PC Gaming Alliance lashes out at Lucasarts

PC Gaming Alliance lashes out at Lucasarts

Randy Stude of the PC Gaming Alliance has lashed out at Lucasarts over a lack of PC support for The Force Unleashed.

The Force Unleashed was available on pretty much every platform from the DS to the PlayStation 3, but it failed to make an appearance on the PC much to the chagrin of the PC Gaming Alliance. Now, PCGA President and Intel boss Randy Stude has hit back at Lucasarts and accused the Star Wars team of making uneducated excuses.

Lucasarts had previously explained that the reason for a lack of a PC version for The Force Unleashed was the massive difference between a high and low end gaming system created a market where not everyone could be happy - or that they basically didn't want to make scalable graphics. Hey, at least it wasn't piracy!

"That's an uneducated response," said Randy Stude in an interview with

"In the last several years there have been at least 100 million PCs sold that have the capabilities or better of an Xbox 360. It's ridiculous to say that there's not enough audience for that game potentially and that it falls into this enthusiast extreme category when ported over to the PC."

"If they're making games for the Wii, Xbox and PS3 they're scaling their experience to meet all three of those platforms. They're good on the Wii, better on the Xbox 360 and the best on the PS3. There's no argument that they could give not to be able to support good better and best on the PC," Stude added.

Stude then finished by claiming that Lucasarts was no longer a real developer and that it existed only to farm out the rights to the Star Wars franchise - and even then it hadn't done that very well in a long while.

"That may be a little controversial for me to say, but that's what I see. There's no development team necessarily within LucasArts any more...LucasArts hasn't made a good PC game in a long time. They make some pretty good games for the Wii, you know those little sticks you wave in the air, that seems like a natural fit for a lightsaber game, sure. But I think the last good PC game they made was probably Jedi Knight 2, and even their strategy games weren't that great."

You can check out our Xbox 360 review of The Force Unleashed for our thoughts in the game, or drop your own in the forums.


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LeMaltor 20th October 2008, 10:23 Quote
Hurm, well said PCGA O_O
badders 20th October 2008, 10:25 Quote
So the PCGA will lash out at LucasArts, but not at Epic?

[PUNK] crompers 20th October 2008, 10:35 Quote
screw the force unleashed, i doubt it'll even cross my mind whilst im playing fallout 3, farcry 2 and WAR online.

plenty of good titles for the pc lucasarts - you just carry on making kiddies toys for the konsolified masses
UncertainGod 20th October 2008, 10:48 Quote
I see a PC games market without LucasArts dross as a selling point not a hindrance.

"PC gaming, we have less Star Wars based crap than the others"
rhuitron 20th October 2008, 10:50 Quote
Hell Yeah, PCGA!!!!

How could leave us out in the Dark George?

WE (Pc gamers), started gamin for the Star Wars name!

Not the freaking Consoles!

Nobody even knew about Star Wars for the Atari. And further less for the Snes.
It wasn't until x-wing for DOS and Mac's that it started booming for you guys.
And this is how you pay us?!
Tyrmot 20th October 2008, 11:22 Quote
I think he's got a very good point there. I haven't seen anything good come out of LucasArts in a long time!

Perhaps the real reason it didn't come to PC is because that would have made its mind-boggling mediocrity all too obvious...
Skepsis 20th October 2008, 11:27 Quote
It's just a shame it won't be on the PC. I was forced to go out and play it on the PSP as I don't own any other console, it's a great game and fits with the movies storyline rather well. If it was for piracy reasons but they were just saying it's graphical related to cover it then it's pretty dumb. Fallout 3 and Farcry 2 are both already leaked on the net for the XBOX 360 so people with "modded" 360's can download and play it. Farcry 2 also leaked for the PC but without any cracks to play it, can only play around with the editor which looks rather tempting, but will hold back till my pre-order arrives!
Sebbo 20th October 2008, 11:28 Quote
someone needs to remind Randy that the Wii version wasn't handled by LucasArts, it was done by Krome Studios, and so making a scalable version for the PC is indeed quite an extra load of work.
also, i don't think the game would have played too well on PC either... 3rd person action/platform games generally don't
Veles 20th October 2008, 12:08 Quote
Firstly, it's not that great a game so the PC gamers aren't missing out all that much. Secondly, I think it wouldn't work very well at all with a mouse and keyboard.

So the purpose of the PCGA is to bitch about other devs then?
steveo_mcg 20th October 2008, 12:37 Quote
Perhaps if Lucasarts had come up with a better excuse than it wont runz on ur pcs then maybe people would have taken them at face value. Maybe they should have been more honest, We don't think it'll sell well on the PC for XYZ reasons so were not going to waste money developing it.

The keyboard reasoning is flawed since there are many games which are release which don't work well with the keyboard but still get a release (GTA, Lego SW etc.)
Mentai 20th October 2008, 12:38 Quote
"Stude then finished by claiming that Lucasarts was no longer a real developer and that it existed only to farm out the rights to the Star Wars franchise - and even then it hadn't done that very well in a long while."

Hahahaha ultimate burn! Everyone knows it's true, hilarious to hear an official say it. It does strike me as odd to lash out at lucasarts rather than epic in my mind though, as epic have been much more public in their PC bashing.

It didn't bother me in the slightest that this game wasn't on PC. I thought it sounded like fun for a couple of hours, cause of the awesome physics engine, but not something to spend $100NZ on.
[USRF]Obiwan 20th October 2008, 13:34 Quote
Wing commander was waaaay better then X-wing or other sw crap :D
You know.. the one with Mark Hamill and the evil Kilrathi race...
fargo 20th October 2008, 14:35 Quote
lucasarts is swimming in money and took a cheap shot at pc because it didn't have the ambition to port to the pc
tbh I never had any interest in their gaming!
knyghtryda 20th October 2008, 14:56 Quote
For every developer like lucasarts and Epic there's one like CDProjekt who makes it a goal to serve the PC community. Support those developers, and we can hopefully see more games geared toward the PC audience. Oh... and go buy The Witcher. You'll soon forget about that "KOTOR" game :)
Rich_13 20th October 2008, 14:57 Quote
On the plus side it is nice to have someone defending the PC sector. The reality is that is can be more expensive to develop for the PC but on the flip side, developers don't have to pay royalties for PC games which i'm sure can make a big difference on a game that sells well on the PC.
Veles 20th October 2008, 15:13 Quote
While I agree with the comment that they're just whoring out the SW franchise and have lost all their originality, I don't think the other comments hold much water.

1) Why pick on Lucas Arts? As others have said, Epic are doing a lot of bitching about the PC and not bringing GoW2 to the PC, and they're even in the alliance
2) It isn't viable to put on the PC. This is completely true. The problem with this game is the physics aren't just a little part of the game that makes it looks nice, it's integral to the gameplay, moreso than other games that use lots of physics like HL2. If you look at the Wii version and the 360/PS3 one. The Wii version is far inferior because of the reduced physics. They would have to port both versions of the game onto the PC to cater for high and low end gaming PCs. Also, it's not 1 game that has been ported around, it is 3 distinct versions, the handheld version, the Wii version and the 360/PS3 version
3) 100 million high end PCs sold? If that were the problem then Epic wouldn't be constantly bitching about how the PC sucks and how they can't make any money on it. SW:FU would be very unlikely to make much money on the PC, there's just not enough people who would buy the game because it almost requires a control pad. LEGO SW worked quite well on the PC, because it was a pretty simple platformer, this game is definitely not simple in terms of controls.
badders 20th October 2008, 16:03 Quote
Originally Posted by Veles

I read the first bit as Star Wars, But the second half automatically translated to something other than Force Unleashed

I do agree with you regarding the gamepad issue though Veles - some games, especially console ports like the Lego Games, almost require a gamepad to stop you breaking your fingers while trying to play it.
impar 20th October 2008, 17:04 Quote
Originally Posted by Veles
The problem with this game is the physics aren't just a little part of the game that makes it looks nice, it's integral to the gameplay, moreso than other games that use lots of physics like HL2.
From what I seen of SWFU, it is not much different than HL2 gravity gun. Pull, Push, blow-up...
And that on an relatively old game engine adequate for a mid-lowish system.
steveo_mcg 20th October 2008, 17:25 Quote
Now you mention it I think thats exactly why I fancied this game. Its just like an extension of the last level of hl2 but now with added light sabers!
Lepermessiah 20th October 2008, 17:43 Quote
With the exception of the moron a few posts above, we all know their reaosning to not put out a PC version was bogus, seriously, its physics are not as advanced as Crysis, Crysis sold 2 million, it has more to do with the fact it is an average game, PC gamers don't by crap. many other games are vastly more demanding. They also made a Wii and Handheld version, how do you explain that?
Lepermessiah 20th October 2008, 17:45 Quote
Epic are not bitching about not enough high end PC's moron, their beef is people with high end PC's also pirate. Sigh, brainwashed much? Force unleashed would require nothing mroe then a low priced mid-range Pc to max out as with all other console ports these days. This is 2008. If they felt it would not sell enough on Cp thats fine, but their excuse about not enough PC's with power is bogus for a console port, many others game are vastly more CPu demanding.
Lepermessiah 20th October 2008, 17:47 Quote
PC's use gamepads, as do many games (GTA Anyone)? Why do people always bring up controls, my god people must know by knwo PC's use gamepads. Sigh. game would have palyed indentical to console version, see Devil may Cry 4.
johnnyboy700 20th October 2008, 19:54 Quote
So are Lucasarts saying that their games aren't sophisticated enough for discerning PC owners? Or are they saying that their games can't compete with the current batch of PC titles - or even older games such as HL2?

I looked forward to playing this, even if it wasn't that great, but as its a console only I don't think I'll bother. Jedi Outcast was the last decent combat game in 3rd person/FPS style as far as I'm concerned, its on my replay list for my new rig as soon as I've got through F.E.A.R., Far Cry and the CoD games.

RE X-Wing - It was real class, the way you had to juggle your energy managment between shields, weapons and engines was the real challenge of the game. I thought the Wing Commander games were fun but just a bit on the cheesy side and once they got to using FMV in their cut scenes in WC4 it turned in to a full on smorgasboard cheesefest.
Mach1.9pants 20th October 2008, 20:30 Quote
I agree with him, LucasArts has produced nothing but rubbish for a long time. However , I have got a Wii (mainly for the kids and boozed up late at night with my mates), so I couldn't resist the opportunity to play Vader with a light sabre. It is a good laugh but it doesn't compare to any PC game I have recently brought (warhead, witcher EE, R6Vegas2, Clear Sky, ArmA, etc) and I wouldn't even recommend it on anything but the Wii... the sword waving and force pushing with real movements are what makes it. Apart from that it is a repetitive corridor shooter, I mean ummm sabre-er
LordPyrinc 21st October 2008, 01:33 Quote
I've been using gamepads for my PCs for many years now. They are great for emulators, but also great for the many racing games out on the market. The Need for Speed games, Evo2 4x4 (best $20 I ever spent - awesome game), etc.
Amon 21st October 2008, 04:18 Quote
I just learned the PC Gaming Alliance was a real organization, their superficiality in vein of the MPAA. Thanks, bit-tech! ;)
Emon 22nd October 2008, 10:17 Quote
With each revision of DirectX, writing scalable games is easier and easier. Graphics are so far abstracted that developers rarely need to worry about targeting specific hardware anymore. Making something scalable is pretty simple, too. Variable world detail isn't too hard, texture size is trivial, etc. It's a total cop out.
Veles 22nd October 2008, 14:16 Quote
Originally Posted by johnnyboy700
So are Lucasarts saying that their games aren't sophisticated enough for discerning PC owners? Or are they saying that their games can't compete with the current batch of PC titles - or even older games such as HL2?

I don't think they want to say it but both of those reasons, it just wouldn't sell enough to be worth it. It's not a particularly great game, ok for some mindless fun, but for what the hardware requirements are, I think PC gamers would be expecting more.
General Crespin 27th October 2008, 19:13 Quote
What was the last good Star Wars game DEVELOPED by LucasArts? Raven developed JKII and JA, and TG did the X-wing series.
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