Sony making casual Star Wars MMO?

Sony making casual Star Wars MMO?

Sony is rumoured to be working on a new browser-based, casual MMO based on the Star Wars universe.

Sony may well be working on a new MMO based in the Star Wars universe according to new rumours from TenTonHammer, who cite an inside source from Sony Online Entertainment as initiating the rumour.

The source also claims that the new Star Wars MMO that Sony is working on will be very much aimed at the casual audience and will be completely browser-based. Apparently it'll also make use of the same engine and framework as Sony's other free-to-play MMO, Free Realms.

While nitty-gritty details are still pretty thin on the ground, the rumoured project will apparently be set around the time of The Clone Wars and will possibly tie in with the TV series and film from the same period.

It's unusual rumour to be going around right now obviously, as Lucasarts has already licensed out the Star Wars setting to BioWare for another MMO, The Old Republic, but that doesn't mean the rumour is false. It's entirely possible that Lucasarts is hoping to pin both the hardcore and casual audiences with Star Wars MMOs.

Sony's online wing is currently working on bring Free Realms to the PlayStation 3 as well as the PC and is obviously keen to make the most out of the technology behind the game.

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Stormwulf 7th September 2009, 14:22 Quote
Buggered if i'll play it after the mess they made of Starwars Galaxies lol
bogie170 7th September 2009, 16:08 Quote
And the mess up with the free radical design and the new battlefront game. Lucasarts are a bunch of twats at the moment.
l3v1ck 7th September 2009, 17:00 Quote
So I can go for Bioware's Star Wars MMO or I can go for Sony's Star Wars MMO.

Vive la Bioware.
damienVC 7th September 2009, 17:03 Quote
Maybe you can play as a Lego character though.
DuvelDuvel 7th September 2009, 18:35 Quote
Too much StarWars? HELL YES.

I could have liked the Bioware MMO.. but noo it has to be silly starwars again.
Sure they can make a bunch of classes but in the end everyone will end up playing jedi or sith, with everyone waving their glowing e-peen TL-tube.
HourBeforeDawn 7th September 2009, 20:20 Quote
if it was free I would think about it, I refuse to play any mmo with a monthly fee ><
Elton 7th September 2009, 20:44 Quote
Lego StarWars MMO...That's the only way to be done.
riggs 7th September 2009, 22:06 Quote
I know a lot of people (my flatmate included) will hate me for saying this, but Star Wars has gone beyond a joke imo. First it was the plethora of crappy games, then the rubbish prequels, the nerdy books/comics, the spin-offs, the spin-offs of spin-offs and all the merchandise that came with it.

When's it going to end?! Probably never. George 'Moneybags' Lucas won't let's his main source of income. He had 3 good films 30 years ago and has been riding the wave ever since.

Anyhoo, that's enough of my ranting.

What do I think about a(nother) Star Wars game? Couldn't give a flying ****!
HourBeforeDawn 8th September 2009, 01:38 Quote
oh I agree, it was Lucas Arts only real achievement and hes milking the hell out of it, to be honest I still cant see why it was so great, I think the hype generated towards it makes it better then what it is and therefor sorta brain washes people into thinking its great. It had its time IN THE 70s but now its just tired. Ya ya I know Star Wars Fans say thats blasphemy but whatever its just my opinion.
SMIFFYDUDE 8th September 2009, 05:11 Quote
I've just thought, i've never played a Star Wars game. Considering the sheer number of them, thats quite an achievement.

I agree with you HourBeforeDawn. Star Wars' appeal amongst grown adults is a total mystery to me, the films have decent action scenes but their plot and scripts are ropey at best. Kids films IMO.

Come on Lucasarts, get back to making "point and click" adventure games. Or at least make Grim Fandango work properly on my XP and Vista comps, its my all time favorite game don't you know.
DraigUK 8th September 2009, 09:14 Quote
I love Star Wars, always have since seeing the first one while on holiday with my nan in 1977.

The impact it had on my generation has stayed with a lot of us into adulthood. Guess you had to be there to really appreciate how huge it was, and the impact it had on many of us.

Years later George Lucas brings out the "prequels". The first of which was terrible, but did have an awsome lightsaber fight sequence.

The 2nd installment was better.

I loved the third.

That being said, I have never really enjoyed many Star Wars games, but I have pretty much tried them all.

The best of the lot for me was Tie Fighter.

I doubt if I will even bother with this Sony release, I will probably try the Bioware one, but don't hold out all that much expectation of it being any good. Still. I live in hope.
l3v1ck 8th September 2009, 10:16 Quote
Originally Posted by DraigUK
I will probably try the Bioware one, but don't hold out all that much expectation of it being any good. Still. I live in hope.
I don't know. Bioware's Star Wars RPG (Knights Of The Old Republic) was a very good game. Providing they don't make the graphics very demanding (so it'll run on almost any PC, just like World Of Warcraft) I can see it being quite entertaining.
I might even get it myself.
DraigUK 8th September 2009, 14:11 Quote
KotBS was a fine enough game agree there.

Not quite sure how gripping it would be for a MMO though. The combat (saber fights) was...ummm....well.

We shall see, I hope it is good, I have subscribed to their website and news emails since it opened and some of it does look good. Hope it works, would love to get back into an MMO again, just nothing out there right now interests me.

Guess I am just very cynical indeed about MMO's in general these days.
HourBeforeDawn 8th September 2009, 18:14 Quote
George Locus is worth $12.8 billion at least thats what was last reported, thats just what his kids would get if he kicked the bucket and Im sure 80% of that was Star Wars, the other 25% is all the misc. stuff hes done. All Im saying is with all that movie you would think he would well try something different, for a man that once was considered as one of the greats for thinking outside the box he now seems like he cant think past the vadar helmet that sits on his head >< I know he has some potential to do something great but it just feels like he rather sell out then do anything remarkable.
CowBlazed 8th September 2009, 19:55 Quote
Stop raggin' on Lucas, Star Wars is a huge franchise and games and spin offs will continue to be made for a long time to come. Plus lets not forget his contributions to another big franchise, Indiana Jones.
thehippoz 8th September 2009, 20:10 Quote
jar jar binks pulled me back to reality.. I lost my inner yoda after that

casual is all that gaming is today for the most part.. I mean after seeing the one button bayonetta ownage I think I've given up on what's to come- saddle poppers win
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