Fable 2 to ship without online co-op

Fable 2 to ship without online co-op

Fable 2 will ship without online co-op play, though the patch will come within a week of launch.

Lionhead Studios and Microsoft Games Studios have announced that the heavily anticipated Fable 2 will ship without any online co-operative play as was planned. The co-op play will be added in to the Xbox 360 exclusive in a later patch.

Studio head Peter Molyneux previously reviewed his own game and drew ire from gamers for giving Fable 2 a score of 9 out of 10, but anticipation has remained strong for the sequel to one of the best casual RPGs on the original Xbox.

"We just got word that while we will be able to play the single-player and local co-op on day one, they are still making tweaks to the online co-op," Microsoft said on Gamerscoreblog.

"Seriously, as a gamer I'm glad they're taking the time to make it right instead of just rushing it out the door," the poster added.

Fortunately, the co-op mode will be added in as part of a patch that should be available within a week of the North American launch, which is three days ahead of the European launch on the 24th of October.

The co-op mode is a drop-in drop-out affair where players can play a hero each and share contracts and divide riches and while this function will be missing Lionhead says that some of the multiplayer features will be ready at launch still.

"As you are playing through the game, you will still be able to see your friends as glowing orbs as well as chat and trade with them," they said.

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liratheal 29th September 2008, 11:12 Quote
Surprised? not at all.

Curious? Very much so.
Yemerich 29th September 2008, 11:29 Quote
Thta's another one i am looking forward. As I am not the "multi player" gamer type, it's ok for me :D
Veles 29th September 2008, 11:46 Quote
Can't wait, this and Fallout 3 are the two games I really want this winter.
Cadillac Ferd 29th September 2008, 12:06 Quote
What a disappointment.
shigllgetcha 29th September 2008, 12:07 Quote
its not so bad, anyone that wants co op is on xbox live and will get the update

its fairer to finish any off line content before its ships for any1 without live and add co cp a few weeks later for anyone that has the 360 connected and can get the update
Blademrk 29th September 2008, 13:19 Quote
Fable 2 is a game I'm looking forward to playing.
Thacrudd 29th September 2008, 16:48 Quote
I can't wait. I could care less about OL co-op since I don't play on line anyways.
DarkLord7854 29th September 2008, 17:30 Quote
Heh, like when they made Black and White 2.. no multiplayer. "We will probably patch it in" right.
chrisb2e9 29th September 2008, 19:23 Quote
Originally Posted by DarkLord7854
Heh, like when they made Black and White 2.. no multiplayer. "We will probably patch it in" right.

beat me to it. Of course B&W 2 was a huge dissapointment on so many levels. I'm sure that fable 2 will be a different story...
Buzzons 29th September 2008, 23:44 Quote
It actually may make me get a 360... finally :) I loved the first game and the second can't be worse.. (and even if it is it will have to try damn hard to be bad to be anything but fun.)

On that kind of note.. i finally finished the original bar one task -- can't win one pub game! *grr*
staples 1st October 2008, 10:15 Quote
The first one was awesome, this one should be amazing. Peter Molyneux always strikes me a person desperate to achieve excellence.

Anybody remember the hype of B.C.? Hopefully we will see it one day, pushing the concept boundaries of gaming is bringing RPG's closer and closer to complete immersion, and I cant wait to get immersed with Fable 2.
Veles 1st October 2008, 13:00 Quote
I am really looking forward to Fable 2, looks like the game Fable should have been (and I still really enjoyed Fable).
Originally Posted by DarkLord7854
Heh, like when they made Black and White 2.. no multiplayer. "We will probably patch it in" right.

I really don't think MS will let them not patch in online co-op
naokaji 1st October 2008, 13:42 Quote
haha, go go patches for console games
Sorry coudnt resist, way to destroy one of the main advantages they had (games that work out of the box).

Sucks to see this happen, sure its not as bad as the witcher that was released half way through development, but seriously, why cant they just release a game as it should be instead of patching later?
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