Bethesda delays Fallout 3 DLC

Bethesda delays Fallout 3 DLC

Bethesda may have delayed the next batch of Fallout 3 DLC, but at least new projects have been announced.

Bethesda has formally announced delays to the planned release of the next Fallout 3 expansions, dubbed The Pitt and Broken Steel.

The announcement, made via Gamespot, pushes the release back for both pieces of DLC by one month.

The Pitt, which is focused around a ruined factory in Pittsburgh, is now going to be released in March, while Broken Steel will be available in April. Broken Steel is the really interesting one in our eyes - it allows players to continue playing Fallout 3 after the end of the game and also increases the level cap by 10.

The first of the three DLC packs has already been released, though we didn't actually get around to playing it - check out Joe's column for details about why.

No specific reason has been given for the delays, but a likely cause is that Bethesda is funnelling resources into its newly announced iPhone game, which Todd Howard unveiled at New York Comic Con. What the mobile game will be though is still a mystery.

If you want to know more about Fallout 3 then you can check out our full Fallout 3 PC review for details, and be sure to drop your thoughts on the DLC in the forums.

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sui_winbolo 9th February 2009, 19:44 Quote
Sad face, I really need a game this month. :(

Halo Wars drops in March so Fallout 3 might not get as much love as it deserves for awhile.
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