planning digital distribution service planning digital distribution service has announced that it will be launching a digital distribution service for games in the near future. has revealed that it is planning to roll out a new digital distribution service of it's own which will allow users to download games directly from the site.

The service is planned to extend to books and movies in the future too, expanding on the already-available music downloads that the site offers.

Downloads will be the cornerstone of our strategic development going forward,” said Play’s marketing director Martin Talbot in a comment to MCV.

We are looking at all the different media platforms. We’ve done music and we will move into doing downloads on books, films and of course, video games. Right now we’re working out which category will be the best one to move into next." would not announce a release date or further details for the service, but did indicate that it would soon sell download codes for individual games on the WiiWare, Xbox and PSN services in the future too.

One of the things we offer customers is the opportunity to get exclusive in-game content through game codes. For instance, when Age of Conan came out we offered an exclusive War Rhino...So we have looked at using game codes as a USP for us, and they have worked well. In terms of moving on from this to selling full game codes, again it is another part of strategic development that will go into our overall digital plan.

Bricks and mortar game stores meanwhile are increasingly turning to alternative revenues too, with GAME announcing that it would sell Top 20 music albums alongside games in the future.

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Digi 22nd December 2009, 10:44 Quote
No PC platform mentioned yet. I assume they are going to avoid that so they don't go into direct competition with Valve?

Oh well, let's see if it will fly or fail.
ChaosDefinesOrder 22nd December 2009, 10:51 Quote
brilliant, let's home the digi distro prices undercut the box items! You can already get box items on for cheaper than the digi distro versions on Steam...
licenced 22nd December 2009, 13:45 Quote
So you can either log in to PSN and buy and download the game directly, or you can buy a download code from Play, print off the mail with the code in it, log in to PSN, type in the code correctly, then download the game.

There's little chance the Play version will be cheaper - I doubt Sony would allow it.

I know which one I'll (carry on) using.
AshT 22nd December 2009, 17:19 Quote
... not another one!
Flintsteal 23rd December 2009, 05:44 Quote
this sounds crap got excited thinking some competition for valve, so far no one I've noticed has come close :(
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