N-Gage goes live...again

N-Gage goes live...again

Nokia has now officially relaunched the N-Gage gaming platform.

Nokia is apparently saving the full announcement until the start of next week, but the N-Gage has now definitely been relaunched according to the official N-Gage blog.

Nokia has rebooted the failed gaming/phone platform as a new and re-imagined gaming service available over a selection of handsets.To take advantage of the system right now you'll be needing an N81, or N95 handset according to Engadget - but support for other phone is coming soon.

The new N-Gage application, which can be downloaded here if you've got the right phone, marks a reboot of the original Nokia N-Gage brand, which famously failed to make a decent impact on the market.

There's a selection of games already available on the N-Gage platform, a number of which have links to established publishers like EA and Ubisoft. Most games can be accessed with a free trial first too, which is nice.

Are you big on mobile gaming or is the DS and PSP all that you need for gaming on the go? Let us know in the forums.


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kenco_uk 4th April 2008, 13:29 Quote
This is about the fourth time now, I think. They must have paid a pretty penny for the N-Gage name.
sotu1 4th April 2008, 13:57 Quote
no no no...all they'll is rehash what are essentially PSone games onto a crappier device. which is essentially what the PSP did. except the PSP has PS2 games. they have to realise that the games market here won't be hardcore gamers, nor will they be casual gamers. they will be "i'm so casual at gaming i play snake while on the loo" gamers. looking at another failure here i think.
FooSai 4th April 2008, 14:59 Quote
Originally Posted by sotu1
"i'm so casual at gaming i play snake while on the loo" gamers.

That made me lol!

But it is also probably pretty accurate. Phone games need to be simple, play for 5 mins while you're waiting for a friend games. That's my opinion anyway.
Jordan Wise 4th April 2008, 15:12 Quote
i also lolled. i love how its becoming a verb
quack 4th April 2008, 15:14 Quote
I installed it yesterday, and cannot for the life of me get it to use the correct access point. It keeps trying to use EasyWLAN (will NOT work without a Wi-Fi connection!!) or the one for MMS.

It's a bloody nuisance, and not a good start to the release!

Instead of using an image of that old outdated N-Gage "console", maybe you'd like to include a screenshot of the actual software. ;)
pendragon 4th April 2008, 15:45 Quote
good luck, Nokia'll need it! (again)
Major 4th April 2008, 16:45 Quote
There must be money in the N-Gage, otherwise they just wouldn't bother.
Krikkit 4th April 2008, 16:51 Quote
Let it die Nokia, please. You can't win.
spazmochad 4th April 2008, 17:09 Quote
Trying to play anything decent on those phone with the keypad is going to be haaaaaaaaard.
Breach 4th April 2008, 21:00 Quote
This thing is like Nokia's "Zune"....have fun in a crowded market, that already has heard of the N-gage and knows it as a total failure. Other than those things Im sure it will do well ;)
Amon 5th April 2008, 04:07 Quote
I don't know anybody with a Nokia phone. At all.
Javerh 5th April 2008, 07:42 Quote
This would explain all the N-Gage - jackets that suddenly sprung up on people overnight.
Angleus 5th April 2008, 11:39 Quote
Originally Posted by Amon
I don't know anybody with a Nokia phone. At all.

How many people do you know? lol
dr-strangelove 6th April 2008, 22:17 Quote
Of course, why have a phone and a digital camera and a handheld gaming device when you can have one that does all three.. awfully
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