Nintendo: Wii sales have "stalled"

Written by Joe Martin

October 30, 2009 // 11:59 a.m.

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Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has admitted that sales of the Nintendo Wii, which had previously held a position of dominance in the market thanks to a mainstream appeal, have stalled recently.

Speaking at a Japanese press conference (reported by VG247), Iwata said that the reason for the slump in sales is an inability to "continually release strong software."

"[We've been] unable to show a new game that can become the next big thing,[/i]" said Iwata. "Once you've lost momentum in the games industry then it can take time to recover."

Iwata said that the recent price drop of the Wii had not affected matter significantly either.

"With the price drop, sales returned to a certain level, but they just did not reach the level of last year around this time," he said. "We decided that it would be difficult to sell enough to recover from the poor performance of the first half of the year."

"In order to reach it [the 20 million units target], we will have to move quite a large quantity, but it's a figure we released after having felt the momentum returning."

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