5th Cell announces Scribblenauts

5th Cell announces Scribblenauts

5th Cell's last game, Drawn to Life, allowed players to design and create their own characters using the touch screen.

5th Cell has posted a trailer for its new Nintendo DS game, Scribblenauts and we're so fascinated by the mechanic that the game is built on that we just had to post it below.

The idea behind the game is apparently simple, with players controlling a character who much collect 'Starrites' in each of the several hundred levels. Getting the Starrites is often quite difficult though - you'll need to summon some tools to help you along the way.

What makes the game interesting though is that you summon what you need by writing it down on the DS' touchscreen - and you can apparently create almost anything judging by the trailer, which does a far better job of explaining the premise for the game than we do.

5th Cell has a fair bit of experience when it comes to creating innovative games for the Nintendo DS and it's previous game, Drawn to Life allowed players to design and animate their own 2D characters totally from scratch.

We have to admit though that much of our interest in the game comes from a simple curiosity about how far you might be able to push the game when it comes to creating things and how exactly the game works. Judging from the trailer below it may be a bit more complex than just a huge list of nouns and corresponding animations.

Think you know something about it? Let us know in the forums, after you've checked out the trailer of course.


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M4RTIN 8th December 2008, 12:28 Quote
that looks insane, also my god that's a long time to wait. i want it now, never heard of drawn to life before, may have to check it out
alleyne 8th December 2008, 13:07 Quote
looks pretty sweet..
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Jaguar_Infinity 8th December 2008, 13:31 Quote
I think its a great idea for a game. Especially as it will get kids learning more as well, not only how to problem solve with whats around them but what they will need as well and then to be able to write it down to get it. Cleaver concept imo. Just one problem though.... Dyslexics like me will get our worms middled up and will fail.... oh well here's hoping for spellcheck :D
Jordan Wise 8th December 2008, 13:38 Quote
How on earth do they do that? There can't be that many animations they can use. For example, I doubt writing 'cherrypicker' or 'trampoline' will let you use one.
TomH 8th December 2008, 13:50 Quote
Originally Posted by Jordan Wise
How on earth do they do that? There can't be that many animations they can use. For example, I doubt writing 'cherrypicker' or 'trampoline' will let you use one.
All part of the puzzle, though. I can imagine the puzzles become increasingly harder, rather like the progression in Portal. And talking of Portal, this reminds me of the same 'wow' I felt when I saw that for the first time. What a great idea :)
Bauul 8th December 2008, 14:13 Quote
You never know, they're tiny sprites, I bet you could rattle off a whole bunch of things, coded and animated, in a single day.
Redbeaver 8th December 2008, 14:15 Quote
damnit, now I wanna buy a DS...
SlickGnome 8th December 2008, 14:45 Quote
That looks pretty cool, might have to pick that up
Grinch123456 8th December 2008, 18:56 Quote
My mind, she has been blown!
Jamie 8th December 2008, 20:47 Quote
That might convince be to get a DS
Darkefire 8th December 2008, 21:02 Quote
Too bad it's not truly open-ended, although that could lead to some fairly unsavory things. I imagine a good chunk of the internet would get a kick out of using a, pole to get an object out of a tree.

Me, I'd write "jetpack", followed closely by "bazooka" and "gravity gun".
DXR_13KE 8th December 2008, 21:46 Quote
that looks fun... i might get a DS soon....
m0o0oeh 8th December 2008, 22:36 Quote
I'll be having some of that thanking you so very much! Looks awesome - like Professor Leyton, but instead of finding things to use to retrieve something, you write the thing you need! Awesome concept. Lets just hope the execution is as good as the trailer.

[USRF]Obiwan 9th December 2008, 09:12 Quote
I stopped watching when I read B E A V E R and remember the "use your imagination"

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