C&C Red Alert released for iPhone

C&C Red Alert released for iPhone

EA has released Command & Conquer: Red Alert for the iPhone, with multiplayer to be patched in later.

Electronic Arts has released a bunch of new apps into the iPhone App Store, but there's only one which has really caught our attention and that's a version of Command & Conquer: Red Alert.

Using updated graphics and a dedicated, touchscreen interface, the iPhone version of C&C: Red Alert is currently singleplayer only and allows you to play either as the Soviets or the Allies across 12 levels and two Skirmish levels.

The roster of units is an amalgamation from the old and new games in the series, including classics like the Kirov airship and the new Paladin Tanks, among others.

EA isn't done with the game yet though and has promised to bring Wi-Fi and Bluetooth multiplayer in for a later update, as well as a new campaign called Empire of the Rising Sun that will introduce a third faction, new units and extra campaigns.

The full game is currently available for £6.99 from the AppStore and seems to be going down quite well right now, though we haven't tried it ourselves.

C&C is far from the only classic PC game to make it to the iPhone lately - id Software recently updated the existing version of Wolfenstein 3D Classic to include new levels, graphics and the option to run custom levels directly from Safari. The company also ported Doom to the iPhone too, though it's met with mixed reviews so far.

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Abhorsen 3rd November 2009, 14:20 Quote
Orionche 3rd November 2009, 14:51 Quote
God damnit, what was wrong with Light, Medium, Heavy, Mammoth, Tesla and Chrono tanks? :p I'm guessing the tank rush strategy is nerfed too....
OtakuHawk 3rd November 2009, 15:30 Quote
lame. was hoping they had ported the original directly.
Abhorsen 3rd November 2009, 15:34 Quote
Although buying, i was hoping for a direct port of the original too.
PegasusM 3rd November 2009, 18:06 Quote
Release for android would be good
sotu1 3rd November 2009, 22:05 Quote
haha a direct port of the original!? never gonna happen! And how is doom met with mixed reports? it's the same as it has been for years!
CardJoe 3rd November 2009, 23:01 Quote
Originally Posted by sotu1
haha a direct port of the original!? never gonna happen! And how is doom met with mixed reports? it's the same as it has been for years!

New controls have drawn some eyebrow raises.
wuyanxu 3rd November 2009, 23:15 Quote
wow, nice! hope it performs as good on older iPhone CPU's.

a link in the article would be nice :)
livesabitch 4th November 2009, 02:26 Quote
so getting this! loved it for the PC
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