Novint signs deal with EA Sports

Novint signs deal with EA Sports

The Novint Falcon will now be getting support in future EA Sports games.

Haptic controller creator Novint recently announced that it had signed a deal with Electronic Arts to bring support for it's three-dimensional controller to a whole load of new sports games.

For those of you who don't remember, we reviewed the Novint Falcon a while back and came away suitably impressed. A sort of next generation joystick, the Falcon uses a selection of motors which oppose player movement in certain ways to give accurate sensations of weight, texture and momentum.

In other words, when you use it to pick something up in Half-Life 2 then you can actually feel how heavy that something is, what it is made of and how it feels in your hand.

Thankfully, now our major concern about the revolutionary PC controller (a lack of support from publishers) has now been addressed and EA Sports will be including support for the Falcon in future games such as Madden, NFL, Need for Speed and, yes, even Battlefield.

Trust us, you won't believe the Falcon until you've tried it in a shooter and directly felt the recoil of firing in-game guns.

There's no word on which games will be offering support when, but the press release is making all the right sounds by the look of it and we can't wait to break out another Haptx-enabled game. Let us know what you think of the Novint Falcon in the forums.


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Xir 18th April 2008, 12:21 Quote
"...until you've tried it in a shooter and directly felt the recoil of firing in-game guns." a force feedback joystick has been doing for over half a decade? It's fun! but terribly inprecise ;-)
Jar of Almonds 18th April 2008, 12:28 Quote
I won't lie, I find the falcon interesting. Again I would be worried about support from other developers that EA hasn't managed to devour yet. It would be especially nice to see compatibility for non-game applications, I imagine this might be quite useful for 3D modelling, CAD work. I still use my nostromo n50 for my programming and circuit analysis programs.

If it is sold for a reasonable price I would seriously consider trying it out.
Bursar 18th April 2008, 14:19 Quote
How about a lack of support of the wrist? I can imagine it's to get tiring/uncomfortable to use pretty quickly.
xviperx 18th April 2008, 14:19 Quote
Xir, trust me, the Falcon has nothing to do with a force feedback joystick. You will not believe how precise it is, absolutely mindblowing! My biggest problem is, eversince I have it my kids don´t use their Wii and PS3 anymore and I have to fight with them to use the Falcon.
You can not believe it until you tried it.
Read the articles that have been written about it, e.g. PC Magazine: This beautifully crafted controller provides a uniquely immersive gaming experience. The Novint Falcon is more advanced than any gaming peripheral on the market, period.
MTV: Forget traditional controllers... or a mouse... or a joystick. Meet the Falcon. It's brand new kind of game controller for the PC... basically, it's a small robot that lets you feel hi-fi 3D force feedback. Great for the gamer who wants to actually feel the game they're playing.
Computer Gaming World: BEST. PERIPHERAL. EVER. Forget Nintendo’s Wii-mote; Novint Technologies’ Falcon is a three-dimensional controller that adds a whole new layer to gaming.
Popular Mechanics: Novint Falcon Haptics Controller Could Be Wii 2.0. Playing with the Novint Falcon feels like nothing you've tried before.
IGN: The Half Life 2 experience with the Falcon is arguably worth the price of admission in and of itself. The Falcon hardware is certainly capable of ushering in an entirely new style of videogaming well beyond recent innovations built upon the Nintendo Wii's controller.
and of course most important: It takes force feedback to its natural evolution and is pretty much a revolution in terms of gameplay.... Is it the coolest peripheral we’ve ever had our hands on? Undoubtedly and, although the comparison has probably been used before and is a bit unfair to start with, the Novint puts the Wiimote to shame in many regards.
jfab199+ 20th April 2008, 04:29 Quote
xviperx it sounds like you work for them :)
Dunc01 20th April 2008, 11:24 Quote
I just watched some of the video on YouTube and all I can say is COOL - I want one!
Xir 21st April 2008, 09:37 Quote
Looks to me as if you hold your arm over the desk, I can't imagine it giving you a precise aim.
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