MS wants Xbox 360 MMOs

MS wants Xbox 360 MMOs

Surprise, surprise - Microsoft wants to see MMO games on the Xbox 360. Also, look at those crazy eyebrows!

Shane Kim, head of Microsoft Game Studios, has once again stated his desire to see the Xbox 360 become an alluring platform for MMO developers and gamers.

Shane, who was responsible for the cancellation of the comic-book MMO Marvel Universe on PC and Xbox 360 earlier this year, says that just because Microsoft hasn't done it yet doesn't mean that the console is unsuited to MMO development.

"I'll admit MGS has not had success in the MMO space, and that happened under my leadership, so I take full responsibility. It's a tough and challenging space that's evolving all the time - a lot of shifting sands," Kim told Edge magazine.

"We haven't been able to crack the code yet."

"I think we've made the right decision not to proceed with those things like the Marvel MMO. And that's tough, both for customers looking forward to it and teams working on it. That said, we haven't been successful, but there's nothing to say those titles can't be successful on 360."

Shane then said he knew that the third party developers were being held back by the lack of a default hard drive and the structure of the online service, but promised that Microsoft was looking at solutions to these issues.

"I'm sure we can solve that problem though in a way that is good for MMO developers and customers because we want that content: and we're getting very close. But we're late with that, and we feel bad about that."

Would you play a console MMO, or do you hate the idea of a subscription based pay model? Let us know what you think in the forums.


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rollo 30th July 2008, 11:03 Quote
if its availble on both pc and 360 then - no i wouldnt play it on a console
Timmy_the_tortoise 30th July 2008, 11:46 Quote
I wouldn't play an MMO on a console..

And I'm a little pissed off at M$ at the moment since my 360 has died..
Tris 30th July 2008, 11:53 Quote
the only way i'd play an mmo on a console would be if it supported kb + mouse - at least if the control system followed the "traditional" approach. I shudder at the thought of trying to use all the various shortcuts and buttons the average mmo uses with a console controller.

Then again at that point you just have to ask why not just bring it out on PC then, especially with issues like user created mods - wouldnt it be fun trying to get them added in with the xbox.
Romirez 30th July 2008, 12:14 Quote
So... for an xbox mmo you'd need to pay for your internet, pay for live, and pay a sub for the game itself too? MS is slowly taking away one of the consoles only advantages over the pc.

Quite apart from having an extra cost over playing it on the pc, the controls would be completely cut down. I doubt there'll ever be a multiplatform mmo, or at least one which allows pc gamers to play with/against console gamers. Wouldn't surprise me to see pc gamers refuse to group with the xbox ones if it were to happen.
BlackMage23 30th July 2008, 13:09 Quote
yes, those are crazy eyebrows!!
TreeDude 30th July 2008, 13:28 Quote
Considering FFXI on the PS2 requires a HD that is pretty much only for that game, I think the Xbox360 would be just fine with an MMO. Most people have a HD for the 360 and if they don't, they are already missing out on DLC from other games. As long as they keep the space requirement to a minimum I don't think sales would be hindered by the need for the HD.

Also the 360 has USB ports, all they need to do is support a USB mouse and keyboard.
Gunsmith 30th July 2008, 13:51 Quote
Originally Posted by Romirez
So... for an xbox mmo you'd need to pay for your internet, pay for live, and pay a sub for the game itself too? MS is slowly taking away one of the consoles only advantages over the pc.

I'm failing to see the console advantage to begin with.
mikeuk2004 30th July 2008, 14:09 Quote
I want guild wars on 360 with Keyboard and mouse support as I dont play on Pc these days as i cant be bothered with it.

Will I get it?? No..

ah well, more Halo, GTA and grid for me then
MrMonroe 30th July 2008, 14:45 Quote
A 360-only MMO would succeed if and only if they made it much simpler and more action-based than the "traditional" (read WoW) MMO. Fable Online? **** yeah.
Grinch123456 30th July 2008, 14:59 Quote
Let's just grab the ole' keyboard and chat it up with our pa..what? No keyboard?

There is no way communication would be easy and feasible with just a controller unless you went into a major city and started yelling into the mic at the top of your lungs.
Project_Nightmare 30th July 2008, 15:15 Quote
Originally Posted by Romirez
So... for an xbox mmo you'd need to pay for your internet, pay for live, and pay a sub for the game itself too? MS is slowly taking away one of the consoles only advantages over the pc.

I was going to say the same thing myself! Playing online on consoles are a rip off:(
liratheal 30th July 2008, 16:13 Quote
Sorry, but console based MMO's just sounds like a stupid idea.

Communication issues, key mapping issues, paying three fees, admittedly that's all I can think of right now, but they're pretty.. Up there in terms of issues.
rollo 30th July 2008, 16:20 Quote
what would be the point of the keyboard and mouse ( both of which arnt supported on 360 btw) in a console mmo. Think i have about 40 diffrent buttons on my wow interface these days. All are needed.

From my pov in an mmo you want to succeed. If that means pve with 25 people or 50 people thats what you do. Can you see the console people gathering 25 people?

Nearly all mmos are based on correct timing. Ability to multi switch between targets. Take a list of all the mods somebody uses in wow. As healer it will fill half a page.

Will microsoft finally allow mods on there console if this goes through?

Who would develop a 360 only mmo? When the pc market is alot bigger and more diverse? WOW cost $60 million to develop the orginal game. The 2 expansions that are here or comming out even more. Unless this is another microsoft funded delta saffiri no company will do it. Or they will and not do it well
devdevil85 30th July 2008, 20:51 Quote
Originally Posted by Timmy_the_tortoise
I wouldn't play an MMO on a console..

And I'm a little pissed off at M$ at the moment since my 360 has died..
Join the club man. All 4 of my friends that own 360's have had to get theirs replaced. It's pathetic IMO. MS was stupid though and sent back 2 to one of my friends so he sold it on ebay to recoup the $100 he had to spend getting his old one to MS since his issue was GPU-related....

What was wrong with yours?
lewchenko 30th July 2008, 21:27 Quote
So MS wants MMO's on the 360.... Hmmmm..

Well I want keyboard and mouse support plus built in Wifi, but so far MS has told me to go @*!@ myself !
themax 30th July 2008, 21:44 Quote
The lasttime they tried they got on bad terms with Level 5 (True Fantasy Online). Hopefully they learn to be a little more hands off with the developers working on the game for them (make Marvel Online another canned project, which I would assume could be attributed to MS's handling of the project akin to the way they dealt with Level 5).
Solidus 30th July 2008, 23:23 Quote
It could work definately I think but the game itself needs to be strong and it shouldnt charge another price for running it - it should run right off xbox live. That way people would buy it because another charge ontop is really going to annoy people - what the hell was xbox live for then?

its possible but needs to be handled right, thats the only way.
Spaceraver 31st July 2008, 02:08 Quote
360 does support a keyboard.. sort of, it works for messenger anyhoo. but i guess that's old news?
Milky2 1st May 2009, 10:53 Quote
I would play an MMO on 360. But i wouldnt expect it to need a Keyboard and mouse. Nor do i expect it to be just like EQ, Vanguard, WOW, or any of the other great mmorpgs. I think they should start out with something like Oblivion, its a solid game. has the character progression/customization. Ability to enchant armor and weps along with spell making. Its got the base of MMO just missing the online. They would need to apply a targeting system which shouldnt be too hard. use the bumpers to scroll thru mobs. assign Macros to dpad and XYBA. use mic to chat but needs to be limited to Group at the most. cant just have peeps shouting in the commons. they can have an auction scrn as in WOW. you dont need to broadcast ur loot verbally to sell it. just post it and it will sell. if peeps have Qs. they can send tells(msg) get in party chat with you or whatever Xbox live has ways to communicate. They would have to keep oblivion style menus. I dont see any other way to allow for crafting skills. I believe it can be done and successful just needs time thought outlining and players inputs. I believe it would make you feel like you are more in the game with a controller in your hand rather than keys at your finger tips.
The only way i wouldnt try it is if they had a fee for the game itself. That would just be retarded cuz you already pay to play online, so to pay twice to play would not be worth it.
M4RTIN 1st May 2009, 11:03 Quote
thread necrophilia going on here
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