Dyack: "Epic defrauded the industry"

Dyack: "Epic defrauded the industry"

Denis Dyack of Silicon Knights has accused Epic of defrauding the entire games industry while promoting the UE3 engine.

Silicon Knights boss Denis Dyack has accused Epic of defruading the games industry when promoting the Unreal Engine 3, the engine which powers Silicon Knights latest game the Xbox 360 RPG Too Human. The Unreal Engine 3 is also used in games such as BioShock and Unreal Tournament 3. It is the most popular third party engine currently available.

Dyack claims that the four-development of Too Human would have been considerably shortened if Epic had not misled other developers about what the UE3 engine can actually accomplish. Silicon Knights is currently in the process of suing Epic for that very reason.

"Too Human has been a four-year development cycle and it would have been out even quicker, but we had to re-write the engine because of all the Epic stuff," Dyack told Develop in a recent interview.

"The trial is proceeding; we feel really good about our claims, and we're hopeful that justice will be done. We all feel really strongly that they have defrauded us, and a major portion of the industry."

Silicon Knights first began their lawsuit in July last year, accusing Epic of failing to deliver development resources on time, not providing full and adequate support for the engine and using funds from the deal to promote their own game, Gears of War which also uses the UE3 engine.

Epic meanwhile has insisted that there was plenty of support and resources provided as part of the deal. Epic has also counter-sued Silicon Knights amidst claims that SK breached the agreement by using the engine resources intended for Too Human to also develop a game for SEGA.

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WILD9 19th August 2008, 10:10 Quote
I have no sympathy for epic based on their joining the pc gaming alliance before repeatedly slagging of pc gaming. I hope they lose for those reasons alone.
bowman 19th August 2008, 10:28 Quote
Tim Sweeney is a twofaced treacherous *******, Cliffy B and all his other cronies are just as bad. They went to consoles so they could do halfassed, bland, boring games like gears of war and still have people crawling over them for it. Screw them, I hope they get them.
Mentai 19th August 2008, 10:48 Quote
I liked Eternal Darkness... I'm on their side :P besides, I can't imagine them going to court over something like this unless they have substantial evidence, if they lose they'd probably be put into financial ruin...
Crunch77 19th August 2008, 11:05 Quote
@bowman: Nothing wrong with making games for consoles also- the most lucrative market there is at the moment.
[USRF]Obiwan 19th August 2008, 11:20 Quote
Unreal engine sucks anyway...
adamc 19th August 2008, 11:25 Quote
yeah Eternal Darkness was a sweet game... and if what SK are claiming is true, then the PC Gaming Alliance suffers another setback. With UE3, the engine being 'championed', and probably the most licensed, failing to provide proper documentation and support, developers are going to further struggle in an already inhospitable climate.
TommyVD 19th August 2008, 11:47 Quote
Too bad the game blows...
liratheal 19th August 2008, 11:57 Quote
This, coming from a company that's taken damn near ten years to get a game from announcement to release?

Yeah, I honestly don't care that they're incapable of releasing a game.

Hell, they've made a game that seems to be mostly a grindfest. I'm not sure where he's coming from with the 'misled developers' crap. Everyone else with the Unreal 3 Engine seems to have made a game with it. It seems to be quite capable of terrain destruction.

I don't see how it's Epics fault that they couldn't work the engine, sounds like a classic case of PEBKAC over actual engine flaws.

Doesn't help that the game seems to be a massive pile of suck :/
bowman 19th August 2008, 12:06 Quote
Originally Posted by Crunch77
@bowman: Nothing wrong with making games for consoles also- the most lucrative market there is at the moment.

There is something wrong with making games for consoles when you've made the money you're spending on that console development on PC games over the years, to then go and develop console exclusives (the port scraps thrown to the PC a year later doesn't count) while simultaneously badmouthing the PC platform THAT THEY GREW ON in the worst of ways.

'Hi, yeah, if it wasn't for the PC and all the idiots who bought our games we never would've been around to do all these short, bland console games, we're still going to act as if that never happened, though.' Get lost.
Timmy_the_tortoise 19th August 2008, 12:32 Quote
I couldn't care any less about SK, but I HATE Epic.. They're such dicks.
DarkLord7854 19th August 2008, 14:40 Quote
I actually am looking forward to Too Human. So good on them to sue Epic for being blatant arses
Ninja_182 19th August 2008, 15:41 Quote

Twonks, they got me excited about every Unreal game since UT99 and they all blew.
simosaurus 20th August 2008, 11:47 Quote
Dyack is full of ****...
obviously none of you have heard his visits to the 1up podcast where he goes on for 2 hours about social engineering.. and basically makes excuses for his games. 1up have been a supporter of Dyack but even they gave it a C-.

its impossible to re-write an engine in the time they talked about, flat out impossible. What they are actually trying to do is steal Epic's intellectual property and get 10+ years of engine technology for free by claiming they re-wrote it and that Epic breached contract.

and how convenient that the game should suck because it all re affirms their bullshit story.

**** SK!
wuyanxu 20th August 2008, 12:10 Quote
no matter which side is correct, it seems Epic is in need of a managment and PR reform. talking crap and being sued.
_Metal_Guitar_ 9th April 2010, 10:35 Quote
Don't like either, but I'm sick of every game having the same damn run/cover/shoot mechanics...I hope epic bleed to death.

Best game on the U3 was Batman. I'd like a Cryengine 2 version of B:AA. Infact, I'd like a Cryengine 2 version of everything.
RotoSequence 9th April 2010, 23:12 Quote
Holy thread necro, batman!
knuck 9th April 2010, 23:33 Quote

I read the whole fcking news for nothing :)
wuyanxu 9th April 2010, 23:54 Quote
Originally Posted by Ghys

I read the whole fcking news for nothing :)
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