GTR dev to sue Need for Speed: Shift team?

GTR dev to sue Need for Speed: Shift team?

GTR developer SimBin is considering suing Slightly Mad Studios, the company behind Need for Speed: Shift.

The announcement from Electronic Arts a while back that it was making a new and supposedly better Need for Speed game, titled NFS: Shift seems to have gone down well with fans. One group it hasn't gone down well with though is SimBin, the developer of the GT: Legends and GTR racing games.

Development for the new Need for Speed has apparently been handed to Slightly Mad Studios, a newcomer to the franchise. Importantly though, it's also a developer which, according to the original press release "includes developers and designers that previously worked on GTR and GT: Legends".

In an email sent to Joystiq, the Executive Vice President at SimBin, Magnus Ling, said that the company was now considering legal action against Slightly Mad Studios over that. According to him the statements made in the press release are "incorrect, misleading and have a negative impact on our reputation as well as business negotiations." Apparently he's not an NFS fan.

Slightly Mad Studios were quick to respond to the accusation, calling it totally absurd and saying that there were actually a significant number of developers who worked on the title.

"More than 25 of Slightly Mad Studios' current staff worked on and are actually credited in GT Legends and GTR2," said Slightly Mad boss Ian Bell, "including the majority of the core development team."

"It saddens me when fellow developers make inappropriate statements like this in public but I think the fact that the first I heard of it was from you says everything you need to know about the credibility of the claims. Had there been any merit to them I am sure I would have heard sooner."

Magnus is apparently talking further advice on the issue, but stands by his claims. Are you as confused as us? Let us know in the forums.


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shigllgetcha 19th February 2009, 09:11 Quote
current nfs's suck i wouldnt want to be linked to it either lol
i cant see this being an kind of serious racer
p3n 19th February 2009, 09:44 Quote
its not hard to add a 'simulation' physics option to make the game more realistic and challenging - this is pretty well done in motogp08 - the arcade mode is dumb but you can learn to tracks, shifting gears etc - the simulation takes some hefty concentration to keep to the racing line.
FreQ 19th February 2009, 11:16 Quote
I'm a regular GTR2 driver, so this is up my street.

I agree with Slightly Mad Studios. This is a strange claim from Simbin, as it is well known that the original Simbin team split up after creating GTR2 and went their seperate ways (forming the new Simbin & Slightly Mad Studios). Claiming to the contrary sounds ridiculous.

That fact that there are still so many sim racers who race GTR2 shows how good a product it was, the new Simbin games like Race07 and GTR Evo have not been as well received by the hardcore racers as GTR2 was or indeed RFactor. Maybe the best talent went to Slightly Mad and Simbin are still sore?

Whatever, strange statement from Simbin. :|
choupolo 10th March 2009, 03:04 Quote
I've noticed that too. That Simbin seem to have been merely making iterations of the same product since Ian Bell and his crew left. Games after RACE, although still great fun, seem to have lost the magic that the GTR games had.

Maybe Simbin are just annoyed they didn't get credited along side SMS in the offending article.
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