EverQuest turns ten years old

EverQuest turns ten years old

EverQuest, one of the first truly successful 3D MMORPGs, has turned ten years old today.

EverQuest is ten years old today - yippee! The Sony Online Entertainment MMO was first launched back on March 16-17 1999, going on to become one of the first truly successful MMORPGs out there.

Not only that, but EverQuest was also one of the first truly 3D MMO worlds and is widely regarded as one of the main inspirations for Blizzard's World of WarCraft. Since March 1999 EverQuest has been in continual operation, never once being totally taken offline according to Sony's press release.

To celebrate the apparently momentous event, Sony has announced the dates of the next Fan Faire event - a convention for EverQuest players that will take place at Bally's Hotel in Las Vegas later this year. The event is currently set to take place from the 25th and 29th of June.

The event will be bigger and better than ever before too, with Sony promising a huge birthday party and a community address from Sony boss John Smedley, along with the usual tournaments and roundtables.

There's set to be a number of in-game events to celebrate the birthday too, with plenty of free loot given away and a series of retrospective essays that examine the history of the MMO. Apparently, Sony Online's home town of San Diego even announced that yesterday was the Official Sony Online Day too - which is pretty unusual.

Over 12 million people have been adventuring in EverQuest over the years - let us know if you were one of them in the forums.


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Teh C 17th March 2009, 16:44 Quote
Ah EverQuest, that was a blast when I played it ages ago....
pendragon 17th March 2009, 17:03 Quote
wow.. 10 years.. I feel old.. I remember hearing about that in college... I wonder how many people have been playing that for 10 years straight....
DXR_13KE 17th March 2009, 22:43 Quote
there are those that still play UO
dire_wolf 17th March 2009, 22:55 Quote
I played it for a week or so back in 2002, felt very outdated, and not as engaging as other MMOs at the time, i'm quite suprised it's still going.
M_D_K 18th March 2009, 00:47 Quote
I played it for quite some time it wasn't bad as far as MMOs go.
NaThRo 18th March 2009, 02:32 Quote
I played it from release 'til mid 2002.
I think my account is still active too, as it got flagged free for a reason I cannot talk about ;)
Otto69 18th March 2009, 17:32 Quote
I'll never forget my Iksar camping the IBC in Kurns basement as it never has been camped before :). I got several over the years. Sold the first for 6k plat, the second for 1.5k plat. Also had one of the Solists Icy Wands (ultra rare drop) and sold it for 6k in the Tunnel market :)
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