EA rumoured to have closed Pandemic studio

EA rumoured to have closed Pandemic studio

It's only a rumour for now, but EA has allegedly told Pandemic's Brisbane studio to find a new publisher.

This is still marked firmly under the rumour category for now, but according to some sources Electronic Arts has distanced itself from Pandemic Studios' Brisbane office.

Note that we say 'distanced' though, as a reliable source has told Kotaku that the studio hasn't been closed as such, but just seperated from the company. Apparently the development team has been allowed to keep all equipment and licenses they currently have, but will no longer work with EA.

Electronic Arts bought Pandemic Studios, developer of the Mercenaries games and the upcoming Lord of The Rings: Conquest, along with BioWare back in 2007.

While it seems that EA will continue to work with the rest Pandemic Studios the Brisbane office, which was best known for the Destroy All Humans! games, has been singled out and shuffled off. No mention has been made regarding Pandemic's other studio in LA.

"It was more of a 'Find a new publisher. Good luck.' kind of thing," claimed Kotaku's source, who also said that the studio was also working on a game based on The Dark Knight, which EA had cancelled due to a lack of direction.

It's unclear what Pandemic Brisbane will do at this point, but the last active project the team was said to have in development was an "open world reality show" for the Wii, dubbed The Next Big Thing.

We're still waiting for more news on the validity of the rumour, but with job-cuts hitting all over the placed lately it does seem that the story contains some truth. Let us know your thoughts in the forums.


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Sebbo 14th January 2009, 14:44 Quote
hope Pandemic Brisbane doesn't close, they're a really big drive for the games industry here in Queensland and Australia, alongside Krome Studios and Creative Assembly. If they are just looking for a new publisher now, it makes sense... though EA has a HQ in Sydney they don't really have much of a presence in australia (though they've gotten the licenses for the cricket and rugby games), and Pandemic Brisbane will probably end up under THQ's wing again
C-Sniper 14th January 2009, 15:05 Quote
Sounds like EA is up to their normal tactics again :(
UrbanMarine 14th January 2009, 15:17 Quote
EA is slowly going on the MOST HATED list. Companies with talent are getting bought up or shutdown. At this point I might have to go back to reading books instead of gaming.
Grinch123456 14th January 2009, 15:18 Quote
Sounds like EA handled it well. They kept what's important- machines, a place to work, and some licenses. That means for the next half year at least, they're making money and hopefully by then, they can find a suitable publisher.
nukeman8 15th January 2009, 01:22 Quote
EA is top of the hated list already, this actually helps them a bit at least they left em with a some hope
LordPyrinc 15th January 2009, 01:25 Quote
EA - Enslaving All
ChromeX 15th January 2009, 01:58 Quote
Mercenaries was wank! If you liked it, fair enough. I didnt! And I couldnt care less about EA ditching them, though they left them with everything intact which really doesn't seem like an EA thing to do?
UncertainGod 15th January 2009, 12:50 Quote
When EA play nice like this I fear the world may well implode at any moment.
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