Sony refuses to comment on PSP2

Sony refuses to comment on PSP2

Sony is refusing to either confirm or deny that the heavily rumoured PSP2 is nearing completion.

Sony is adamantly refusing to either confirm or deny the rumour that the new PSP model, the PSP2, is readying for release despite a fresh bunch of rumours circulating that indicate the handheld may be nearing completion.

Speculation was renewed this week when a spokesperson for Imagination Technologies Group announced a new partnership with an "international consumer electronics company".

While the spokesperson would not confirm what company exactly the partnership was with, the EE Times did confirm that the two would be working on a high-volume consumer device called the PSP2.

The partnership would certainly seem to make sense too as Imagination Technologies has a fair bit of experience when it comes to designing products like the PSP. The company not only created the graphics system used by Apple's iPhone, but it has also signed a new contract with Apple that will see the two companies continuing to work together.

Sony has refused to comment on whether or not it is even involved with Imagination though and has previously claimed to have a ten-year plan for the current PSP model. With the PSP only just having had a redesign earlier this year as well it's hard to tell if Sony really is working on the PSP2 or not.

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cjoyce1980 28th November 2008, 13:43 Quote
had a PSP, great for movies and the GTA games, but i really do prefer the games on the DS..... there are much better to play on the train to work :)
Sifter3000 28th November 2008, 15:13 Quote
Unfortunately I bought a PSP. It's now in a box, purely to stop it getting covered in more dust. I'd put it on ebay if I thought I'd get some money for it, but Ebay is flooded with old PSPs. There really aren't many good games for it. To say the games catalogue is disappointing is an understatement.
Darkedge 28th November 2008, 15:35 Quote
PSP2 ?
I'd say some phone gaming link is possible due to the companies links to the iphonce
Thacrudd 28th November 2008, 16:25 Quote
"here, have a cheeseburger."
"But this cheeseburger is you have any mustard?"
"nope, but here's some creamed spinich"
"Okay, I guess that'll make due"
*a couple years passes by"
"here, have a double cheeseburger"
"do you have any mustard this time?"
chrisb2e9 28th November 2008, 18:36 Quote
Dont think that they will learn from their mistakes?
dyzophoria 28th November 2008, 19:35 Quote
i think sony will invest on the psp2 only and only if they finally break even and actually start earning from the ps3 development and research. same reason I think why I don't think they''ll really cut prices on the PS3. rather than satisfy the end users, they try to squeeze out every quarter they can before they finally drop this prices and make it accessibile to everyone
fantastic dan 29th November 2008, 11:38 Quote
The problem with the PSP is that it uses UMD and that there aren't any games. They'd be better off pushing developers to it first. I'm no developer so I can't say why it's so under utilised but there is clearly a market for portable gaming.

I quite like my PSP but in 3ish years it has maybe 10 worthwhile games.
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