BBC to make show-based games

BBC to make show-based games

The BBC is going to start creating games based on TV shows such as Doctor Who and Top Gear. Oh dear.

The BBC has announced plans to start creating computer games based on TV shows it owns, hiring a former Yahoo and Electronic Arts executive to head up development.

The news comes via MCV, who has confirmed that the games will be mostly targeted at platforms with mainstream appeal - namely the Wii, DS, iPhone and Facebook.

A full list of games hasn't yet been unveiled, but BBC spokespersons have said they are hoping to create games based on Doctor Who, Top Gear and In The Night Garden. You can pretty much guarantee that they'll be a 'Dancing with/on X, Y or Z' game too.

"We are open to conversations with anybody in games about all kinds of business models to see how we can extract more value," said children's and licensing MD Neil Ross Russell.

"What we’re trying to do is build the brands here - this is not about opportunistic licensing. If we wanted to do that we would have done more with these key brands over the last few years."

The initiative will be headed up by Robert Nashak, formerly of EA and Yahoo.

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Landy_Ed 22nd January 2010, 12:21 Quote
Great - enter the resrial number of your tv license & get it free otherwise pay for it then it sounds good.

But it won't be that way, will it?

I'm all for BBC innovating & providing a value service for the people who are paying for it (simply in order to be legally allowed to have a television in the UK), but when so much of the programming & information service is bought in and/or of poor quality & they continue to overpay certain elements of the service citing market competition then I'm frankly unable to feel positive about this.
Dave Lister 22nd January 2010, 12:30 Quote
Wish the bbc would just die already
mrbens 22nd January 2010, 12:35 Quote
Let's hope Dr Who is an epic action RPG like Fallout 3 and Top Gear is a great racer like GRID. But that'll never happen lol
Cerberus90 22nd January 2010, 12:47 Quote
Theres already a Dr Who game and an In the Night Garden game, created by FishinABottle. Online.

The Dr Who one is actually that bad.
l3v1ck 22nd January 2010, 13:19 Quote
A Flash based web game racing round the top gear track would be nice. I can't see a full game being better that existing race games though as the BBC can't throw that kind of money at it.
LeMaltor 22nd January 2010, 13:30 Quote
Thought you would already be able to drive the TG track on GT5?
Omnituens 22nd January 2010, 14:20 Quote
Flash game "rearrange clackson's face after he has tested the atom"
yakyb 22nd January 2010, 15:40 Quote
this sucks

there is no way these are going to be good

why is my license fee paying for this and BBC 4 etc
woodss 22nd January 2010, 15:43 Quote
Originally Posted by yakyb
this sucks

there is no way these are going to be good

why is my license fee paying for this and BBC 4 etc

You should complain....Top gear doesnt need games...if it does even if they make a full production game itd be cheaper than some of the stuff they do with our liscence £
rollo 22nd January 2010, 15:50 Quote
The last game they made robot wars was really poor

Dout any of these will be better
frontline 22nd January 2010, 18:43 Quote
Allo Allo online, watch out WOW!
Bede 22nd January 2010, 18:46 Quote
How in any way is this a good use of public money? Their job is to provide accurate and unbiased news (which they don't) and televisual entertainment for British citizens (which they do quite well). Such a gimmick :s
Edge102030 22nd January 2010, 19:07 Quote
Another f@€"/! gimmick pos. Give up on making games based on tv or movies, most are absolutely terrible.
delriogw 22nd January 2010, 20:11 Quote
this probably isn't being funded by our license fees you know - the bbc DOES have a commerical arm to it. what do you think they do with the money from dvd sales? and bbc world and bbc america etc - they have ads iirc.

having seen the quality of some of their online games and content, i'm actually quite interested to see what they produce.

thought EA and Yahoo as a background doesn't sound like a glowing recommendation to me.

the titles they've brought up though - all big with kids - top gear has a trading card game out at the moment firmly aimed at kids, and doctor who is huge with kids and has at least one spin off aimed squarely at kids... i expect these games to be aimed in the same direction and as such not to appeal to the 'gamers' that frequent this site

but at the end of the day (hate that phrase grr) anything the bbc does that brings in revenue other than our fees can only be a good thing as it means they're less likely to put it up as much as they otherwise would.
unklepepper 23rd January 2010, 15:36 Quote
Quite right delriogw, this news comes from BBC Worldwide a commercial business that is in no part funded by the licence fee.

Worldwide does provide money for BBC programs in return for commericial rights. Without this money BBC television would be very **** rather than just mostly ****. Still better than the "other side" tho!

Good move I think, they have some great brands that will be no less rubbish as games than any other tie in.

I want some sort of Dr Who based monster shooter aimed at PC/PS3/360. You get to play as Cpt Jack and save the world while "dancing" with cute non psycotic monsters!
fu manchu 23rd January 2010, 16:58 Quote
Originally Posted by LeMaltor
Thought you would already be able to drive the TG track on GT5?

You can on rFactor :D
SMIFFYDUDE 23rd January 2010, 21:00 Quote
and pretty much any simbin racer
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