Ballmer confirms new Xbox for 2010

Ballmer confirms new Xbox for 2010

Microsoft's Steve Ballmer has hinted that the new Xbox 360 SKU could include a built-in version of Natal.

In a speech at the Executive's Club of Chicago, Microsoft's Steve Ballmer has claimed that a new version of the Xbox 360 will definitely be on shelves by 2010 - despite the fact that other Microsoft execs have been denying that rumour recently.

Describing the new console Ballmer promised that it would feature a "natural interface...and a built-in camera that can recognise movement and voices", according to TG Daily. Judging by his description it sounds like he's actually talking about Microsoft's Project Natal controller, though this is the first time Microsoft has suggested that the camera could be house in the main console shell.

Reports on what Microsoft is planning exactly for Natal have been more than a little confusing lately, with rumours that a new console is coming next year being promptly shot-down by most Microsoft reps. Meanwhile other Microsoft higher-ups have claimed that Natal itself will be the new platform, though it is essentially a rebrand of the existing Xbox 360. Earlier this week Microsoft's Aaron Greenberg played that idea down, promising that Natal will run on existing Xbox 360 units and will need no extra hardware.

Following Ballmer's bombshell Larry 'Major Nelson' Hryb quickly poo-pooed the idea that a new console will be coming any time soon and pointed out that the existing Xbox 360 is only halfway through the expected lifecycle.

"As the Xbox team stated at E3 two weeks ago, we are not even halfway through the current console generation lifecycle and believe Xbox 360 will be the entertainment center in the home for long into the next decade," he wrote on his blog.

"Project Natal will be an important part of this platform, but we have not confirmed a launch date at this time."

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DragunovHUN 19th June 2009, 12:09 Quote
See, i told you. When they said "natal does not need a new console", that doesn't mean there won't be one.
neocleous 19th June 2009, 12:28 Quote
My Xbox isn't central to the TV either above or below it, how could this possibly work if the Natal 'controller is housed in the console on the floor?
kylew 19th June 2009, 12:36 Quote
I think this is a bit misleading, I thought what they had denied was a new 'nexgen' Xbox, like the Xbox 3 basically?

Saying there's going to be an updated 360 isn't really confirming a new Xbox for 2010 in the way it's written anyway.
mikeuk2004 19th June 2009, 12:37 Quote
Of course there will be a new xbox, it will be a 160GB and be a different colour. Nothing else will have changed.
Florian 19th June 2009, 12:38 Quote
A built-in camera doesn't make any sense. He probably means a bundle of console and camera.
BlackMage23 19th June 2009, 13:06 Quote
It will just be a new SKU with the Natal controller bundled with it, and maybe a bigger HDD.
Platinum 19th June 2009, 13:23 Quote
Doubt the hardware inside will be difference, just new case with built in natal.
Veles 19th June 2009, 13:49 Quote
Originally Posted by kylew
I think this is a bit misleading, I thought what they had denied was a new 'nexgen' Xbox, like the Xbox 3 basically?

If you read what they have stated carefully, they have never actually denied there was a new xbox coming, only that natal would work with the 360.

As for "built in" natal. That doesn't necessarily mean built into the actual console, because that would be incredibly retarded, why they probably mean is that a natal camera is standard with every one of these new xboxes.
Narishma 19th June 2009, 14:57 Quote
The title is misleading. They didn't confirm a new Xbox, only a new Xbox 360.
HourBeforeDawn 19th June 2009, 19:55 Quote
I think it would be a bad idea to put the natal stuff built into a console as some people may not be able to set it up to be in front of them, they may not have the space for it. So the add-on with a cable sound to be a better idea
Elton 19th June 2009, 19:58 Quote
For some reason, ever since the dawn of the 360, I've always wanted an Xbox 180..
Horizon 19th June 2009, 21:03 Quote
There's a new Xbox bundle on the way, fits both answers.
perplekks45 19th June 2009, 21:09 Quote
Natal bundled with a 360? Sounds like what they're saying.

Xbox 3/720/whatever won't come out before 2011/2012 Christmas time I'd guess. If anyone asked me, that is... :)
naokaji 19th June 2009, 23:10 Quote
What would make the most sense in my opinion would be a Xbox 360 with decent sized HDD, proper cooling and Natal bundled.
Faulk_Wulf 19th June 2009, 23:16 Quote
If they meant the Xbox 720 (lack of a better name) then of course they are going to jump up and scream NO NO NO! If everyone knew a new-gen Xbox was coming out, the adoption rate of the 360 would plummet. (For example, I've been wanting to get one for about 2 years, but would hold off a bit longer if I thought the 720 was due out in short order.) It'd be a kick to the crotch for Sony though.

If they meant a new version of the Xbox 360 (New color / bundle / this Natal-Wii-clone-thing) Then I don't see the big deal. We could hope that they are finally bundling BluRay with it. If they'd do that I'm sure they could sway some fence-sitters on which console to buy. ("I like the games on the 360, but the PS3 is more future-proof with BluRay") The one good thing about pushing a new base-bundle out would be it might knock the current 360-Pro down to the Arcade pricing level (and obsolete / end the sales of the Arcade). It'd finally be wihtin my reach to buy one.
Skiddywinks 19th June 2009, 23:44 Quote
They won't be bundling the 360 with a Blu Ray drive. Not now, not ever. MS are about as far into the digital downloads camp as they can be.

Besides, there is no such thing as a future proof console. Even when they were announced, there were more powerful things about. Or very shortly afterwards at least. Blu Ray isn't even future proof, since no one knows how long itis going to last, especially since adoption is still no where near that of DVD. And with dedicated Blu Ray players available for around the £150 mark, the PS3 is no longer also the cheapest player.
Nature 21st June 2009, 05:13 Quote
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bigsharn 21st June 2009, 08:57 Quote
Just a thought... Natal senses movement, which means that if they integrate Natal in the Xbox there will be plenty of movement around...

Has nobody else thought of the disc scratch problem?
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