Apple: "iPhone is the future of gaming"

Apple: "iPhone is the future of gaming"

Apple is certainly confident, claiming that the iPhone is the future of gameplay and far better than the DS or PSP.

One thing you certainly can't accuse Apple's marketing team of is being timid, with Apple currently claiming that not only is the iPhone to future of the games industry but that it leaves competitors like the Nintendo DS and Sony PSP stuck in the past.

Speaking to (Via Kotaku) Apple's Greg Joswiak claimed that the iPhone was the future of gameplay because of it's intelligent design.

"A big part of that is not just the device itself, which is easier to carry, and has the touch display and accelerometer which is great for gameplay, but it’s the electronic distribution of the apps as well," claimed Joswiak, who obviously hasn't seen as many scratched iPhone screens as we have.

The interesting bit though comes when he claims that Nintendo and Sony are left miles behind by Apple's iPhone, despite the fact that the DS and PSP are designed as dedicated gaming devices whereas the iPhone is not.

"There are already so many games and as we look at it, to us it really seems this is the future of gameplay. Whereas a lot of these devices [Nintendo DS and Sony PSP] are more in the past."

Do you use an iPhone for gaming, or are you still hanging onto that old GameBoy Classic? Let us know in the forums.


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kenco_uk 12th November 2008, 12:07 Quote
I'll keep to my DS and PSP, ta.

It's good that at least Apple aren't sitting on their hands, at least they're trying.
Lepermessiah 12th November 2008, 12:52 Quote
Yeah, right, lol, this guy doesn't have a clue when it comes to gaming.
Bauul 12th November 2008, 12:53 Quote
Yes, because a none-tactile feedbackless screen is a brilliant input method.

Volund 12th November 2008, 12:54 Quote
Apple + gaming = HAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA :catches breath....: AHALKAHLAKHAFHAHAAH
Jordan Wise 12th November 2008, 13:14 Quote
i've played quite a few games on my friends ipot and most of them have been less intuitive than eating soup with a knife. Its this kind of bollacks that make me hate apple so much, along with this from the Messiah :
Steelez 12th November 2008, 13:20 Quote
I game most days on my iPhone, in fact I don't think I've picked up either my DS or my PSP since I got it.

I tend to drop into mobile gaming for a short amount of time which makes the iPhone convenient where as if I was going on Holiday or on a long trip I'd be more likely to pick up one of the hand held consoles.

They have their place, but they aren't a replacement.
Sifter3000 12th November 2008, 13:27 Quote
I think the iPhone's got a lot going for it - there's the convenience factor that because it's your mobile, it's always with you. iTunes and the app store has its flaws but it's far better than the digital distribution/shops for either the DS or PSP - Sony's online stores were awful for the PSP when I tried using it a few months back. So that makes it easy to get games for it. And of course, from a publisher's point of view, lots of people have them so your potential customer base (at least the way they see it) is very large.

The problems are that the touch screen really isn't ideal for many conventional types of games - and lots of people like lots of conventional games for good reasons. It's all very well talking about innovation and mentioning the Wii, but there's a reason people buy millions of copies of stuff like Gears of War that require lots of buttons. The other issue is that Apple's attitude to game devs is not nearly as positive as Sony or Nintendo, and if you're not keeping devs happy then you won't get as much support... I'm also not convinved people will pay typical game prices for iPhone games. Most iPhone apps, if they cost anything, cost a couple of quid. The ones that do go over £5 attract a lot of bad reviews and bitching in the iTunes store. Can't see many developers wanting to sell their stuff for under a fiver...
Cupboard 12th November 2008, 13:43 Quote
Um. How about no?

edit: just to clarify, this was directed that the article
kosch 12th November 2008, 14:42 Quote
Perhaps if they said Mobile Gaming it might be a more believable statement. Although from what I've seen everyone I know raves about their DS and R3 card and I'm not that sure that the under 16 crowd own or can afford an iPhone.
[USRF]Obiwan 12th November 2008, 15:14 Quote
Originally Posted by kosch
Perhaps if they said Mobile Gaming it might be a more believable statement. Although from what I've seen everyone I know raves about their DS and R3 card and I'm not that sure that the under 16 crowd own or can afford an iPhone.

So thru!
sjhujh 12th November 2008, 15:25 Quote
Is anyone else starting to get really bored with apple, every other day they turn around and hail themselves as the greatest company on earth, this coupled with the evangelical nature of apple users makes me refuse to ever own anything apple... Advertising by over exposure is not a great method of gaining new custom in my opinion.
hawky84 12th November 2008, 15:32 Quote
actually on the floor rolling and laughing at work
Project_Nightmare 12th November 2008, 15:35 Quote
This statement will be further from the truth if there was no jailbreak for the iPhone And I agree with the previous posts, it is not a good as the dedicated gaming systems
Artanix 12th November 2008, 15:47 Quote
Isn't the iPhone as expensive as the PS3 though? lol
sotu1 12th November 2008, 16:01 Quote
agree with you sifter, there's a lot of potential in the iphone. it's up to apple to be recognised as a serious competitor in games, and for jobs to make a u-turn on previous statements about gaming for the mac. they gotta make gaming a core part of their business as a whole if they genuinely want to succeed. And oh yeh, the devs have got to be convinced too.
13eightyfour 12th November 2008, 16:44 Quote
I havent used an iphone nor an ipod touch (am i right in thinking there basically the same? with the exception of the phone functionality.) but in the recent adverts, for the touch the games seem uncontrollable! is that the case? i would have thought that they would have shown how good they are not how fiddly
zimbloggy 12th November 2008, 16:53 Quote
too bad that the best game they have is doom. PSP has had near-console graphics for quite a while, and unless apple sticks something better in the hardware arena, dedicated gaming devices are going to own Apple's sorry behind.

I also wouldn't expect apple to say anything less than that. Companies always brag about how revolutionary their products are.
Mcmonopoly 12th November 2008, 17:21 Quote
That's all great coming from the guys that put out a multi-function device that's supposed to replace all your hand held gadgets, but that only keeps it charge for 4-5 hours with lite/normal use...

All hail Apple!!!
Zut 12th November 2008, 17:30 Quote
The reality distortion field is working over-time I see!
Fod 12th November 2008, 17:33 Quote
i'm still bummed over no jailbreak for ipod touch 2g. i really wanted to get my SCUMMVM on :(
DarkLord7854 12th November 2008, 18:01 Quote
Apple are so full of themselves.. Bleh..
pendragon 12th November 2008, 18:16 Quote
Originally Posted by Zut
The reality distortion field is working over-time I see!

ha! good one :D .. I agree
Shepps 12th November 2008, 18:39 Quote
As a casual gaming platform it has it's merits, i woudn't plan on using mine for extended mobile gaming though. Saying that, gaming on the move isn't something i'm that interested in, fps / rts on a ds? No ta. I'd rather stick with trism for 10min when im bored on the train..
Most iPhone apps, if they cost anything, cost a couple of quid. The ones that do go over £5 attract a lot of bad reviews and bitching in the iTunes store. Can't see many developers wanting to sell their stuff for under a fiver...

I think that sums up the casual nature of the games on the app store, i've not seen any games worth more than £2-3 tbh.
Woodstock 12th November 2008, 21:03 Quote
funny how this comes out a couple of days after TR's article on iphone gaming
mbenoni7 12th November 2008, 21:50 Quote
"it's intelligent design"

Apostrophe Alert.
wuyanxu 12th November 2008, 23:39 Quote
the irony is that the Doom picture you put there is a game that requires a jailbroken iPhone. so i ask Apple, how on earth can any normal iPhone user play that game?

they should have said "iPhone is the future of 5 minutes bite sized mobile gaming"

i love game on my iphone, but i cannot stand its small screen for more than 10min, and i get finger cramps after 15min of playing games such as Doom shown above. good, bite sized games such as Brain Trainer and Hold'em are great examples of this over taking DS. but it'll never beat PSP in graphics and control
DXR_13KE 12th November 2008, 23:41 Quote
i think they have an advantage over the other platforms, they can use a steam like system....
docodine 13th November 2008, 00:49 Quote
The processor is far too weak to play anything much more intensive than a block-busting puzzle game without lag. :/
UncertainGod 13th November 2008, 00:52 Quote
The following two phrases hold about the same level of accuracy;

"iPhone is the future of gaming"
"The Atari Jaguar was a colossal success"
rhuitron 13th November 2008, 03:56 Quote
Oh F U Apple.

You **** is way too weak for gaming!
docodine 13th November 2008, 04:50 Quote
Though I do love the accelerometer. Cube Runner is a great game for the iPhone.
Nexxo 13th November 2008, 13:29 Quote
YMMV. I think the iPhone works well for gaming because it has all the basic prerequisites, a solid software distribution system, and the convenience of being not just a games machine: you are more likely to always have it with you.

On the other hand anyone who casually dismisses the Nintendo DS or Sony PSP as really rather good gaming platforms obviously lacks credibility. I really like Apple's products and I'm not afraid to admit it, but even I can see how it is a matter of relative preferences at best.
Whalemeister 13th November 2008, 16:26 Quote
Originally Posted by UncertainGod
"The Atari Jaguar was a colossal success"

LMAO at that!!!! :D
dyzophoria 13th November 2008, 18:52 Quote
Apple: "iPhone is the future of gaming"

How about "NO" you crazy ...........
janesy B 14th November 2008, 12:55 Quote
i prefer my consoles to have buttons thanks.
Volund 14th November 2008, 13:02 Quote
Originally Posted by janesy B
i prefer my consoles to have buttons thanks.

well to apple's credit, there is a button.... it just doesn't do anything for the games ;)
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