Capcom predicts year on year decline

Capcom predicts year on year decline

Capcom has delayed four titles for next year and predicted a year on year decline in profits for 2010.

Capcom has announced a sudden, last-minute delay of all four key titles it has lined up for next year - namely Lost Planet 2, Super Street Fighter IV, Monster Hunter Tri and Dead Rising 2.

As a result of the delays Capcom has also adjusted financial forecasts from a predicted profit growth of 5.4 percent ($93.06 million USD) to a massive 75.2 percent year-on-year decline ($21.9 million USD), according to Gamasutra.

The news came in a sudden statement today which announced the move of Monster Hunter Tri and Super Street Fighter IV in North America and Europe to a post April 2010 release, which is when Capcom's fiscal year begins.

Dead Rising 2 has been delayed too and, while Capcom wouldn't give any real details it did say that all titles mentioned would be spread over all four quarters of the next fiscal year. Again, since Capcom's fiscal year begins in April, that means that at least one of the games won't be released until early 2011.

Capcom also announced that it will lose $49.27 million USD on "restructuring" in the start of 2010, which Gamasutra explains as due to the declining pachinko business in Japan.

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mjm25 24th December 2009, 12:51 Quote
that smells a lot like windowd dressing to me, they've moved them into the 2010 fiscal year to kill some of their other losses on the balance sheet, sneaky!
sear 24th December 2009, 17:15 Quote
Eek, and Capcom have been doing fairly well prior to this. I wonder if costs of next-gen development are hitting them harder than they expected.
D-Cyph3r 24th December 2009, 17:25 Quote
Maybe if they used their noggins and started coming up with new game ideas they wouldn't need to take such drastic actions. I haven't played a StreetFighter game since the mid 90's and I plan on keeping it that way...
Elton 24th December 2009, 19:42 Quote
Dead Rising 2 better be on PC.
lewchenko 24th December 2009, 23:46 Quote
And every one of those games is a sequel... some of them a sequel to several sequels already (yawn)

So no new original IP from Capcom then.

The only one I find mildly interesting is Lost Planet 2.
Star*Dagger 25th December 2009, 09:31 Quote
They need break out hits like Shattered Horizon!
Sparrowhawk 25th December 2009, 18:07 Quote
Yeah, delayed unorig. IP? No wonder they predict a decline. I'm with Elton too, they don't develop enough interesting games for PC either.
feedayeen 31st December 2009, 01:32 Quote
So Dinosaur Hunter 2, Generic Fighter Game 4, Monster Hunter 3, and Zombie Hunter 2 are all being delayed because Capcom doesn't believe they will sell as well as Dinosaur Hunter 1, Generic Fighter Game 3, Monster Hunter 2, and Zombie Hunter 1?
Faulk_Wulf 31st December 2009, 20:30 Quote
I think that is all pretty harsh on Capcom. Yes, IP like Resident Evil, no matter how I love it, could use a reboot to keep it fresh. However, two of those titles are sequels: As in only the second. I have no problem with #1, 2, or 3 for most franchises. Final Fantasy and Need for Speed proves that you don't have to flog a dying horse to put out in numerous sequels. Dead Rising was very popular and deserves another shot in the spotlight. I remember Lost Planet getting favorable reviews. Monster Hunter has been milked pretty good. (Two consoles and two portables I think.) And they haven't introduced anything too new, but I don't think the novelty have completely worn through yet. And Street Fighter 4 was practically a reboot. I'm proud of them for staying as a 2D fighter. I believe the 3D fighting in Mortal Kombat was ultimately its own undoing. SF is not Tekken, Soul Caliber, DOA, or Virtual Fighter. And I don't think it should try to be.

Trust me, I wish there were more original games coming out. And I'm still shocked that EA movies enough "Madden/FIFA/NBA/NHL/NASCAR [current year]" using the same engines, and pretty much zero innovations-- just updated rosters. If they weren't so money hungry (or if others could get the rights) it'd actually be a good downloadable content: You buy say Maden 2010 (this example would work better if the Xbox360 was further then a year or two from the next system.) and then every year you get the chance to download a new roster for $15-$30 from Xbox Live (or PSN). Then they could release the next Maden in 2012, say, with actual game improvements, graphics or such because they have more resources. Or peruse unique IPs (unless EA Sports is literally their own division by now and only pump out sports games.)

TL;DR - I don't dislike sequels, i dislike the lack of innovation. I don't believe a sequel HAS to imply a lack of innovation.
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