Next TF2 update involves class war

Next TF2 update involves class war

The next update for Team Fortress 2 will be decided in part by a war between the Soldier and Demoman classes.

Valve is preparing to unveil the next free content update for Team Fortress 2, promising new maps, weapons and the usual plethora of awesome new stuff. Also, probably some hats.

In an unusual and exciting move though, the exact contents of the update are going to be in part decided by players as Valve announces a class war between the Demoman and Soldier classes.

The first part of the update involves two secret new weapons which Valve has designed and plans to release - one for the Soldier, one for the cycloptic Scottish mine-flinger. Valve won't be releasing both though, just one. Which one depends on the outcome of the week-long war between the two explosive experts. If more Soldiers kill Demomen than Demomen kill Soldiers then the rocket-jumpers will get a new weapon and vice versa.

"The more Demomen you kill as the Soldier class will help ensure the Soldier gets the weapon at the end of the week," Valve clarified on the official TF2 blog. "The more Soldiers you kill as the Demo will help the Demo class get the exclusive seventh weapon."

The exact bodycounts for each side are being updated daily on the update page, which is also where Valve will unveil the remaining updates for the Class War pack.

Oh - and don't even think about cheating, as Valve's Robin Walker assures fans that the TF2 team will know if you try.

Check out our Team Fortress 2 review for more information on the game and be sure to let us know your thoughts in the forums.


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bahgger 11th December 2009, 12:09 Quote


Noone appreciates a good team of engineers :(
CardJoe 11th December 2009, 12:12 Quote
Scout/Sniper > all
[PUNK] crompers 11th December 2009, 12:26 Quote
<3 valve

what a fantastic idea
sub routine 11th December 2009, 12:41 Quote
haha, nice to see games can still be fun rather than just more ways at making money.
tripwired 11th December 2009, 12:54 Quote
amazing, I can't wait!
mi1ez 11th December 2009, 13:11 Quote
Demoman, you goin' DOWN!
Blademrk 11th December 2009, 13:25 Quote
Oh - and don't even think about cheating, as Valve's Robin Walker assures fans that the TF2 team will know if you try.
so that means no playing as the player you don't want to get updated and losing then :)
Jack_Pepsi 11th December 2009, 13:52 Quote
I really wish L4D(1) got this level of commitment from Valve.
steveo_mcg 11th December 2009, 14:30 Quote
What makes me a good demo man.... See you in pieces solly.
Digi 11th December 2009, 14:48 Quote
Die demoman! Finally all the noob grenade spammers will get whats coming to them.

Great idea by valve here! Gives me a good reason to go back to it after a few months bashing MW2 and CS again.
Matticus 11th December 2009, 16:19 Quote
TF2 must be the best supported game in history. Just constant new updates and maps all for free.
I never got into either class, I played everything else quite a lot except these two, so maybe this will breath some new life into the game for me.
Gunsmith 11th December 2009, 16:40 Quote
pfft bloody soldiers.
Kiytan 11th December 2009, 16:42 Quote
Demoman is my favourite class, So I'm quite happy about this, as we will win. we HAVE to win.
(trust this to be the week my computer chooses to up and die)
Darkefire 11th December 2009, 19:07 Quote
Goddammit, right when I'm in the middle of both a system update to Windows 7 and applying to graduate schools. I don't even have TF2 installed right now, I need to get back to my rocket-jumping, shovel-swinging Soldier best. All you Soldiers out there better do your part for the cause, we need that weapon!
Neophyte4Life 11th December 2009, 21:38 Quote
episode 3?
PortalBen 12th December 2009, 12:32 Quote
I thought that there was one secret weapon, not two. Then whoever wins the war gets that.

Anyway, Demoman FTW.
jake9891 12th December 2009, 22:41 Quote
sounds like fun :D personally i don't know which one I would rather play :P they are both great :D
Horizon 12th December 2009, 22:43 Quote
when does the week start?
Hardware150 13th December 2009, 00:08 Quote
already on, started on friday i think
Javerh 13th December 2009, 10:42 Quote
Originally Posted by bahgger


Noone appreciates a good team of engineers :(

I'm waiting for it too. And don't forget Meet the Pyro!
javaman 13th December 2009, 13:19 Quote
I just bought the orange box set of amazon a couple of days ago. Mainly to take part in reader nights but haven't even got the game but i'm definately looking forwards to this =D
impar 15th December 2009, 10:17 Quote
steveo_mcg 15th December 2009, 11:13 Quote
Oh now that is funny! :)
impar 16th December 2009, 11:32 Quote

Soldiers new weapon:

Also, free weekend next weekend:

Is TF2 the GOTD*?

*- Game Of The Decade
Jack_Pepsi 16th December 2009, 11:47 Quote
Originally Posted by impar
Is TF2 the GOTD*?

Definitely not for me. Don't like it at all.
impar 17th December 2009, 10:19 Quote

Demoman got the Eylander sword, the Charging Targe shield and the Scottish Resistance sticker:

Soldier got the Direct Hit launcher, the Equalizer pick and the Buff Banner:

As for the War, Demomen are recovering, but Soldiers still lead:
5.742K dead Demomens
5,727K dead Soldiers
impar 18th December 2009, 09:37 Quote
Originally Posted by Jack_Pepsi
Definitely not for me. Don't like it at all.
I see...
Would you consider the alternative title of BSGOTD (Best Supported Game Of The Decade?

Soldiers Are Victorious!

New weapon is Gunboats:

The Update:
Team Fortress 2 Update Released
December 17, 2009, 5:25 pm - Valve - Product Update

Updates to Team Fortress 2 have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. The major changes include:

Team Fortress 2

New Content

* Added new control point map Gorge
* Added new capture the flag map Double Cross
* Added item crafting
* Added work-in-progress TF Bots for beta testing in KOTH maps (blog post coming with more info)
* Added headshot death animations
* Added more backstab animations


* Added 35 new Soldier achievements
* Added 4 new Soldier items
* Added new Soldier Domination lines


* Added 35 new Demoman achievements
* Added 3 new Demoman items
* Added new Demoman Domination lines


* Now pretends to be carrying the weapons & wearables of the target he's disguised as
* Moved the Spy's camera-beard to the Misc loadout slot so he can equip it with a hat


* The Sandman now only stuns on a max range hit (when you hear the cheering)
* All shorter hits now force the enemy into the thirdperson fleeing state (also removed the damage reduction on them)

Minor changes

* Added new options to the Multiplayer->Advanced dialog:
o Combat text, which displays damage amounts you do to enemies.
o Medic auto caller, which automatically shows you nearby friends at low health.
o Heal target marker, which better highlights the target your medigun is locked onto.
o Alternative Spy disguise menu, which lets you choose disguises using just the 1-3 keys.
* Fixed being able to affect friendly pipes with airblast (they would unstick)
* Added recharge sound to abilities with a recharge bar
* Fixed attachable wearables not staying on ragdolls
* Players no longer see the wearables that are a part of a friendly spy's disguise, fixing various graphical glitches
* Added jiggle bones for Pyro's chicken hat
* Added 2 new game startup songs

Community Mapmaker requests

* Implemented InputSetSetupTime() for team_round_timer (was in the .fgd but never implemented)
* Added "SetDispenserLevel" input to cart dispenser (1, 2, or 3)
steveo_mcg 18th December 2009, 10:05 Quote
The scout nerf is probably being debated heatedly on the steam forums as we speak! I actually liked the sandman as it was but i rarely play scout.
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