Empire: Total War multiplayer beta begins

Empire: Total War multiplayer beta begins

Sega and Creative Assembly have announced the launch of a new multiplayer beta for Empire: Total War.

Sega and Creative Assembly have today announced the launch of a new open beta for multiplayer content in historical strategy epic Empire: Total War on the PC.

The beta is completely open to anyone who owns the game - all you have to do is head on over to the official website and sign up to get access to the beta client, which runs through Steam.

The aim of all this is naturally to gather as many bug reports and impressions as possible before Sega officially launches the new Campaign Multiplayer mode in Empire: Total War, which launched earlier this year.

"Information and user feedback gathered from this Open Beta should help us getting the Campaign Multiplayer mode ready to be a regular feature in upcoming titles in the Total War series," creative director Mike Simpson said.

The feature list for the beta can be found below, in case you want to know what you're letting yourself in for.
  • Play on the entire Empire campaign map (All 3 theatres) against another player.
  • Fight against far improved AI nations, overhauled by update 1.5.
  • Work together or in competition to dominate the entire Empire campaign map.
  • Play via LAN or the Internet through Steam.
  • Engage in diplomacy with AI factions and another player.
  • Betray or cooperate with a friend or enemy, the choice is yours.
  • Fight real-time battles against the AI together, or have a friend take the AI's place in battle for the ultimate tactical challenge!
We quite liked Empire: Total War when it first launched in March and it still seems to be selling well judging from UK PC games sales charts. You can check our Empire: Total War review for more information, or just let us know your thoughts in the forums.


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Scotteh 9th December 2009, 15:12 Quote
So far so good, I signed up to this with my friend last night and we gave it a good few hours testing various options. It's about time they released this as I was hoping it would of been in there at launch. If you like the game and have friends who play it I definitely recommend giving it a go.
Veles 9th December 2009, 15:31 Quote
I made sex wee
adam_bagpuss 9th December 2009, 15:37 Quote
this is the reason i bought the game lol.

finally can play with my friend on campaign wooot
DarkLord7854 9th December 2009, 15:49 Quote
Wow they've finally added MP after all those countless years.. I'm excited.
ZERO <ibis> 9th December 2009, 21:34 Quote
So do the people with DLC get an advantage in multiplayer or is it just useless...
Veles 9th December 2009, 22:58 Quote
A very minor advantage I suppose, you can't field an entire army of heroic units, and it's no where near enough of a difference to allow a noob to beat a skilled player.
impar 9th December 2009, 23:16 Quote

Now that this has finally arrived, the nVidia drivers fubared the game...
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