Kojima mistranslated, not disappointed with PS3

Kojima mistranslated, not disappointed with PS3

Hideo Kojima claims he has been misinterpreted when speaking about his new game, Metal Gear Solid 4.

Hideo Kojima, creator of Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, has hit out at games journalists who have mistranslated him in a recent comment on the PlayStation forums.

Hideo Kojima was quoted massively in the press recently as saying he was dissatisfied with the PlayStation 3 as a platform, but that may have been a cultural misinterpretation it seems.

"I am Japanese, so I try to be modest. I'm an especially modest person. I don't wish to brag about it and say, 'I am the amazing Metal Gear guy', or say, 'This is the best one', just like how Americans brag [about] stuff like this," said Kojima.

"Westerners do not have a tradition of modesty, so the statements are translated correctly but the original meaning is totally different."

Kojima said that although he had been quoted as lamenting the restrictions of the PlayStation 3 cell processor, what he had actually mean to say was wholly different - check out his exact words below.

"Let's say this developer is making a new kind of car. He claims it can fly. And when you claim it can fly then the expectation grows so the developer sites his goals higher. The expectation is that if the car can fly then it should reach MACH speed. But it doesn't stop there; it soon gets to 'it should go into space'," said Kojima.

"However, the developer will end up going to the public and saying that the car reaches MACH speed but it fails to go into space. But he shouldn't give up, because for a car to even reach MACH speed and fly is revolutionary. I wished to transfer my thoughts like this, but it didn't work out very well."

Kojima has said he may not do any more interviews with the English-speaking press as a result of this misinterpretation. Think it's an over-reaction? Let us know in the forums.


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will. 12th May 2008, 12:23 Quote
I'm not sure this is anything more than a PR quick fix...

However, Eurogamer have already said he's just beating himself up over nothing as their preview was pretty promising.
Jordan Wise 12th May 2008, 13:48 Quote
worst example ever - flying car? what the hell?!
Major 12th May 2008, 13:56 Quote
I think he is worrying to much, give the guy a chill pill, even if he the guy was pissed 24/7, MGS4 would still be awesome. :)

And converting other languages to English is often done incorrectly.
devdevil85 12th May 2008, 17:58 Quote
You want developers like this working on a game you want to buy because you know that the game will be pushed to its limit, especially if they are fully utilizing the newest technology out.

I think any developer with the kind of mind-set/goals as Kojima would be saying the same with an even better console w/ even more space than PS3 so......
ssj12 12th May 2008, 18:05 Quote
Originally Posted by will.
I'm not sure this is anything more than a PR quick fix...

However, Eurogamer have already said he's just beating himself up over nothing as their preview was pretty promising.

Nope its not, he is right. The Japanese are modest people who don't like to showboat their products.
evanbraakensiek 13th May 2008, 07:22 Quote
I guess he hasn't heard of English reserve then, he generalises all Westerners but goes to the effort of retracting a statement for our benefit, seems like he hasn't quite finished reading 'Damage limitation for dummies'.
Keivz 13th May 2008, 12:07 Quote
Ok, so he didn't say that promises were made on the cell that weren't delivered? That the graphics in MGS 4 are good, just not TGS 2005 good? And that the cell was maxed out by the game? What did he say exactly, then? His new statement doesn't really add or seem to contradict his old ones.

Perhaps we'll never know.
talladega 24th May 2008, 05:41 Quote
lolz! reported ^^
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