No disc-swapping in Forza 3?

No disc-swapping in Forza 3?

Sources close to Forza 3 indicate that it won't feature on more than one disc.

Last week the rumour started going around that the next game in the Forza series would spill over on to three discs, but sources from the game's development team seem to be indicating that this may not be the case.

Angry Pixel has apparently tracked down some un-named sources within the company and have confirmed that the game will not require any disc-swapping as the company believes that this would have a negative effect on the gameplay.

Does that mean that content and extras will be trimmed down to make the game squeeze on to just one disc though? Apparently not according to the anonymous source.

One way or the other, the core game will be shipped on a single disc. Content won’t be sacrificed … fans will be pleasantly surprised for what’s in store.

The source appears to be from within Dhruva Interactive, a company which has previously worked on the Forza and Project Gotham Racing franchises, so it seems that it could potentially be quite credible. Until someone comes forward with a name though, we'll leave this one marked as a rumour for now.

Are you, like Jamie, shocked that Forza 3 is already in-bound before you've even finished Forza 2, or is more Forza always a good thing? Let us know what you think in the forums.


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Neoki 23rd June 2008, 12:35 Quote
Hopefully there will be more Presets for the cars?
AlexB 23rd June 2008, 12:41 Quote
Will this just be more cars and tracks - or a new engine to compete with the prettyness of GT5P?
bowman 23rd June 2008, 13:01 Quote
GT5 doesn't look good while playing, only in replays.

Wouldn't be hard competing with that.
M4RTIN 23rd June 2008, 13:04 Quote
yeh i find the cars in gt5 a bit flat and lifeles, there doesnt seem any real depth to them. they certainly have a massive polygon count, but it just doesnt show that well. they could certaily do with making forza look better tho, pgr4 looks a fair bit better and that only launched a few months after forxa 2
Veles 23rd June 2008, 14:15 Quote
Wow I had no idea they were making a Forza 3 so soon
DXR_13KE 23rd June 2008, 14:49 Quote
i wonder if they are using procedural textures.....
Kipman725 23rd June 2008, 14:52 Quote
nah this just means that the game comes with a minimal set of cars and tracks and the rest is avaiable for aproximatly double the price of the game in total from the xbox shopping channel :)
g3n3tiX 23rd June 2008, 15:06 Quote
Maybe this is because they will switch to an external Blu-Ray there will be much more room on one.
(Blasphemy !)
Djizasse 23rd June 2008, 15:17 Quote
Kipman725 may be right :\
Veles 23rd June 2008, 15:41 Quote
Originally Posted by g3n3tiX
Maybe this is because they will switch to an external Blu-Ray there will be much more room on one.
(Blasphemy !)

I very much doubt that, there would be a massive backlash if MS allowed developers to use a BR drive to play games.
devdevil85 23rd June 2008, 15:57 Quote
Originally Posted by bowman
GT5 doesn't look good while playing, only in replays.

Wouldn't be hard competing with that.
Idk what TV you're using, but GT5 has to be the most realistic car game ever and I've seen Forza 2. Both games have their benefits.
Arkanrais 23rd June 2008, 16:05 Quote
I haven't played GT5 or forza, but you're all wrong. Crazy Taxi is the best!
DXR_13KE 23rd June 2008, 16:52 Quote
Originally Posted by Arkanrais
I haven't played GT5 or forza, but you're all wrong. Crazy Taxi is the best!

mikeuk2004 23rd June 2008, 18:16 Quote
Doest it even matter if it did come on 2 discs??? I mean, its been done before on console not even thinking about some pc games on 4 + discs. This is just one of those pointless debates like back in the day of the Amiga , when some games had over 11 discs.

So what, you might have to swap a disc. I think people are getting very lazy and expect too muc

Good news that its confirmed that a 3rd game is on the way. I going to have to finish Forza 2 soon then because im not even half way :) and I want to get Grid.
M4RTIN 23rd June 2008, 18:27 Quote
its rare on a racing game tho, as theres no set "story point" where you can change discs. it has been done though, GT2 had an arcade disc and a GTmode disc, and that was never a problem. and they smelt of rubber wich was cool
Cupboard 23rd June 2008, 19:23 Quote
Couldn't you just dump a load of the extra content onto the hard drive from the second disk?
Or maybe they are shipping it with a huge flash drive :D
s3v3n 23rd June 2008, 19:41 Quote
They will offer the additional content via download, and charge 9.99 for the electronic shipping.
rollo 23rd June 2008, 23:17 Quote
Compare the game to GRID on pc in looks and we will see

GRID on max settings is easily best looking racer ive seen running, Its also one of the best racers this year ( if not the best)

cupboard not all xboxs have a hard drive so thats not an option

As for gt5p its not even a full game, Wait till its fully released then compare

As for forza 3 its too early since the last one, Lets hope its more than just tracks and cars. Since i wont buy a game for more cars and tracks ( and very few else will either)
icutebluezone 24th June 2008, 06:34 Quote
Hope its got more cars and upgrade parts on it and not just new cars i would love to have a old RX7 on it that be phat as.

Any time frame when it be out? I have part 1 and 2 and love them
rjkoneill 24th June 2008, 10:08 Quote
forza 2 offered a lot over other racers

some time has passed

i want to see forza 3 offer a lot over the next wave of racers

2 discs would be a mistake
a step back imo
rollo 25th June 2008, 15:17 Quote
why would it be a mistake

stick stupid arcade mode on one disk ( or delete it you dont buy forza for arcade mode)
and the main game on another
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