Age of Conan DX10 delayed

Age of Conan DX10 delayed

The DirectX 10 version of Age of Conan will launch August 2008 at Leipzig GC.

Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures has been doing pretty well for itself lately. Not only did the standard pre-order completely sell out, but the Collectors Edition version sold out too. In fact, publisher Funcom even printed some extra pre-order discs to cover demand, but the game still sold out.

But it isn't all good news.

According to a press release from Funcom which boasts about how fast the pre-orders have sold, the DirectX 10 version of Hyborian Adventure has been delayed - and it's a significant delay at that.

"While Funcom is thrilled with the early success of Age of Conan, and proud of the game launching this week, the company regrets to inform gamers that the DirectX 10 version of the game will not ship with the initial launch. As Microsoft's DirectX 10 is undoubtedly the future of PC gaming, Funcom has decided to ship only the DirectX 9 version at launch," said the press release.

Apparently Funcom thinks that the DirectX 10 version of the game isn't quite ready yet and they'll need a little extra time to "focus on building a DirectX 10 version worthy of Microsoft's great vision for the future of PC gaming."

The DirectX 10 version of the Age of Conan MMO will now be unveiled at the Leipzig Games Convention this August, though on the plus side Funcom says the DirectX 10 version will include even more features than planned.

Have you pre-ordered the game? Gutted that it won't run with DX10 enhancements? Let us know in the forums.


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naokaji 20th May 2008, 10:08 Quote
It's a mmorpg, that means its a e-p**n competition, noone will wiat for the dx10 but get the normal one at launch simply to not give other players a advantage...

oh, and software selling out is a marketing tactic nothing more, software can be produced in any quanitiy.
Korvaz 20th May 2008, 10:15 Quote
Fair play to them. Anything that gives WoW a good run for its money is welcome. Perhaps they'll actually consider making the PvP in their game more.. Like a World at war.. ...Pff, what am i thinking? It won't earn them as much as their pathetic "eSport" farce.
BioSniper 20th May 2008, 13:27 Quote
And the funny thing is (because I'm playing it in the Early Access and retail) that there is a DX10 option in the game menu, selecting it DOES make a difference graphically so it would appear that something is going on there.

Joe; Also its not that the software sold out but the limited number of "slots" on the servers that ran out. They had an allocation of how many users there were going to accept to early access and they filled it up, though yes, their limited run of 110,000 Collectors editions has sold out and if some figures are to be believed the day one shipped quantity of pre-ordered games is going to total 700k.

As to the pre-order slots, their forum/billing system auto-magically creates a login for those who currently have early access the preliminary numbers would show around 25k IF the assumption that everyone with a forum login is in early access.

Korvaz; World PVP (which is in game, kill people any time anywhere) is NOT as fun as it sounds. In fact I've rolled on a different (PvE) server because its FFA so basically a giant death match.
You just get ganked at zone loading, ganked at the re-spawn points as there is no spawn protection, ganked while questing and getting down to below half health, and just ganked because people want to kill the mob you are hunting for them selves and cant be bothered to wait for a re-spawn.

PvE on the other hand still has PvP but it is limited to WoW style "Arenas" as well as the Border Kingdoms which is an area set aside for guilds to build castles and keeps and due to the limited number of spaces available for these castles, sieges will happen frequently to try and take what other people have and should be quite a large part of the end game.
WhiskeyAlpha 20th May 2008, 15:03 Quote
But of course none of this can be true because nobody buys games on the PC now. They either steal them or buy an XBox360/PS3.
Korvaz 20th May 2008, 15:45 Quote
I'm waiting for Warhammer for my PvP, BioSniper. If it's any good, I'll stay on board.. I'm not judging the game by its beta, because if i did that for WoW.. Well.. Let's say there were fundamental changes made.
MrMonroe 20th May 2008, 17:47 Quote
Incidentally, the game still looks incredible, even considering it's an MMO.

The PvP realms do need a little work. Spawn protection will get thrown in within the month, I think, and the penalties they impose for ganking people too far below you will likely also get tweaked. On the first few days it was really terrible but now people aren't pulling the random murder of people too far below you thing as much.
Vash-HT 20th May 2008, 22:25 Quote
Wonder if this will be something downloadable to people who own it, I'm going to try to buy it today hopefully I can find it somewhere.
Mister_X 21st May 2008, 09:14 Quote
dissapointed yes, but its something else to look forward to
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