Dead Rising 2 to feature multiplayer

Dead Rising 2 to feature multiplayer

As well as featuring multiplayer in some form, Dead Rising 2 will have far more zombies on screen.

During the latest GDC in San Francisco, Capcom revealed that its new hack-em-up zombie game, Dead Rising 2 will now feature multiplayer. Whether a quiet or accidental news release by the game masters, this new feature will undoubtedly prove to be a big talking point amongst fans excited about the release of the new game.

According to one of the product managers on development software Mental Mill (via Eurogamer), the new technology allows gamers to see up to 6000 characters on-screen during multiplayer.

The form that multiplayer will take remains a mystery, but with the 6000 other characters unlikely to be other players, there is a general feeling amongst the gaming community that whatever happens, the new multiplayer feature will capitalise fully on the games mass-of-zombies trademark.

More information about Dead Rising 2 is expected to arrive in the next month or so, but what we can tell you is that the game is set in the Vegas-style Fortune City, two years after the first game's outbreak of the zombie virus in Willamette Mall.

Publisher Capcom also released a teaser trailer and screenshots, and said to expect the game on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.

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Jack_Pepsi 30th March 2009, 14:18 Quote
Can't freaking wait!

dyzophoria 30th March 2009, 14:27 Quote
4 of my best buds against 6000 zombies on the living room lcd sounds fun to me lol
Veles 30th March 2009, 15:10 Quote
*crosses fingers for co-op*
Tokukachi 30th March 2009, 15:11 Quote
I'm looking forward to this, as long as they make the controls a hell of a lot better, especially the ranged ones. And if anyone thinks the controls were good, check out the reviews of the original, just about every one made a comment about how bad they were.
Mister_X 30th March 2009, 15:47 Quote
meh, Left4Dead still beats it. THe novelty of the original wore off very quickly for me.
Though 6k zombies would be a spectacle if nothing else
UrbanMarine 30th March 2009, 16:13 Quote
Dead Rising = George Romero movie (Night of the Livng Dead)
L4D = Danny Boyle movie (28 Days)

I prefer the traditional zombie over the super zombie.
War-Rasta 30th March 2009, 16:51 Quote
Co-op would be awesome for this!! I don't think fighting another player would be as fun, but definitely making teams against zombie armies would be great!
ChaosDefinesOrder 30th March 2009, 17:26 Quote
Originally Posted by UrbanMarine
Dead Rising = George Romero movie (Night of the Livng Dead)
L4D = Danny Boyle movie (28 Days)

I prefer the traditional zombie over the super zombie.

Totally agreed! There does seem to be a continuing trend of Zombie films towards the "Berserk" style rabid ones away from the original lurching ones...

Still, RE: Game news, yay PS3 version!
phenoptix 30th March 2009, 18:56 Quote
Zombie games are the best. I can't wait for dead rising 2, the first game is what prompted me to buy the 360. Currently L4D is hardly out of my machine - although I hardly get to turn the darn thing on!
Multiplayer would be a nice addition, I wonder how it will work. As much as I liked the first game though I did feel it was missing cricket bats and shovels - I hope this is rectified.
dylAndroid 30th March 2009, 21:52 Quote
I'm looking forward to this, but I'd prefer it if they release the original for PC, so I can play through that before this one.
itazura 30th March 2009, 21:55 Quote
Originally Posted by Veles
*crosses fingers for co-op*

same. i'm really hoping co-op will be in it.
Veles 31st March 2009, 00:20 Quote
I'm hoping it won't be like Fable IIs co-op though, it would be nice if the people could split up around the area, pretty much a co-op if you feel like it. Sort of like the free roam MP in GTA IV but with more missionanny stuff thrown in for if you feel like it.
sui_winbolo 31st March 2009, 00:30 Quote
They should build it like Fallout 3 me thinks.

More Role Playing aspects, set in Vegas, guns that actually work, gore like Fallout 3, damage/repair similar to fallout 3, etc. Should be less arcade like and more realistic.
alpaca 31st March 2009, 00:45 Quote
i do not really see the point in making a zombie game realistic...
on the other hand, i don't really like zombies so i may be biassed.
kenco_uk 31st March 2009, 00:56 Quote
It's pretty damn good that it's multiplatform this time round. Can't wait!
liratheal 31st March 2009, 10:06 Quote
Awww, turns out that it was a slip of the tongue, or so is being claimed.

We may not see multiplayer in DR2 :(
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