Valve hires MINERVA mod-maker

Valve hires MINERVA mod-maker

Adam Foster, creator of the MINERVA mod, has been fully recruited by Valve to work on Episode 3

In a move which further evidences how committed to sustaining and encouraging the growth of third party mods Valve is, the Half-Life developer has now officially hired Adam 'Cargo Cult' Foster, the maker of the popular MINERVA mod for Half-Life 2.

MINERVA, which can be downloaded from the official website, has proved to be one of the most popular Half-Life 2 modifications available thanks to the episodic release of high quality maps all set around one fairly bizarre storyline.

Revealing the information on his blog, Adam confirmed that he has accepted the position and will now be working with Valve to design and create levels for Half-Life 2: Episode 3.

Addressing concerns that MINERVA might be canned as a result, Adam said that he seriously suspects it won't be the end for the series of mods, though the small alternate reality game he constructed around the series and which involved all manner of codes, ciphers and national anthem has apparently been put to sleep.

Valve has a long history of recruiting the talented modders to full-time staff and building upon the successes of fan-projects - as can be seen by the very existence of Counter-Strike and Team Fortress 2.

Have you got a mod or series of maps that you think is deserving of a little attention, or do you just want to pass on your envious congratulations? Either way, let us know in the forums.


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will. 17th July 2008, 13:05 Quote
Took them long enough!
TreeDude 17th July 2008, 13:15 Quote
I think even if MINERVA gets its life cut short everyone should be happy for him. It is good to see that putting your talent out there can actually get you somewhere. While I don't like everything Valve does (like not selling the Black Box) I think overall they are a fantastic company which breaks the mold of a typical game maker.
knowyourenemy 17th July 2008, 13:43 Quote
*claps enthusiastically.*
BlackMage23 17th July 2008, 14:26 Quote
I never knew about this one, I think I better try it out tonight 17th July 2008, 14:39 Quote
*clap, clap* keep up the good work Valve, at least you are recruiting and not just copying like Microsoft *clap*
DXR_13KE 17th July 2008, 15:02 Quote
Valve rocks!!!
johnnyboy700 17th July 2008, 15:50 Quote
Speaking of Episode 3, any update on on its release?
CardJoe 17th July 2008, 15:51 Quote
Mentai 17th July 2008, 17:10 Quote
2010? Lol. But actually, I enjoyed some parts of MINERVA more in terms of design than HL2 and wondered at the time why valve hadn't hired the guy behind it. I'm happy for him :D
supaste 17th July 2008, 18:57 Quote
I enjoyed Minerva alot!

I'm a big fan of Empires Mod but it seems to be a little dead at the moment after the lead dev quit and handed down the ranks to some of the community. I think things are happening just very slowley. The mod is a FPS/RTS hybrid.

Check it out at
HourBeforeDawn 17th July 2008, 21:13 Quote
ugh no one is seeding his torrent :(
impar 20th July 2008, 19:23 Quote

Just finished Minerva.
Its great!
Bladestorm 20th July 2008, 22:45 Quote
His work has been the nearest I've seen community made maps get to valve's quality so, definetely glad to see they gave him a job :).
tominated 21st July 2008, 07:58 Quote
i liked the little bit that i played of minerva. the guy deserves it
Hamish 21st July 2008, 12:16 Quote
Originally Posted by Bladestorm
His work has been the nearest I've seen community made maps get to valve's quality so, definetely glad to see they gave him a job :).
some of the maps created by the TF2 community were so good Valve released them as official maps ;)
see, Turbine and Fastlane
seveneleven 21st July 2008, 21:27 Quote
Valve are my favorite game studio.I mean look at what they've done for the indie-developers: Steam ,all the SDKs, Steamworks and the fact that Portal was made by a group of srudents who were hired by Valve.
Mr. Newell and Mr. Lombardi are brilliant!
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