Trackmania 2 announced

Trackmania 2 announced

Trackmania's series of over-the-top arcade racers is getting a new addition with Trackmania 2.

There's so many Trackmania games - United, Sunrise, Nations and the original Trackmania, obviously - that it seems weird that Nadeo is only just now announced the second game in the series. They have though.

Unveiled at the Paris Game Festival, Trackmania 2 will be the next game in the series of over-the-top racers.

Set for a 2010 release according to the poorly-translated announcements and forum posts (via Blue's News), Trackmania 2 looks set to include all the usual high-speed craziness we've come to expect of the series.

Interestingly, Nadeo has also confirmed it only for the PC platform at the moment, with no XBLA, Mac or PSN ports planned at the moment according to early reports. Nadeo apparently only wants to work on the PC - so, good for them.

The game is also set to include four split-screen game modes, meaning it isn't an exclusively online experience, with Cup, Championship, Team and an interesting Co-op mode all being mentioned. We're betting it'll have the usual track-editors and car-painters as well.

Beyond that it's hard to make out many exact details at the moment, but there is some shaky-cam footage of the announcement doing the rounds, if you're interested.

Are you a Trackmania fiend? Let us know your opinions on the series and the controversial ghost-cars in the forums.


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mi1ez 21st September 2009, 13:19 Quote
I have to say, I love trackmania! As you pointed out, it's completely over the top and hence so so much fun!

How many other games can you name where you've crashed out after hitting the roof of a tunnel at 500mph?
WildThing 21st September 2009, 13:50 Quote
Sweet! I love Trackmania! Any idea if we can actually race against other people or will it just be against ghosts of other people. Would love to ram other cars off the road. :D
yakyb 21st September 2009, 15:54 Quote

that would be great the whole point of the game is to pick ridiculously fast racing lines but to do that with other people actually blocking you would be great (not on all racing modes tho)
Kiytan 21st September 2009, 16:04 Quote
I have the free trackmania, and i have to say, i really liked it. very good crazy fun. Might get the new one when it drops in price
Cavedweller 21st September 2009, 18:34 Quote
If this thing went online on PSN I would buy it without hesitation. I've been playing Sunrise since it came out, og Nations likewise.

The one thing I always missed in the game was the console feel. I WANT to play this game with my PS3 gamepad.
Red 5 21st September 2009, 18:35 Quote
I love walking that line between frustration and amusement when I make a mistake and crash out. One minute I'll be swearing about clipping a wall, the next laughing at how far off track I've flown, or at others doing the same.

Evildead666 21st September 2009, 18:50 Quote
Probably time to get my Trackmania Nations Server back online....I only had a 512/128 line back then, should be able to do more than 12 people now I have a whopping 2500/480.....
Yoy0YO 22nd September 2009, 00:02 Quote
Shakey cam footage? My favourite! Give people like me something to speculate
Kakkoii 22nd September 2009, 10:03 Quote
I'd like to point out, that the Track Editor isn't going to be typical. Nadeo is going to allow you to import your own 3D models to use as blocks in your custom tracks... If that isn't awesome, I dunno what is. I'm freaking excited for it.
The_Pope 22nd September 2009, 13:43 Quote
We need a bit-tech leaderboard!

(I'm joking, because I'd be very near the top)
Red 5 22nd September 2009, 18:13 Quote
Originally Posted by The_Pope
We need a bit-tech leaderboard!


Now then... How is that done?

(I'm not joking, because I hope I'd be very near the top)
fathazza 22nd September 2009, 18:14 Quote
looking forwards to this big time :D
Gryphon 22nd September 2009, 22:26 Quote
i love the TM series. Think I'll buy this if its a decent price... (Hint Hint Activision).

What other racing game lets you fall 300 meters then skim across the nearest pool of water xD
impar 6th October 2009, 09:39 Quote
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