3D Realms not pleased with Max Payne movie

3D Realms not pleased with Max Payne movie

The Max Payne movie has so far failed to impress critics, or the team involved with the original game.

Scott Miller, CEO of 3D Realms and the producer behind both of the Max Payne games, has added his voice to those displeased with the movie adaptation of the game starring Mark Wahlberg.

The first Max Payne was released in 2001 and tells the story of an undercover cop whose family was murdered and who is made the victim of corruption in the police force and forced to go on the run.

The movie however has changed certain elements of the plot - and not for the better according to Scott Miller.

"There are several fundamental story flaws ... in the film that have me shaking my head in bewilderment," Miller told Edge.

"A big problem with the film is that we do not really know what is driving Max until we see the flashback scene showing him coming home and finding his family murdered. In the game, we put this scene right at the front of the story for a reason!

"Saving this scene until mid-film is a narrative blunder, because the audience needs to empathize with Max in order to like him and understand what drives him."

Miller added that he could go on and on about the issues he had with the film, which included the way that some characters are changed or marginalised in the adapted plot.

The film has also drawn some negative previews from critics, but that hasn't stopped it hitting the top of the American box office over the weekend and pulling in over $18 million. Have you had a chance to see it yet? Let us know your thoughts in the forums.


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TomH 21st October 2008, 13:30 Quote
The greatest 'WTF' came from the casting of Jim Bravura.. Who the hell thought some over-Christian-y black rapper could be a replacement for the coarse-voiced, married-to-the-job, stereotypical NYPD Chief that we had in the game(s)?!?

That and the valkyries?! Seriously...

It looked cool enough in the trailer, but it was doomed to be a bad port from the beginning...
Stuey 21st October 2008, 13:39 Quote
I didn't see the movie, and likely won't until it hits DVD. Rotten Tomatoes shows a 19% rating for the film - that's pretty darn lousy.
UrbanMarine 21st October 2008, 14:23 Quote
Another video game to movie ruined. I'm glad Hideo Kojima is standing in 110% for the MGS movie and not letting his masterpiece end up in the toilet because of bad directing.
Redbeaver 21st October 2008, 14:38 Quote
i'll probably still see it in the theater... i can deal with $10... i just need to leave my brain at the door and enjoy the ride. im sure i can still enjoy it.

the fact that im sure im not the only one to think this way is the reason it's still hitting the box-office.......
mrb_no1 21st October 2008, 15:07 Quote
i agree with redbeaver....alot of poeple seem to think that everytime they see a film, the plot, cinematography and cgi will be as good as their favourite film, be it lord of the rings or usual suspects, but the fact of the matter is, when you go and see a film like this or an oldie like predator, you arent watching it because its a revolutionary piece of film making, its because it may or (in this case) may not be good entertainment, with cheesy lines like, 'gun fire into doorway', "knock knock" from predator that just make you laugh, so yeh, pay your money and leave your cinicism at the door and enjoy the film. i'll see max payne once i've gone to the the dark knight as thats still on my must see list at the theatre.


MrMonroe 21st October 2008, 15:16 Quote
Related stories: "New Monkey Island?"

Yes, I am definitely reading Bit-Tech.
[USRF]Obiwan 21st October 2008, 15:17 Quote
WTF! not Uwe Boll's work this time?
Luckily for us we can rant at him again soon with the upcoming alone in the dark 2, far cry and bloodrayne 3
naokaji 21st October 2008, 15:29 Quote
Originally Posted by UrbanMarine
Another video game to movie ruined. I'm glad Hideo Kojima is standing in 110% for the MGS movie and not letting his masterpiece end up in the toilet because of bad directing.

Well, the Cutscenes there are almost movies, that might be a good headstart over other game to movie adaptions as it will make it far easier to be close to the orignal.
Originally Posted by [USRF]Obiwan
WTF! not Uwe Boll's work this time?
Luckily for us we can rant at him again soon with the upcoming alone in the dark 2, far cry and bloodrayne 3

Don't need a reason anymore to rant about him, he's as much of a director as jack thompson is a lawyer...
Too bad to see Bloodrayne in his hands though, as for far cry, well that can only end up boring, no matter what director.

3DRealms really should hae worked out a better contract that would have given them more control over how the movie is, but easy for me to say that now that its too late, now they know allready as well.
Yemerich 21st October 2008, 16:08 Quote
So, they first sell the rights to make a movie and now they are complaining?...
Thats just ridiculous...

Next time they could sell the right with a condition to write the screenplay!
metarinka 21st October 2008, 16:26 Quote
and they replaced the original soundtrack with nothing memorable
I saw it with my Gf opening day. It was okay but could of been a lot better. They never really explain the significance of the Ragnarok club or really much of anything. The Mob is also not in the movie at all.

having played the games i at least knew where the story was coming from my GF thought it was just wierd or confusing.
it was a shame it had some really interesting and cool visuals, especially when he takes the drugs
kosch 21st October 2008, 17:05 Quote
They should have just overhauled/sexed up the engine and done it in Machinima :p
CardJoe 21st October 2008, 20:06 Quote
The engine actually still looks good today. Very impressive game.
TomH 21st October 2008, 23:36 Quote
Originally Posted by CardJoe
The engine actually still looks good today. Very impressive game.
Thanks to an awesome level of Wine compatibility, I'm re-discovering this as being very true.
Anakha 22nd October 2008, 00:51 Quote
I went and saw this (For free - Thanks Cineplex VIP card) on opening night with my wife. I've played and completed both Max Payne games, she's never seen either.

We both thought the movie was soooooo vvveeeeerrrrryyyyyy sssslllllooooooooowwwww... And not because of the bullet-time (Which was used infrequently, but to great effect), either. The plot dragged it's heels more than a dead dog chained to the back of a pickup truck and pulled from Reno to Nunavit, some of the casting was all wrong (Bravura? WTF?), and major characters and plot points were missing, or in the wrong place, or retconned and replaced entirely.

Yes, as others have said, no mob references at all, which kinda ruined things as Max was caught between the Mob, the Russians, and the police, and only the latter were (ostensibly) present.

And the "After the credits teaser" just twisted the knife even more. Way to drop the bomb that there's gonna be a sequel, that's even less like the games.

I'm very glad I didn't have to pay to see it, is all I'm sayin'.
BentAnat 22nd October 2008, 08:45 Quote
I'm so very much going to see this... i actually like watching movies that are REALLY bad (*cough* hostel 2 *cough*)...
not sure whether it'll be in the cinema though... might have to wait till it hits DVD
Silver51 22nd October 2008, 11:07 Quote
In Soviet Russia, Max Payne watches you.

I think this is a film I'll end up watching on DVD. The trailer looked decent enough and I liked the music they played over it. Anyhoo, don't 3D Realms have something else to do other than complain. Like finish a game that's been in development, seemingly, forever?
Timmy_the_tortoise 22nd October 2008, 14:37 Quote
Considering the fact that I absolutely adored the original game, I've mixed feelings about this movie. I mean, I love movies, so seeing one of my favourite games of all time in movie form is something that appeals to me greatly. But I am of course worried about the faithfulness of the adaptation.

I will probably see it at the cinema, and try my best to enjoy it. I'll probably like it in one of two ways. As a great movie adaptation, or as a movie in its own right.

I'm hoping its a good movie, regardless of how well it handles the original material.
Splynncryth 22nd October 2008, 23:48 Quote
I really can't understand why the writers, producers, and directors feel the need to 'leave their mark' on a story. It's been going on for a while, but at lease with all the old B&W movie adaptations of books, they didn't stray too far from the source.

I think there will only be 2 ways to get a game movie to not suck. One is to use machinima so the game itself makes sure the film sticks to the story. The other is to get the guys who did the design document involved as a major force in the film to try and keep it so the movie resembles its namesake.
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