Marvel Universe MMO resurrected

Marvel Universe MMO resurrected

The Marvel Universe MMO is apparently back from the dead, but in a slightly revised form...

Nobody ever really dies in comic books and, it seems, nothing based on comic books ever really dies either. At least, that's if Marvel Universe is anything to go by anyway, as the MMO which was though to have been cancelled back in 2007 is now officially back in development.

The new version of Marvel Universe bears little in common with the old project however and is being published by an ambitious new start-up company called Gazillion Entertainment which is working concurrently on several MMO projects which it hopes will battle directly with World of Warcraft.

The new version of the Marvel MMO will attempt to do this by emulating Nintendo and attacking the the casual market more than the hardcore one, though Gazillion promises that serious players will still be attracted to the game.

"It's a brand new property that presents their entire roster of characters like Iron Man, Hulk, Wolverine, Thor, Fantastic Four, and Captain America in a stylized, exciting way that's appealing to young audiences as well as fans of all ages," said Rob Hutter, CEO of Gazillion Entertainment in a press release.

"We've been working quietly over the past three years in stealth mode putting together studios and a team to go after what we see as a key opportunity over the next decade -- bringing the MMO format to the mainstream audience," he continued.

"To accomplish this we think you need to do two things -- create really high quality titles running on rock solid operations and execution capabilities and partner with household brands or worldwide global brands that have hundreds of millions of touch points with fan bases and provide a terrific installed base of enthusiasts to come in and participate in an MMO game"

MMOs for a casual audience? Really? Let us know what you think about the idea in the forums.


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Blademrk 17th March 2009, 13:15 Quote
Can't see how an MMO based on the Marvel universe would work, after all there's only 1 of any superhero at any given time (excluding where different people have been the superhero in question, eg Peter Parker and Ben Reilly have both been Spiderman).
wgy 17th March 2009, 13:55 Quote
i doubt it would allow you to play as a existing marvel hero / villain, im guessing you would be a new hero that you design,
much like in city of heroes..
perplekks45 17th March 2009, 14:15 Quote
So you'll fight for/with/against the original heroes? :|
StephenK 17th March 2009, 14:16 Quote
So COH with official Marvel backing then...
Carcarius 17th March 2009, 16:43 Quote
Casual... meaning you play primarily with close friends. In other words, you can play the Marvel characters since they will have a different instance for each character.... 1000's maybe? I guess if 1M people wanted to play Wolverine you would need 1M different instances. With today's tech this may be doable. Who knows, we'll see.
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