developer Core Design, has been named after games icon Lara Croft.

A road in Derby, UK, has been named after Tomb Raider after a poll revealed an 89 percent approval rate for the title 'Lara Croft Way'.

Over 27,000 people took part in a public vote to decide what the new ring road should be called, with the vast majority deciding to honour Derby's most famous digital export - Lara Croft.

The Tomb Raider games were published by Eidos and developed by Derby-based Core Design, with Lara's actual concept coming from series creator Toby Gard.

Lara Croft Way is a new ring road which connects Osmaston Road with Burton Road and cost £36.2 million GBP to build.

"Despite my lack of gaming knowledge, I accept that a majority of 89 per cent for Lara Croft is too overwhelming to ignore," said cabinet member for planning and transportation, Councillor Lucy Care in a public statement.

"She was created in Derby and deserves to stand alongside some of the more traditional icons of the city.

89 percent approval is a pretty sure sign of public support, but let us know your thoughts in the forums.


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Pieface 1st March 2010, 10:55 Quote
Did 4chan get hold of the polls? 89% is a huge majority.
Gunsmith 1st March 2010, 11:01 Quote
the british public really are mating with vegitables
MrJay 1st March 2010, 11:05 Quote
Humps for 200m....
Artanix 1st March 2010, 11:05 Quote
whats a vegitable? :D
liratheal 1st March 2010, 11:07 Quote
If it wasn't Derby, I'd want to get a house on it.
mi1ez 1st March 2010, 11:09 Quote
Can I just say, that girl is MUCH hotter than Angelina Jolie!
RichCreedy 1st March 2010, 11:15 Quote
Originally Posted by Artanix
whats a vegitable? :D

its a table you can eat
Gunsmith 1st March 2010, 11:18 Quote
its also my failed attempt at typing whilst under the flu.

brb need moar chicken soup :(
shigllgetcha 1st March 2010, 11:29 Quote
Originally Posted by Pieface
Did 4chan get hold of the polls? 89% is a huge majority.

exactly what i thought
Dave Lister 1st March 2010, 11:29 Quote
"Councillor Lucy Care" her quote makes her sound really defeated and disapointed !
Mankz 1st March 2010, 11:40 Quote
Tits or GTFO...
sub routine 1st March 2010, 11:50 Quote
Originally Posted by Artanix
whats a vegitable? :D

rofl X2
HandMadeAndroid 1st March 2010, 15:14 Quote
HourBeforeDawn 1st March 2010, 15:33 Quote
it should be 'Lara Crofts Way kinda like her way or the highway lol but really if British people want to name their road after a porn star, why should we complain... oh wait you mean the video game... right right.
erratum1 1st March 2010, 16:44 Quote
Originally Posted by Gunsmith
the british public really are mating with vegitables

I love it when people try and be clever then make a mistake, lol.

Back on topic I think this is great Derby should be proud of Lara she's huge all over the world, all the time we get America rammed down our throats we should shout about what we have created.
Joeymac 1st March 2010, 16:45 Quote
Why not call it.... Lara Croft <- Because that's a word used to name places anyway. :?
shadow 1st March 2010, 17:45 Quote
great! games with Lara Croft were and still are one of my favorites. she's just hot. my vote would be also for her :-)
D-Cyph3r 1st March 2010, 18:05 Quote
Mmmmmm, vegitables. OM NOM NOM NOM.
SMIFFYDUDE 1st March 2010, 20:08 Quote
I heared about this on the radio, apparently some guy in Brazil voted hundreds of times. Girl in the pic looks like shes chewing a wasp.
Joeymac 1st March 2010, 21:44 Quote
Yeah but she's chewing on a sexy wasp. ;)
The_Beast 1st March 2010, 22:23 Quote
l3v1ck 1st March 2010, 23:03 Quote
What do you expect with the morons that live in Derby?................... Hmmm, I just insulted myself ;)
Seriously, it's a silly name and just goes to show what happens when you give the general public a say in these things. I've no idea when this vote happened or how people even heard about it. No one I know knew about it in advance. The result was just mentioned in the local paper. A lame reason might be that the game developer used to be based in Derby, but that's no reason to have a silly street name.
Landy_Ed 2nd March 2010, 00:13 Quote
Makes more sense to me than, for example, Nelson Mandela Place in Glasgow. @Joeymac - good call, that one appeals more!
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