Sony losing $260 on each PS3 sold?

Written by Joe Martin

May 15, 2008 // 1:41 p.m.

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That console makers lose money on every console sold is no real secret and the only real exception to that rule is Nintendo and the Wii - for everyone else it's a case of selling large amounts of games to recoup losses though.

Sony though may be making larger losses on the PlayStation 3 than they are willing to admit though, if an analysis of the recently release financial results is to be believed.

The Guardian had a quick look at Sony's latest spreadsheets and revealed that although Sony's game division has managed to reduce yearly losses from $2 billion to $1.2 billion, the news may not actually be all that good.

While Sony's figures indicate a loss of $130 on each PlayStation 3, The Guardian thinks it may be twice that and the figures are actually buoyed by the success of the PlayStation 2.

"[The PS2 and PSP] could easily have made a profit of $1.2bn in the year. In that case, the total PS3 loss would have been $2.4bn shared between 9.24m PS3 consoles, or $260 per PS3 — including any attached Sony games."

Ouch! It makes you feel even worse for any PlayStation 3 units that are still sat on shelves!

Is Sony fighting a losing battle in this generation of the Console War, or are still they likely to recover? Let us know what you think in the forums.