Nintendo: No plans to retrofit MotionPlus

Nintendo: No plans to retrofit MotionPlus

Nintendo has confirmed that the new MotionPlus Wii remote add-on will not be retro-actively made to fit old games.

Nintendo has confirmed today that the Wii remote MotionPlus add-on for the Wii will not be made retroactively compatible with old games on the platform, even first-party ones. Instead, the Wii MotionPlus will only offer enhancements for games designed with it in mind.

Basically a new set of sensors that plug into the bottom of the Wii Remote, the MotionPlus should offer better sensitivity and performance from the Wii remote. The add-on has already drawn scorn from gamers and publishers though, the former insisting that the sensors should really have been in the remote to start with, the latter saying that they should have been told Nintendo was working on such an add-on. As it is, many games that could have made use of the extra sensory add-on have not been able to do so.

"Wii MotionPlus accessory is only for games that are designed to make use of its abilities. Wii MotionPlus is an optional accessory for developers and players who want to further refine their game experience," a spokesperson for Nintendo told Eurogamer. "There are currently no plans to make it compatible with existing non-Wii Motion Plus enabled titles."

"The Wii Remote pioneered a revolution in video games and made this pastime accessible to millions of new gamers. This technology is still relevant and compelling," said the spokesperson.

The Wii MotionPlus will be launched across Europe towards the start of June, but will also be bundled with a new Wii Sports game, Wii Sports Resort, that goes on sale June 24th.

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Matticus 16th April 2009, 12:54 Quote
Shame they aren't going to make this work with wii sports, a few chums and I were playing till silly AM last night on bowling, boxing and golf, they could all have done with slightly more precise movement, and sometimes just registering all the movements.

I have had my wii for nearly a year, and we still only have wii sports which comes with it. I had to actually plug in the cables and sensor bar because it was removed when we got a new TV, 4 months ago. The wii has not gone down well in my house :p
mikeuk2004 16th April 2009, 20:22 Quote
Nintendo dont make money on games, so they need to get it from hardware.

They are clever by increasing the cost of a joypad by selling it in 3 bits at high prices. :)
itazura 16th April 2009, 21:06 Quote
typical nintendo to withhold tech they could have either told people about sooner or put in at launch.

unless it's required for a game i desperately want to play, i probably won't bother.
cebla 17th April 2009, 03:41 Quote
To be honest this was anounced quite a long time ago so its not like they just suddenly released it and surprised everyone.

@mikeuk2004: I think you will find that Nintendo makes alot of money from their first party games. They do also make money from hardware, but its not like the games don't make anything much.
mikeuk2004 18th April 2009, 01:24 Quote
Considering their very large install base, the number of games they actually sell is very low. People are buying hardware but not so many games.

More a reason why 3rd parties dont see the Wii as a money maker, they sell more of their games on 360, ps3 and pc than wii. When you got Wii sport and mario there aint much else the mass want.
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