Play UT3 for free this weekend

Play UT3 for free this weekend

Epic's Unreal Tournament 3 will be free to play all weekend for Steam users, as well as being on sale.

Steam and Epic have teamed up this weekend, offering gamers a chance to play the entire, full version of Unreal Tournament 3 for free all weekend.

In addition to the free weekend, there's also a sale on the game that'll let you pick up the original Unreal Tournament for $1.99 USD, with the both the Unreal Tournament Black Edition and Unreal Deal Pack getting a 60 percent price reduction until Sept. 27th.

According to Epic this is all to help celebrate the launch of the series, marking ten years since the demo of the original Unreal Tournament was unleashed upon the world. We don't know about the rest of you, but we played that demo until our fingers bled from pounding the keys for so long.

Of course, a cynic could also point out that it will doubtlessly help boost sales - the Steam free weekends work wonders for profits according to Valve.

If you're unsure about whether it's worth downloading UT3 this weekend then you can check out our review of the game from back when it was released in 2007, but in brief we'll say that you'll probably be more interested in the mods than in the core game.

What do you think of these free weekends on Steam? Let us know your thoughts in the forums.


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steveo_mcg 18th September 2009, 17:12 Quote
Tried to download it last night but the link on steam wouldn't work. I suspect the download servers will be swamped by the time i get home from work.
Aracos 18th September 2009, 19:31 Quote
they've done this before, can they not team up with a different company or something? I'll wait till next time they do this to get the unreal pack =\
Star*Dagger 18th September 2009, 20:06 Quote
Steveo, make sure your isp is not throttling you, if you are in the UK, they might be
MiNiMaL_FuSS 18th September 2009, 21:41 Quote
what r the best mods then?
Shadowed_fury 18th September 2009, 22:37 Quote
i'd be interested in some more details on bit-techs idea of the decent mods too actually...
Zeus-Nolan 18th September 2009, 22:55 Quote
Managed it at 1.2mb/s but kept going to 100kb/s which was just painful, really good fun buying it at £5.60
DXR_13KE 19th September 2009, 00:46 Quote
buy it and then get this:

as soon as it gets out!
impar 19th September 2009, 09:17 Quote

Missing link to this thread in the news.

And its not a 60% price promotion. Its a 20% price promotion.
Its selling for 8€, it has been selling here in stores for 10€ for some months now.
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