Activision to cancel Ghostbusters?

Activision to cancel Ghostbusters?

Activision has cancelled the Ghostbusters game, as well as others, in favour of Spyro and Ice Age titles.

Update: Sierra has since commented that Ghostbusters is not cancelled and will not be cancelled. There is still no word on the remaining games and the article below is left unchanged.

Activision Blizzard has submitted its latest release schedule today, with no date listed for games such as Ghostbusters, 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand, Chronicles of Riddick or Brutal Legend - all of which may face cancellation as a result of the merger between Activision and Blizzard.

One of the big questions about the merger which hadn't been publicly resolved was what would happen to games under Vivendi's Sierra label - and now we know. Activision has announced that it will be keeping five of Sierra's franchises and not the rest.

Activision Blizzard has commented that it plans to 'realign' staff at High Moon Studios (The Bourne Conspiracy) and Radical Entertainment (Prototype).

The future for other studios however is a bit more bleak - Massive Entertainment (World in Conflict), Swordfish Studios (50 Cent: Blood on the Sand and the Mobile and Online disivisions of Sierra are all being assessed for sale or closure. We are currently investigating what will happen with Double Fine Studios and Brutal Legend.

Activision has confirmed however that it will be keeping some of the games on the Sierra label - namely Spyro, Crash Bandicoot, Ice Age, Prototype, The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor and one other unannounced title. Joy.

"We are focused on improving efficiency across the combined organisation and are concentrating on businesses where we have leadership positions that are aligned with Activision Publishing's long-term corporate objectives," said Activision CEO Mike Griffith in a statement.

"We have conducted a thorough review of Vivendi Games' brand portfolio and are retaining those franchises and titles that are a strong fit with our long-term product strategy. We are reviewing our options regarding those titles that we will not be publishing."

"We are very excited to add such recognisable and successful brands as Crash Bandicoot, Ice Age and Spyro, which reinforce our leadership position in movie-based and family entertainment video games," added Griffith.

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steveo_mcg 29th July 2008, 09:17 Quote
liratheal 29th July 2008, 09:29 Quote
..Wait, what?
Bindibadgi 29th July 2008, 09:32 Quote
May I be the first to say: **** you, Activision. >:(
will. 29th July 2008, 09:42 Quote
What the hell....
Isn't that just simply throwing money away?
Jack_Pepsi 29th July 2008, 09:45 Quote
If they do cancel Ghostbusters I'll boycott every single one of their games, no matter how much I want it. I've been waiting for Ghostbusters 3 since 1990 and I'm now 23. If this is the closest we're going to get to GB3 then I'll do everything I can to get this game.
Azmat 29th July 2008, 09:51 Quote
Oh yeah, surely, "The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor " sounds awesome. And the jewels that Crash, Spyro and Ice Age are nowadays, wow-ieh. Undeniably, those franchises are worthier than the likes of World in Conflict, pfew !
Right, let me re-allocate some cash away from these idiots.
The Infamous Mr D 29th July 2008, 10:04 Quote
Of course, it's all about making fat cash at the end of the day.

Current movie tie-ins and established child-friendly franchises - definite market = win.

Older movie tie-ins and non-franchise titles - no definite market = fail.

You can't blame them really, they're struggling financially as it is and need some solid sellers to prop up the coffers.

But I shed a tear for GB3 :*-(
Blademrk 29th July 2008, 10:15 Quote
:(:(:(:( I was looking forward to GB and Chronicles of Riddick :'(
CardJoe 29th July 2008, 10:22 Quote
If Brutal Legend gets cancelled then there will be a reckoning.
rollo 29th July 2008, 10:26 Quote
activation blizzazd struggling for cash ? MR D i think you will find you are wrong there., Some of the developers who publish through them might be though

world in conflict enough highly rated wasnt a great seller.

crash and spyro have sold millions and millions of copys across every platform they were released on.
Mister_X 29th July 2008, 10:49 Quote
Very dissapointing. Looks like they have decided to target the Film tie in vapid market instead of people wha actually play games for enjoyment.
craigey1 29th July 2008, 10:50 Quote
I can't see how making the ghostbusters game couldn't be worth the time & money they put in. surely, by the number of people who seem to be eagerly awaiting this game they would have a significant estimated profit margin.
UncertainGod 29th July 2008, 10:56 Quote
After I saw the the Ghostbusters E3 video I was really interested in it as a game and it seemed to get great feedback with other as well so this is just a special kind of retarded.
Mentai 29th July 2008, 10:56 Quote
You would think they'd let these games be finished first, none of them seemed more than a year off =/
It's kinda slack considering how much money Activision has.
sotu1 29th July 2008, 11:17 Quote
oh damn this is disappointing. it's pretty clear that activendi are just choosing the games that make the most cash and not the best quality. those brands they're keeping on are big recognizable brand names, wise and sell well to casual gamers.

Oddly this is totally goes against what EA are telling us now!
"If we make the best games, they'll sell really well, and we'll be really profitable."

i'm surprised at the dropping of ghostbusters though. that would have raked in a bomb. i suspect that during development they've realised that the quality of the game is a bit mediocre (this is going by the videos we've seen so far, which show pretty standard fare gaming)

and they're definately not struggling for cash. they're HUGE.
WILD9 29th July 2008, 11:27 Quote
What a great move, who needs new IP anyway, Its not like anyone will ever get fed up with the endless iterations of spyro and crash bandicoot just like james pond is still a great franchise, oh wait......

Looks like we have another EA in the making
Flibblebot 29th July 2008, 11:54 Quote
Originally Posted by WILD9
Looks like we have another EA in the making
Ironically, just as EA seem to be moving away from that business model...
CardJoe 29th July 2008, 12:01 Quote
There's a season for everything it seems.
Timmy_the_tortoise 29th July 2008, 12:10 Quote
Oh no! Not 50 Cent: BotS...

I was really looking forward to that. :(
Zut 29th July 2008, 12:24 Quote
What.... w... WHAT?! Cancel Ghostbusters????

lewchenko 29th July 2008, 12:32 Quote
Massive Entertainment produced one of the most detailed and innovative RTS games out there last year.. with massive sales. (World in Conflict).. According to the above their future is bleak ??????

What gives ? Is Activision mad ?
The Infamous Mr D 29th July 2008, 12:37 Quote
Originally Posted by rollo
activation blizzazd struggling for cash ? MR D i think you will find you are wrong there., Some of the developers who publish through them might be though

No, you're right - it was Acclaim I was thinking of.

Just had a look at their massive company value and their market share - put in that context, goodness knows why they'd cancel those games. Except they do have plenty of money to burn...
CardJoe 29th July 2008, 13:29 Quote
Post updated :D
Timmy_the_tortoise 29th July 2008, 14:34 Quote
Good news.. Ghostbusters is looking like a great game.. How can a game based on some of the eighties' finest go wrong?
zeroinfinity 30th July 2008, 03:25 Quote
Originally Posted by Timmy_the_tortoise
Oh no! Not 50 Cent: BotS...

I was really looking forward to that. :(

Me too..
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