Ron Gilbert unveils DeathSpank teasers

Ron Gilbert unveils DeathSpank teasers

Ron Gilbert's DeathSpank has been described as a blend of Diablo and classic adventure games.

We (OK, I) are big fans of Ron 'All Those Great Lucasarts Adventure Games' Gilbert, so it's no surprise that we've been getting just a little bit excited about the developers new game, DeathSpank - even in spite of the fact that nobody really knows what it is.

Being developed at Hothead Games, DeathSpank is set to debut in 2009 and has many of the same team behind it as worked on Penny Arcade Adventures, including Gilbert himself.

From what we can gather though the game seems to be a mish-mash of casual RPG and the kind of all-out puzzle-solving comedy that Gilbert is known for. Speaking to 1-Up a while back the game was described by one of the designers as a multi-tiered game that plays as a cross between Diablo and a classic adventure game, enabling players to progress how they want.

One thing is for sure though; DeathSpank is not a superhero game, which is pretty much the only comment Ron Gilbert has given on the project. Ooo-kay.

Thankfully, somebody in the marketing department has decided to be be a little more helpful and has offered up these three teaser trailers to give people an idea of what flavoured comedy Ron and Co. will be using. Take a look, then pass on your thoughts in the forum.


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xrain 2nd September 2008, 10:06 Quote
This game... looks Awesome...

I will definitely check it out when it comes out.
[USRF]Obiwan 2nd September 2008, 10:24 Quote
+2 ballsy

DaMightyMouse 2nd September 2008, 11:17 Quote
"thong of justice!!! " ... hell ya
can't wait for this game :-)
Venares 2nd September 2008, 13:16 Quote
Damn that looks awsome.
Ninja_182 2nd September 2008, 13:49 Quote
Really loving the random 3rd attribute on all the armour :P

That first video reminds me so much of Diablo it hurts.
Akava 2nd September 2008, 13:54 Quote
That looks pretty sweet, can't wait to get my thong on ;)
prosser13 2nd September 2008, 15:36 Quote
As much as a respect the game for trying to be something different, it looks like a novelty game whose appeal won't last long to me...
Awoken 2nd September 2008, 20:29 Quote
[surfer lingo]This looks awesome![/surflingo]

This game tickles my funny bone in an unusual place...I like it! New years treats indeed!
Scirocco 2nd September 2008, 20:59 Quote
I had to tell my friend Domminique about this and show her the video clips. We've played MMOs together for years and her trademark is spanking everyone when she logs on. She really laughed.
Yemerich 3rd September 2008, 02:35 Quote
Loved the music. Loved the videos :D
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