DICE: We're not making Battlefield casual

DICE: We're not making Battlefield casual

DICE has addressed concerns that it is taking the Battlefield franchise to the casual market through a statement.

DICE, the creator of Battlefield and Mirror's Edge has refuted claims that it is becoming too much of a casual games developer lately - a concern that's been voiced by many fans who are worried about the way the Battlefield franchise is heading.

DICE is currently working on two new Battlefield games - the online-only, micro-transaction sustained Battlefield Heroes and the recently announced Battlefield 1943. The latter especially has caused controversy with PC gamers, who're annoyed that the game will be available as a download-only title on consoles, as well as PC.

Speaking in an interview with, producer Patrick Liu said that the studio was still very committed to hardcore PC gamers, despite it's spate of casual and console games recently.

"We are definitely still making PC games, we've not forgotten about that," said Patrick. "1943 is announced for PC. Bad Company 2 is announced for the PC, so obviously we got the engine (Frostbite) running on PC."

"I feel a little sad sometimes when people say they're lazy or they're not listening to the fans. Yes of course we keep track of what the forums are saying. I can't say anything really, but we have plans. Definitely big plans. The fans don't need to worry."

That last bit is especially interesting. Could DICE have a PC-exclusive ace in the hole, perhaps? Share your speculation in the forums.


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mrb_no1 11th February 2009, 14:31 Quote
we will see what happens....nice to hear bf bad company 2 is coming to the pc, the original looked good on the console even though i never played it!
TurtlePerson2 11th February 2009, 14:44 Quote
If they port Battlefield Bad Company to the PC then I'd play it. The singleplayer part on the PS3 was kind of fun.
Azmat 11th February 2009, 14:50 Quote
It's not so much the download-only which is controversy. What is, is the regenerating health + unlimited ammo in 1943 - what the bloody hell ? And personally, i don't care a lot for Bad Company. Not that it's bad, but just, meh. Battlefield will always remember me of the fine 1942 one.
harveypooka 11th February 2009, 15:08 Quote
2142 FTW.

Intense battles, great gameplay modes, up to 64 players. BF2142 has given me nearly two years of fun. It's getting a bit dull now though, so a new version - maybe not set in the future - would be excellent.

Oh, and the resolution of all the server and client bugs that cause regular crashes.
eeevan 11th February 2009, 15:20 Quote
I remember hearing that last statement echoed by someone else at EA in an interview I read awhile ago. I think there's definitely something big coming soon. E3 is my guess.

But really, if you haven't already, check out Operation Flashpoint 2- it looks simply spectacular.
quake1-rules 11th February 2009, 15:21 Quote
His reasoning is flawed. He cites that they have PC versions of Xbox360 games as his reasoning that they haven't 'gone casual.' They used to have PC exclusive games that were focused for the hardcore PC gamer, now they release cartoony games. They've definitely gone casual.
Sebbo 11th February 2009, 15:29 Quote
i think its a bit of both. They've certainly gone a little casual, probably mostly to entice new players, but i certainly think they're leaving just enough in for the hardcore audience. That said, I for one would certainly prefer a stronger hardcore focus. BF games were a good staple for LANs, but it doesn't seem like any of the latest titles will be much suited for that.

Also, the BC2 for PC bit completely came out of left-field. Like the first, it was meant to be console only. Not that I'm complaining. Would really like to see a two-for pack for PC with BC and BC2 sold together, especially so PC gamers don't have to borrow a friends 360 or PS3 to get the story of the original
lewchenko 11th February 2009, 16:21 Quote
Actions speak louder than words DICE.

Bad Company 2 - Casual
Heroes - So Casual Im asleep
1943 - A dumbed down version of 1942. Its as casual as it gets.

So the above is fine.. if you are into casual games.

But dont you dare say for one minute DICE that you listen to the fan base.. If you did listen you would have announced Battlefield 3 as a full hardcore sequel to BF2.

So the evidence speaks for itself. DICE apparently IS a casual games developer and has sold out the hardcore BF fanbase... Its bloody obvious based on the evidence before me, so DICE's comments today are nothing but a crock of horse sh** !
Almightyrastus 11th February 2009, 16:57 Quote
Sorry guys but I am a little confused about what makes a game a casual one and why that is such a bad thing. Not trying to stir anything up here, I am just curious is all.
Redbeaver 11th February 2009, 17:15 Quote
i want a full fledge BF1943. that's all.
UncertainGod 11th February 2009, 17:20 Quote
Joe that write up is terrible, the download-only, multi platform part has ZERO to do with why everyone is hating the idea of BF1943, it's the regenerating health, unlimited ammo and 24 player limit that is pissing people off.
DLoney 11th February 2009, 17:23 Quote
at least we still have the Crisis Mod to make a BF2-like game to look forward too.
Casus Belli:
Timmy_the_tortoise 11th February 2009, 17:33 Quote
Originally Posted by eeevan
I remember hearing that last statement echoed by someone else at EA in an interview I read awhile ago. I think there's definitely something big coming soon. E3 is my guess.

But really, if you haven't already, check out Operation Flashpoint 2- it looks simply spectacular.

OFP2 is a MASSIVELY different game to Battlefield. Mainly due to the fact that it's actually a simulation.

Personally, I have my eyes on ArmA 2.. The ALL AI approach intrigues me.
lp1988 11th February 2009, 18:24 Quote
Give us BF3 with the squad system, commanders, squad leaders and all other things that makes BF2 something else than a "run and gun" game.
Whi7eRa66iT 11th February 2009, 19:01 Quote
EA has already proven over the last three years to NOT listen to the gamers that help drive the future of FPS gaming. Sorry console gamers, but when it comes to real FPS's, the PC players have been in the drivers seat. (I do believe the console has brought to the world some exceptional one offs like the Halo series and Gears of War but all in all, those are few and far between).
Now, EA has developed some very good games that I have enjoyed for many 100's of hours but the feeling is that once its released, they "have their money and are done with it". Then, instead of fixing the real issues of connectivity (Master server disconnects) they add in game advertising... :( As far as making a secure (locking out hackers and cheats) gaming experience, they SUCK. Heck, just purchase the Hacks (I am talking to EA) and figure out your holes in the code that allows them access to destroy your games.. :(
My clan (about 30 of us), admin 6 BF2 servers and 2 2142 servers and its a FULL TIME job dealing with the hackers and glitchers. Most times, we cannot even play the game with the work required to keep the garbage off the servers. >:( Plus, we have to PAY to have that privilege. We (game admins everywhere) carry the burden of keeping THEIR (EA) games running and making them money. When patches are released to the communities, they typically "fix" one thing, and break (tank) two others. (Any BF2 & 2142 player will know what I am talking about).
Now, I do not know what it takes to code a game, but I know the testing side extremely well, and for EA to ignore the suggestions of the community that will be paying for the game is just ridiculous.. I am sure the list of complaints from all of the PC players is truly massive and keeping up with them all is difficult, but how about trying something different. The old faithful system of releasing a buggy game and providing patches (Microsoft's way) have proven to cost WAY more and piss off to many people. Instead of just opening up a beta to the general public where only a few actually do anything, look for organized groups of people that are truly willing to HELP and find problems with a game. Ways that allow people dis-advantages like wall hacking and endless repairing of a jeep in water upside down. Work to code AND give "helpful" admin tools to server admins. People are almost willing to give away their ideas to EA to help them make a better product.
So, all in all... Do something different than the status quo. Cause to date: THE STATUS QUO SUCKS!!!!

A concerned PAYING customer and avid gamer. (that's my thought on the matter.. Sorry for laying out all of on you good folks.)
LVMike 11th February 2009, 19:08 Quote
I agree with the gerneral concenses. DICE has ABANDONED the core users that made them a successful developer. what the majority of the comunity wants is a bf3 game, with 64+ players, squads, vechicals, large maps, teamplay, great graphics, and stable servers. It looks to me like the upcoming ps3 game WAR is the closest thing any of us will be able to get in a long time.

DICE I WONT BE BUYING ANY MORE OF YOUR PRODUCTS UNTILL YOU COMEBACK TO THE CUSTOMERS YOU HAVE ABANDONED. as an owner of every bf game that has sofar been made I have supported your studio more than most, but now it looks like i will be taking my HARD earned money to another developer.
eeevan 11th February 2009, 19:22 Quote
And by WAR, I assume you mean MAG?
lewchenko 11th February 2009, 22:02 Quote
Hey Bit-tech...

Im sure you have contacts at DICE.. is it possible to pass this feedback to them ? Im sure they have heard it already, but I want to know exactly why they are in denial ?

It would be even better if you could line up an interview with their lead dev or studio manager ... and ask us for specific questions before you do it ?

Is that even remotely possible ?
bogie170 12th February 2009, 06:46 Quote
Sounds to me like they are producing BF3 but do not want to announce it yet. This is the only way forward for BF2 fans.
They need to up the ante as BF2 is over 4 years old now and begging for a sequel.
Xir 12th February 2009, 09:49 Quote
...I always thought the original 1942 was pretty casual...which is why I liked it so much.

Of course for clans that would be a bummer, but then again, I've gotten sick and tired of playing against clans. Let clans have their own game.
HitmanAdski 12th February 2009, 14:08 Quote
They aren't very committed to hardcore PC gamers if the frostbite engine debuts on the console and not PC.
UrbanMarine 12th February 2009, 14:45 Quote
It would be interesting if they came out with a MMO Battlefield. WWII was fun at the time as well as games like Airwarrior.
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