Take-Two dates most big titles for 2010

Take-Two dates most big titles for 2010

Take-Two has announced release dates for most of it's big titles within the first half of 2010, including Mafia 2.

Early 2010 is rapidly shaping up to be a far more exciting time than late 2009, as Take-Two joins the ranks of publishers who have pushed it's big titles back into the start of next year.

In fact, all four of Take-Two's biggest announced titles have been pushed back to 2010, with Mafia 2, Red Dead Redemption, BioShock 2 and Max Payne 3 all now being listed for a release between February and June 2010 - which is going to make that a very profitable period for Take-Two if all things go well.

That does mean that some of those games have been delayed again though, with Take-Two blaming earlier delays on the recession and a number of development issues which have taken some time to quash. It's also worth pointing out that Rockstar, which is developing two of those games, has had a history of delays this generation - especially for GTA IV.

The good news though is that Take-Two boss Strauss Zelnick is pretty confident that the new dates will be met for all four titles without any further problems. Fingers crossed.

A lot of games this year have had their release dates pushed back to early 2010, rather than the traditional Q4 2009 launch window that all AAA games try to cluster into. While obviously development issues play a part, it's also speculated that a lot of publishers are anxious about concentrating their potential profits into one place and competing with Activision's Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 - especially since the price has been upped, taking money out of the market.

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Mankz 2nd September 2009, 13:11 Quote
Veles 2nd September 2009, 15:21 Quote
ODST on the 360 would also be another factor, I can see that being immensely popular. I can't wait for Mafia 2, I read a preview of it and it sounds superb.
tripwired 2nd September 2009, 15:22 Quote
Can't wait for Mafia 2 personally, will have to start saving the pennies.
glaeken 2nd September 2009, 15:22 Quote
Originally Posted by Mankz

Well it's not being made by Remedy and it looks like GTA set in Columbia, so I wouldn't get my hopes up.
Combinho 2nd September 2009, 15:44 Quote
Maybe if they screw MP3 up, they'll let Remedy make the next one. Oh look, another pig flying past my window.
thehippoz 2nd September 2009, 16:39 Quote
long as they don't change his face to mark walbergs
Breathless 2nd September 2009, 19:16 Quote
really? I'll only play if he looks like Mark Walberg.... ; )
SMIFFYDUDE 2nd September 2009, 20:56 Quote
LOL, I just remembered that Max will be a greasy, fat, middle aged man in a vest in the next game.

Can't wait for Mafia 2
boggsi 6th September 2009, 14:34 Quote
Err bioshock 2? Max payne 3? Errr.. PLEASE. I will probably cry if these aren't life changingly amazing. Ill certainly give Mafia 2 a punt as well.
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