Valve reveals L4D2 Xbox Awards

Valve reveals L4D2 Xbox Awards

Valve has revealed that Xbox 360 players will be able to unlock avatar clothing through certain game actions.

Valve has revealed a new award system for the Xbox 360 that lets players unlock Avatar customisation options through the game - an idea which has apparently been supported for a while by Microsoft, though Valve are the first to use it.

The Award system was revealed to Eurogamer by Valve's Chet Faliszek, who said that players would be able to unlock new clothes and items for their Xbox avatars through the game.

"In Left 4 Dead 2 on the 360 you can actually win - it's called Awards. It's this weird thing that we thought people had done already, and we started working on it and then, once we started talking about it, realised that no one knew what we were talking about," explained Faliszek.

"They're like Achievements, where you do some activity and you win something for your Avatar. You can unlock a Depeche Mode t-shirt or Left 4 Dead 2 t-shirt or the health kits or other cool stuff. You can't have weapons, but all the other stuff is from the game."

Exactly what players will have to accomplish hasn't been clarified yet, nor whether the Award system will tie directly in to the Achievement system either.

Microsoft haven't yet commented on the issue, but Faliszek's statement implies that support for the feature may have been there since the launch of the New Xbox Experience earlier this year - bringing up the question of why it hasn't been used until now.

The Left 4 Dead 2 is now live for the PC by the way, so download it and give it a go if you've got access to it and want to know more - or you can read our Left 4 Dead 2 impressions. In fact, why not do both and then let us know your thoughts in the forums?


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Blademrk 2nd November 2009, 13:38 Quote
I know unlockable Avatar items was mentioned a lot when the Avatars were first introduced.
Hasney 2nd November 2009, 14:58 Quote
First? 'Splosion Man begs to differ
thEcat 2nd November 2009, 16:20 Quote
"- bringing up the question of why it hasn't been used until now. "

Why give away that which you can charge for in the guise of DLC ?

Snaek 2nd November 2009, 23:56 Quote
I like this. I wouldn't pay for clothes for my avatar, but earning them is pretty cool.
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