Microsoft fixes Broken Steel DLC for Fallout 3

Microsoft fixes Broken Steel DLC for Fallout 3

Microsoft has finally patched up the third batch of downloadable content for Fallout 3, Broken Steel.

Fallout 3 fans will be pleased to know that Microsoft has announced that it has finally fixed the latest batch of downloadable content for the game on both the PC and Xbox 360 platform.

The third DLC release is titled Broken Steel and has been the most anticipated downloadable expansion to the original Fallout 3, mainly as it increases the level cap, provides new perks and allows players to continue playing the game after finishing the main story. There's also new monsters and a quest that extends the story of the Brotherhood of Steel.

Unfortunately though the Broken Steel expansion has been broken ever since it was released on Tuesday and PC players in particular have been having problems installing the pack - problems arising from the ever-popular Games for Windows Live program which has been built into Fallout 3.

Bethesda has certainly been quick to point the finger at the Windows Live DRM errors that have stopped PC players from playing too, mainly as the release of previous Fallout 3 expansions has been equally difficult - something both Richard and Joe can attest to from their attempts to review the expansions.

Happily though, it's all over now according to Microsoft and Bethesda and players should be able to hop in and further immerse themselves in the post-apocalyptic wasteland. Richard is planning to have a look at the expansion soon too, so stay tuned for our thoughts on the Broken Steel pack.

If you've yet to play the full game then you can check out our thoughts on it in our full Fallout 3 review. If you want to let us know what you think of the expansions or Games for Windows Live then just drop your thoughts in the forums.


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Gunsmith 8th May 2009, 11:39 Quote
id like to carry on the game after finishing it...BUT why o why o WHY must i use GFWL? argh :(
Paradigm Shifter 8th May 2009, 12:13 Quote
I've said it before and I'll say it again... when they release the DLC on a DVD, like with Knights of the Nine for Oblivion - then I'll buy it. But after the horror stories about GfWL that are percolating through the 'net... I'd rather avoid it if I can.
Veles 8th May 2009, 12:54 Quote
Really enjoying broken steel right now, much better than the previous DLC packs.
Zurechial 8th May 2009, 13:43 Quote
Originally Posted by Article
Bethesda has certainly been quick to point the finger at the Windows Live DRM errors that have stopped PC players from playing too

Well, you know how to fix that, don't you, Bethesda?

When DRM gets in the way of actually playing the game it becomes more important than ever to give it the middle finger.
sear 8th May 2009, 13:57 Quote
Broken Steel is absolutely excellent and more than worth the asking price - not to discredit the other DLC packs, but it definitely has the most content as well as the most time and effort put into it. You can't really go wrong with a Tesla Cannon, either. Still, I was one of those who had to sit through the issues (I got it partly working for a while after they took it off the service, but I don't think it downloaded correctly because I got lots of crashes and such).

Games for Windows LIVE is, in theory, not so bad, but in practice it is absolutely astoundingly half-assed and half-broken. It is not ready for primetime and Microsoft needs to vastly improve their quality assurance before they start forcing it on customers. It's one thing to screw up once. Do it twice, and you're going to raise some eyebrows. I'm pretty sure the first DLC also had problems related to Games for Windows LIVE as well, so that's number three. If the rumoured fourth DLC turns out to be real (I have no reason to believe it isn't) then it had better steer clear of the issues or it's going to leave a really, really bad taste in the mouths of fans.

By the way, if you're planning on holding out on a retail release - you may not want to. Even if a disc version does come out of all the DLC packs (the first two are already confirmed), it may in fact just be a download code that still requires you to use Games for Windows LIVE anyway. Microsoft has done similar stuff i the past with, say, Gears of War and Halo 3 map packs, and I would not be surprised if it's the same thing here. Remember, Fallout 3 is a vessel to get Games for Windows LIVE onto gamers' computers and into their play experience - the last thing Microsoft is likely to do is let players easily avoid it.
alpaca 8th May 2009, 15:13 Quote
the 'fallout review' is no link. and yes i am too lazy to use the search, but not too lazy to rant about it. get over it.
ChuckyP83 8th May 2009, 15:41 Quote
rabble rabble
deanbsfx 8th May 2009, 15:55 Quote
I have 1 week of Uni left, and when I'm done I'm gonna pick the DLC up. So I suppose its a bonus I've not had to go through these issues.
Incidentally why is the lead text for this article about Steam getting global achievments - "Only 1.9 percent took gnome to space."?
thEcat 8th May 2009, 17:38 Quote
As fun and enjoyable as the Fo3 experience was I don't feel I'm missing out on anything special by boycotting GFWL. If the dlc appears on a disk, or steam, or..., then I'll probably buy it but I flat out refuse to give MS any more control over my PC than they already have. I have no love for Sony either but this multi-platform, milti-outlet release, limited platform, single outlet update strategy is just wrong.
SMIFFYDUDE 9th May 2009, 00:55 Quote
I don't even know if GFWL works properly on my copy fo FO3. I haven't unlocked any achievements, even though i've compleated most the missions. Is that how they are supposed to be unlocked??? I dunno.
I wish i hadn't bothered with it all. FO3 was ho hum and lacking any of the humour the other games had, and I don't even know how to get GFWL to do what ever it is it does.
Sparrowhawk 10th May 2009, 03:12 Quote
/me took the gnome to space.
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