Will Wright discusses the future of mobile games

Will Wright discusses the future of mobile games

Will Wright reckons that if mobile games are to succeed then they may have to find ways interact with the world directly.

Will Wright is big news right now, what with Spore being released tomorrow and all, but now the developer is setting his sights elsewhere - namely on mobile and handheld games, which he thinks will be an increasingly powerful section of the market.

Apparently ol' Will is a big fan of handheld gaming and can regularly be found scraping away at the touch screen of his DS - most likely playing the DS version of Spore, but he thinks that mobile games may have to change a little in the future.

"It could be about making you more aware of your surroundings than you would have been without the game, rather than focusing on the game and ignoring your surroundings," Will told Pocket Gamer, discussing how he thinks mobile phone games could make much better use of their hardware, such as cameras.

"I can imagine mobile platforms evolving in that way, in that they interact with the world around us in a way that changes our perceptions in a really interesting way," said Wright.

"Games could increase our awareness of our immediate environment, rather than distract us from it."

Hm - sound interesting enough to us, but what do you think? Will mobile games ever have a decent share of the market? Let us know your thoughts in the forums.

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docodine 5th September 2008, 04:31 Quote
I'm thinking Will Wright would be a fan of the Gizmondo.
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